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The third part of a question and answer session.
Feel free to ask more questions down below in the comments.
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Questions and answers part three uh i've been divided down into small sections, just to make it more manageable uh. So many questions answers and you can leave more questions in the comments down below. Ah liam boyd says: have you ever set yourself for something else in fire due to electrical short or similar? Oh i've had big bangs and flashes, and i have burnt myself from time to time. I've not really knowingly set anything on fire that i can think of heard things glow.

Ominously into my smoke. Liam boyd again asks i've heard that in the london underground it's still possible to find mercury. Vapor rectifiers there are pictures of some in those applications in operation. Have you ever found ancient super cool electrical points still in operation like that? Yes, there are a lot of old elevators still are still over electric mechanical ones, and that's on the london underground, some of those mercury rectifiers associated with old dc elevators that they couldn't really justify replacing them because they were just functional goods lifts or they were just Emergency lifts for for specialist applications liam also asks have you ever done.

A nine-to-five start type desk job. No i've. Not. I don't think i could do that.

I was invited into the office of a egypt, steel and co electrical engineers. They asked if i wanted to become an apprentice designer with them. After done my apprenticeship and i declined because i didn't want to be a paperwork sort of thing - i prefer my hands on tools so to speak. Liam also asks lots of questions there.

Lots of eb items get torn apart. Is there anything good on I don't know i've been to the website. People often provide links, and it says give us your email address. So we can spam you before we even let you see the site and i say no, so i've never bought anything from wish.

Aliexpress, yes, aliexpress aren't too bad. Seagull 89 has left so many questions here. Let's pick some. If you could return to key points in your life and what would you change and why um not a lot, i would uh.

Perhaps when i was an apprentice, i'd have been more more braver and actually take more responsibility, but not really. I can't think of an awful lot that i'd go back and change. Everything seems okay, maybe i'm just not fussy um did you have setting thoughts about starting live streams in general or even specific live streams? No, i didn't i've not regretted that the live streams for those who don't know on big clive live are a series of streams that happen every saturday and the patrons also get one every second thursday and they last about three hours or more they're quite long. They will once covered subsides because that's why they were started.

They'll go down to two hours and then maybe one hour, because that kind of makes a stream more uh special, because at the moment it's so long that people just drop in and out at random times. It's not something: they specifically aim to watch the whole thing, so you'll get people watch, maybe 20 30 minutes and then drop out, and it just that averages over the whole thing. But i started those streams to keep people company because well covered meant that a lot of technical people were laid off work and they were at home and it was just driving them nuts and i thought well virtual pub. We can talk technical stuff, it turned out.

We don't always talk technical stuff and i do partake of alcoholic beverages while i'm doing it so sometimes the conversation goes often very rude and random tangents. If you, if you like, sensible technical clive, you might not like the live streams. On the other hand, if you want to hang out the pub and just talk rubbish, then that's the livestream channel. What are your top recommendations to start your technical channel just be yourself.

Don't judge yourself on your voice, how it sounds to you because it doesn't sound like that to us just be yourself: don't try too hard. You can burn yourself out very easily and keep in mind that youtube people say. Oh, it's easy! You just make a wee video and stick up it's a full-time job seriously by the time you get to this level, it's a very, very demanding, full-time job. It eats up a lot hours during the day.

It's surprising does feel slightly trapped at times. You know that's why i see other people burning out a bit, but it's certainly easier than uh working jobs that you have to get up at six in the morning and drive two hours uh to a job and then drive two hours back. That's it's easier than that, but uh having had real work. It means that the youtube stuff isn't too bad, but it's still more work than i was expecting.

But that's fine! It's enjoyable work. He also asks what video editing software tools you use. Everything is done on the phone i'll use, vid trim pro to splice videos or trim bits off, although i rarely trim them um and i'll use audio fix, sometimes to to just basically, if the audio's been too quiet like the first video in this set. Where i didn't bring the microphone down to the correct level, these things happen.

Oh dr, wedge says great list of questions. I'm also curious about what it's like to be a famous youtuber. It must bring its fair share of unwelcome attention. There are definite, weird people who just want to have a go at you for some reason, but i don't regard myself as famous i regard.

People like pewdiepie as famous and electro boom is famous, but having said that, i then remember that i used to look up to david e v blog, who was like look like one of the top youtubers. Now, i'm up roughly at the same level, it doesn't feel like it has happened very slowly. I don't feel famous. It's fine i'd like to keep it that way.

It feels more personal. It's just like you and me messing around in the workshop together. That's what it's about errol says. I found your video about replacing the echo card in the center pinball machine interesting.

What do you think of showing a bit more of the machine, especially how the bits in the table work? I could do that, but uh the machines bridge around there are they make great tables for working on they're covered in the stuff. They're not very accessible need more space, but yes, they will appear in the future. Simo york says. Can you consider a couple of video ideas, basic 3d modeling using your preferred software and how the discord server works and how to navigate and use it? I didn't set up the discord server.

That was a a few other channel viewers who set that up. It's called technical family uh, it's often linked to at the end of the live streams, but i'm not an expert in that i'm not really into chat. I rarely even go on facebook as such, i'm not into the normal social media type stuff. So i'm not an expert on that and likewise with the 3d modelling software, i definitely wouldn't call myself an expert in openscad by any stretch, i'd call myself a beginner, but in knowing enough to actually be able to get the results.

I want and just doing like when you're young learning to program, you see someone else's technique and you try it out, and then you realize how it works and it just evolves from there, but certainly, i suppose, an introductory one wouldn't be too bad, just basically showing That the bare bones of the 3d modeling, but the everybody has a different style of uh. What they want to use. Some people prefer to work graphically. Some people prefer to work with scripts.

Like the programmers, the code mangas, i like to work with scripts and that's how i prefer the script as well, because i can decisively say you know a circle of this exact, amateur and then another one with that exact position to get the cases and uh adapters. That i make but um yeah. I would say that that means that most of the things i make are very simple: functional interface objects. How do you measure says paul hill, the capacity of an 18650 cell i'd generally? Stick it into a little cheapo usb powerbank.

Stick an led flashlight into it adapter, so it just then leave it to run until it goes completely to the point it cuts off and then i'll put it in charge with a uh, the ruding usb monitor type device and it measures the amount of current over Time - and that gives a rough indication of the capacity of the cell - it's very crude, but it works. How about a tour of the treasure island, arcade, steve perry asks the treasure. Island arcade is one of my favorite amusement arcades in glasgow. It's turned into a more gambling casino type place now i don't think they'd want you walking around with camera, in that hmm peter stephen says, maybe have a crack.

At this 1600 amp circuit break catapulting a cold beer. Someone had made a video of a cold beer being launched into the air uh by an automatic control. They tripped the breaker and it launched it and then the motor rewound and reset it. So they were just using it to fire a beer and then trying to catch it.

It was quite funny whip it gas. Are you an accent? Chameleon, do you find your accent? Changes depend on your location or your with i'm, not aware of it. No, i don't think so, but then the only other people will know that are people who are with me at various times, but i think my voice tends to stay the same. The only time it's likely to change as if i'm really stressed and somewhere agitated.

It might go up a pitch. I'm not really sure mark holder says how about a quick review of battery cell types and how to test the capacities and pros versus cons of each type uh all right, so that could be nickel metal, cadmium, nickel, metal hydride suede lead acid and lithium. That would be an interesting comparison. I should do that.

Each has its pros and cons, but lithium is actually a bit of a winner, philip campter question answer an essential list of resistor valves to go with various led, mods and hacks. You can start with just round values like 10 ohm, 100 ohm, 1000 ohm, that's a good starter for many uh projects and then just evolve it you can get complete kits of values. I mean this from this end of the cabinet. Right across to here is just resistors: that's the e range that sorry, the e, the e 12 range, which means there's 12 in each decade, 12, values in each decade.

You get different types for different precision, but you don't need thousands of components to start with electronic. You can get some basic quantities of components if you do get the small kits that have just 10 of each resistor make sure you keep tab on which ones you're running of and order of spares soon they're, cheap, ah mix spanner says: can you pop into little While you're in glasgow i'm back from glasgow, i did bring a parkside battery with me and a charger to take a look at mike mike says. You've occasionally shown glimpses of your acting and singing abilities in your videos. Have you ever performed on stage your screen? I was a stock extra villain uh for a long time in glasgow long long enough, uh on demand enough that in one year i i clocked up enough screen time to get my equity card and still have my equity card, the actor's card.

That's what happens when you're ugly uh the people who want extras they're, looking for people with distinctive faces and if you've got a distinct device, you're more likely to get voice work, that's how it is. They're. Looking for ugly people, uh fat people, people with big beards they're looking for distinctive features, because that makes people stick out from the others, that's what they seem to want. So if you fancy being an extra, you could look at a local extra agency and uh.

If you've got distinctive features, big small beard, whatever then yeah, it might be a fun thing. Nobody says how do you personally store batteries, especially more explosive kind like lithium cells, for future projects, bagged up taped up to prevent short circuits and in metal trays? So if one goes up, it's not going to burn set fire to stuff. Hopefully, the vicinity, though sometimes the 18650, far things out like rockets, but i do try to contain them. Metal trays, uh, explosion, containment, pie, dishes, but quite a lot of them.

Just poundland dollar store metal, baking trays, but making sure you don't short, the contacts, the process, phil fo folk says, are you planning on meet-ups in the uk i missed the drive from liverpool to glasgow embraer for the day. That's a long trip from liverpool. That's like full-on ferry terra ferry to haitian came to glasgow. I do plan them.

I'm waiting until covert has died down a bit more. Then i'm going to spend a lot more time in glasgow and we're going to have the meetups in glasgow and then, after that, as covid regresses, we'll uh we'll have more meetings in other places, and that is the end of the questions this this session. This one only lasted about 13 minutes, as opposed to the previous ones, which were over 20.. That's a lot that is see if i'd done it in one video, it would have been verging on a solid hour and that's just too much.

Isn't it, but that's! Okay! Uh for those who didn't spot this, i shall provide a link to this in the description it's made by mouse uh, it's based on the super computers with the flashing leds, but uh he made the little tiny one. Well, let me show you a whistling noise. I think it's a little power supply up here. I hope it's not coming through the it probably is coming through my phone where's that whistling noise coming from it's a switch mode power supply uh, it's a little badge like this, with a lithium still on the back.

It's got a switch in the side, flashing, leds, lithium cell and the pinned pin on it's very neat. It's a good design and uh the resistors in the front as well. So mouse has been building these and selling them in etsy they've been popular. I think he's going to do other colors too, so that is the last of the questions and answers at this point in time, but feel free to ask more questions down below in the comments try to keep it one question per comment and not big lists of Them spread them out a bit and i can possibly answer them in either another future uh question and answers videos, if they're popular or while i'm actually building a project just to help fill the time as i'm soldering millions of things together on video.

Those usually are quite long videos, but that is the end of this video.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Darkstate says:

    "It's happened very slowly, I don't feel famous, it's fine I'd like to keep it that way. It feels more personal, it's just like… you and me, messing around in the workshop together, it's what it's about." 💖

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Edward Facey says:

    I really admire your work and videos. I have a question about a Mean well inverter 24v. I live all the way in Jamaica and nobody here can help me with this problem. Its starts for about 4sec and goes onto overlord.
    Can failing capacitors cause this problem.

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    I am curious if you had seen FranLab's video about how many annoying marriage proposals she gets…she was asking you, aVe and others get them too? I am super curious curious if you had seen that, and do you get them as well!? Thank you!! 😊

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    I remember as a child of about 11 getting my 1st electric shock. Bedside lamp, lamp separated from bayonet fitting, thumb pushed in to remove said bayonet, switch still on, thrown across room into bed, several melted layers of skin missing from top of thumb, very sweaty, hid very throbbing and painful thumb from family, LESSON LEARNED……..

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shay says:

    I watch your videos constantly, and learn a ton from your breakdowns of devices and electronics, thank you for everything you do, primarily. 🙂

    Have you ever looked at rechargeable usb aaa/aa cells with the built in usb connection rather than an external charger, adapter, or brick to charge them, tested their performance bychance, or torn them to bits? I think I can almost envision how they do it but knowing how cheaply these could be made I want to be sure its not going to break from normal use, intending for gameboys. I may have missed this if it was a video at one point.

    There are so many on amazon in general with positive score and tons of reviews that its difficult to choose based on that alone, this may not be the place or way to ask, but may I ask for help?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Szüzmária Csatkai says:

    I haven't watched all the q&a videos, sorry if already asked. I'm very dumb when it comes to electronics, and all the videos where people explain how for example amplifiers work, it's not my level. They draw a schematic on screen and call it an amplifier circuit. I see all the components, the transistor, the resistors, the capacitors and everything, but I don't know why they're there. I'm looking for an "Explain like I'm 5" type of video, so I can get into electronics.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Duane Moodley says:

    Hi, thanks for the great channel and I have learnt quite a lot from your tear downs and reverse engineering. A bit ago you did a teardown of a BMW genuine part and I was thinking if it would be possible to do a tear down of a genuine part and a 'cheapie' Chinese knock off. Cheers!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Gable says:

    Here’s a question: I’m currently drinking a kimchi sour beer. I know you tend to have German gose style beers in Europe, which are sort of salty, but I guess you’re more of a traditionalist – Guinness, Bass, etc. Am I right? Do you have an opinion on nontraditional styles of beer? Hate IPAs like I do? 🙂 Favorite beer if someone else is paying?

    Also I just want to say that I appreciate your Alzheimer’s videos – they’re honest and accurate, and I feel (having gone through the same as you) that content like that is super uncommon on YouTube and sorely needed.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ted McFadden says:

    Apropos to your blinkenlights, ever since I saw Gerolf's "Sci-Fi" desk on his TPAI channel, I've wanted to build one. Need to figure out the space thing though… 🤔 ("Space" as in cubic volume, not vacuum and stars. Bloody English language. 😅)

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ressy6 says:

    Really love these, and totally appreciate the splitting at 20mins,, able to watch 1 before dinner, 2 after dinner, and 3 the next morning – that's awesome… I'd be less inclined to watch a full hour or hit in one hit so excellent choice 🙂

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Potter says:

    Love these q and a videos and indeed all the content from your channel. First started watching your videos about the water heaters and went on from there. With the recent and extremely sad passing of Sir Clive Sinclair I was wondering if you'd ever had any experience with the zx spectrum and if he'd influenced you in any way at all.

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