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This video continues the previous Q&A session while soldering the very small and fumbly heater plug assemblies for the petal-dropping rose prop.
It was a Friday night. Wine was involved. I may have said terrible things.
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The tedious reality of prop making part two with questions and answers. So in the previous part of this questions and answers, uh double video series, i showed crimping these connectors and then i stuff the connectors into the uh into the connector shelves and now that i've finished stuffing these into the connector shelves, it is time to actually make The little things that plug in that will uh melt the wax and drop the petals for those who don't know what i'm talking about. It's a prop that i'm making for some minutes for beauty and the beast: it's a novel twist. It's not a standard twist and on this technical prop during the show, petals drop off a rose, i'm using this branch, which is supposed to be the branch of the flower, but this is like double the number uh and the connectors are going to have a resistor In the end, and when it's powered up with 12 volts, the resistor heats up and it melts the wax and the petal drops off it's a different approach to it.

I don't know if md's done it like this before so next is the little resistors beforehand. I used 330 ohms and 12 volts and it got hot but not hot enough, a quarter watt resistor, so i've now switched to 270 ohms, which i get quite toasty hot um, not too hot, because i can grip it. But it's my fingers are heat sinking. It's running at 44 milliamps, let's bring the kink calculator in and compute this 12 volts times 44.044 amps equals that was so wrong.

Maybe i should have done that differently. Uh 12 volts times 0.044 amps equals yeah, 0.5 watts, that's better! That's a more accurate result, not sure what i pressed there. I think i did divided or something i've left this resistor running for quite some time. I'm not particularly wanting things to burst into flames and it's fine.

It doesn't even smell hot resistory. So i'm reckoning that that's ideal, of course, the power supply, so my 270 ohm resistors are going onto these matching molexy connectors that will plug onto the end of these, but they should hopefully plug onto the end of these, like this yep perfect, and it will let The petals be loaded up and then just plugged into the rose as needed, so i've preformed, some of the resistors i've used my component forming machine. I shall zoom down a little bit for this, because everything's going to be a bit close up now. I've got a gatling gun machine that you put a band-aid resistors and you turn the handle and it just churns them out.

That makes a massive difference to what i really needed in the past, when i was doing it one by one with this tool where you pop a resistor and you squeeze the trigger and it crops just one. This machine is like a machine gun. I got it off ebay for a fraction, the price would normally have cost. It turns out it's made by cliff, who make make my quick test as well and uh.

It takes a bit of setting up and it's this machine has seen a lot of use. It's well worn, so it's not super accurate, but it's fine and the amount of time it saves is radical. So now i've got a couple of options. I can either grip the leads and form them like this and then solder a lead on fold into shape, or i can actually fold the leads together like this and sew them onto the connector.

I shall try both and i shall decide which i think is the easiest, because i've got quite a lot of these to do. Where is my soda? There is my soda, so what i'm going to do here, i'm going to tin one of the pins in advance and then i should get one of the questions and answers, but i shall try this first and then, without even putting solder on this. I'm just actually going to reflow that this is very, very fumbly. I'm going to reflow it while holding that in position and just getting the soldering iron in there and i'll put more soda in that afterwards, just to get a fresh bit of flux and then i'll realign this pen see.

Maybe i should just put soda on it. Yeah, that was probably the best idea that was me being just over optimistic. I should just throw some soda on when you're soldering. It's really important that you have fresh flux, see when i put the sodium iron on this and you can see the vapor coming off it.

That is not lead. Vapor currents, that is the flux coming out of the middle and the flux is really important. It's the bit that cleans the surface of the metal and lets the solder mate on. This is going to be very fumbly, partly because i've got an absolutely huge soldering tip, as i usually do, i'm going to screw this up so badly right now.

I am just making a complete plunker of myself, but then again there's nothing new about that uh. This is very fumbly. I don't think i'll be doing it this way, but not to worry. It is how i've started doing it.

Note the silicon aquarium sleeving on the uh helping hands that was someone else's suggestion. It turns out to be a really great suggestion, so this is very fumbling. This is regrettable, but that's okay. When you're doing something like this, you tend to experiment to find a way that works well and the first one takes ages and you're thinking.

Oh no. This whole project is going to take like hours to do, but then in reality, once you've mastered it once you've got all the components, preformed and stuff like that, it's a lot easier. This is not an easy way to do this. It doesn't leave much room for soldering either, so i've now flowed solder onto that one.

Have i flowed solder onto that one? Is that good enough? Yes, it is good enough. Is it good enough and i'll throw some soda onto this side and then i'm going to try a completely different way of doing this, because that was quite frankly that was not easy. That was undesirable, but it did achieve the desired result and the resistor can now be formed and folded down to the point it can be pushed into the wax. If you don't know what i'm talking about the wax uh you could either you could follow the links in the description.

So that's my easy cop-out to show what this is actually for. It's for a theater prop an automated theater prop that does stuff on cue with slight delay right next connector and i'm going to try it differently. This time i need to give better access. So what i'm going to do this time is i'm going to solder? One lead so i'm going to form the lead out and i'm going to solder one leg of that on and then fold the other one in this might also not work but hey.

You know what it's worth trying pre-tin add some soda. That means it's going to flow together easier when i put it in oh, this gives much better access. This is the way it's going to be done. This is totally the way it's going to be done.

Have patience let the solder solidify turn this around fold that lead in is it going to work yeah? I think it's going to work. I think that is going to work. That is so much easier than the last time, although it's still fumbly and fitter i'd like to say future is a scottish word. I think it's a scotch word f-o-o-t futare.

You can find a reference to online, but i can tell what it means: fumbly and irritatingly complex in hindsight. Little tiny circuit board would be nice for this with surface mount resistors on it, but you know what this is a one-off prop. That is something you should also know about: the prop industry, you're, basically doing all the research and development for a single for a whole product, but for a single application. I wish i wish the uh, the art departments of the production companies, understood that the prop makers are actually doing a custom product from scratch for them.

I just bridged that with so dry average that was sort of that's going to get very hot when 12 volts applied across it. Oh no. This is where i'm going to do it, but not that particular way. I've just had wine by the way.

I think i should mention this: that's my declaration of alcohol ingestion, but anyway prop yeah, prop art departments of production companies. Be aware that your prop makers are actually making custom products for you from scratch and that you should maybe appreciate that and give them the decent money for it. I'm looking at you bbc and all your uh yeah. Let's not say that not.

I have any plans to work again, just babies in the near future wow, let's just burn all my bridges disney now. That's another bridge burned actually uh, not because uh the disney uh the creatives at disney are great they're, fine yeah! That's not my finest moment, but you know what it's soldered and it works right. That's another one done right! Tell you what next question david roberts asked. You have so many videos and different subjects.

How much do you have to how much research do you have to do before each one? To be honest, i've been doing electronics for long enough that nothing takes me by surprise. Too often, it has to be some weird bit of circuitry to take me by surprise. Everything is fairly standard once you've been in electronics for file, you look at a circuit board and you just instantly look at it and go there's a power supply. There's that okay, there's the regulator section, there's an i o, there's uh the processor and that's it.

You just tend to get used to electronics and recognize the modules same as other industries like when a mechanic lifts the bonnet of a a car. The the i know not sure what they call the bonnet in america, the trunk. No, that's the back, isn't it we call it the boot everything's different. You even call them automobiles.

They know, anyway, when the bonnet lifts the engine access compartment, lid of a car they'll. Just even if it's one they've never seen before, they'll recognize all the components, because well it's an internal combustion engine and in the future, the same mechanics when they're working on electric vehicles and they will adapt them very quickly and be very comfortable with them very quickly. If anything are going to be easier than they used to be, perhaps boringly easy, when that happens, they will quickly adapt and they will uh just instantly recognize stuff when they lift the lid. The future mechanics, i'm going to guess will go much further into the stuff than the manufacturers won't they'll, go into the actual they'll start changing transistors and drives and stuff like that.

That's just how it goes. I'm not even sure where that's that started the research thing. Yes, so uh yeah and the same like an elevator mechanic walks into a control system that he's never seen before just walks into the control room of an elevator or some random foreign brand they'll. Just intuitively recognize all the modules.

Elevator mechanics get a lot of mentions in this chat. It's an interesting job. It was my first career choice but didn't happen kind of slightly regrettable, also not slightly regrettable, because it turns out that things went a bit too washing machine like it's all, just circuit boards and error cords now like cars as well. This is uh why i've mentioned this.

The past as well. Car mechanics make great elevator mechanics it's an option for the future. If you don't like, the electric vehicles go to electric elevators, instead, most elevator mechanics. I know lyft engineers also have motorbikes and like tinkering with them a lot.

It just seems to be that they're, tinkerers they're, the best type of people to actually fix stuff like elevators elevators, could best be described as factory machines in a vertical shaft. This is very tight. This is begging for a circuit board, i'm going to have to reflow that afterwards, because that is not acceptable. This is very fumbly.

It's very small and cramped instant regret. This is why sometimes i just want to get involved in stuff like this, but then once you've started it's fine and it seems like you know, it's daunting when you look at it and you've got lots to do but then again once you actually start it. It's fine because uh just time flies stick a bit of music on the background for projects like this, i don't normally play music in the background, particularly when i'm designing stuff or reverse engineering stuff, but for stuff like this, that is a basically just uh. I need a distraction so yeah right here, that's good! That's good! That's solid, excellent! Next question! I'm gon na have to turn over to the next page of questions.

Stephen brown asked: what is the purple pen called the purple pen is a pilot v sign that contains liquid ink notable things about this uh. The purple pen actually comes with purple ink, which is not really much of a surprise. I refill it with a inkjet ink. I simply grab this bit here pop it out, stick a syringe in fill it with new ink and then pop this back in and that's it reloaded for a good length of time.

I use these pens so much that i eventually wear the fiber tip down then have to get a new batch uh. It's my favorite pen, because i like it because it draws very nicely and it produces it produces. I shall just demonstrate that a nice thick black line it just feels nice to use it's my favorite pen, i've always had favorite pens, md, who designs will know. Favorite pens is another favorite pen for just normal writing and again it uses liquid ink it's held together with tapes.

This is not a good designer pen, but it's called reload because you can pop it open. You can fill the print ink as well and it writes with that absolutely solid line, which is my preference. None of these wispy fiddly little lines next question dragon heat gaming says: what's the sketchiest repair you've seen the worst repairs, the most undesirable repairs, because it instantly casts doubt into your mind, are when people have repaired, factory machines or other equipment and they've bypassed the safety Circuits that is unpleasant also when you go into a panel that you're called to and someone else has had a go at repairing it and they don't really mention that and it's very clear. The person didn't really know what they were doing and a wire popped out and they lost track or they tried swapping stuff, and you end up not really knowing where everything is and there's no drawing and it's just a walk away.

Job just don't get involved. It's not worth it because, even though it's them who screwed it up, you're the one who'll take the stick, because you were the last person that touched it. That's how it works these days, who's the last person that touched it, even if it's not them, who actually caused all the problems. The same applies to domestic wearing these days, courtesy of all the red tape, generating organizations that don't actually really contribute much to society at all.

Meow there's another rant, there's another profanity i'll have to remember that that i profanitized youtube does not like profanities. I have to declare my profanities and they're not allowed to happen within the opening seconds of the video. I'm not allowed to start the video going effing blind this, it's very odd. Oh you know what that was impatience.

I should let it cool and also touch the right table. I'm gon na start that one from scratch these are very fun and that resistor is very hot. Yes welcome to miniature stuff. This is why circuit boards are good in einstein.

Yes circuit boards with a little surface mount component on it would have actually been great for this, but that would have involved getting circuit boards made, which is absolutely practical these days with uh, but it does require a bit more time. It's not uncommon in the prop industry, for the props you see in television and film to contain custom printed circuit boards just for that prop because it just saved time and manufacturing them. I love the fact that some of the guys i work with in the prop industry are super skilled, sculptors and you're working next time, you're doing the electronics in a panel and you look over and a guy called steve comes to mind and uh. You look across he's just basically stacking blocks of polystyrene top of each other and then carving them with initially a electric kitchen knife, but then he starts using a sanding pad on them or a rasp.

And next thing you look across and there's a sculpture. There is basically a statue there and then he coats it with stuff that bonds onto the the the palestine without melting it and you have what looks like a solid statue. Then you'll put a coating in that lots of coatings and then he'll encase it in fiberglass. Otherwise, the fiberglass and resin would actually dissolve the polystyrene, and then he just casts loads and loads of these full-size sculptures.

It's unbelievable and yet the same sculpture, made by an artist for a public display some dignified gentry who usually aren't dignified. It costs hundreds of thousands of pounds apparently, but these prop companies will do the same thing on a daily basis for buttons compared to that. Okay, it's not going to be super cheap, but it's uh. It's going to be good.

The prop companies also have odd side industries uh the guy i just mentioned there steve his side. Industry and paul is making horses rubber horses for uh, rescued uh practice for teams that rescue horses from rivers and things like that. Pretty odd, i don't know, i'm not an expert i've done that again. This is my big fat soldier iron, i'm sure maybe yeah anyway.

Yes, what's the next question, so that was what's the sketchy superior you've seen that went off in a while, the other ones, uh yeah? Let's not talk about the entertainment industry and the anyway uh fabian barr fabian bar fabian bar b-a-h-r, uh, great name uh. Where can i get radium? Gin? Radium gin is ordinary gin with sodium fluorescen technical diet. I suppose really should be medical grade diet. It's drain, tracer dye, sodium fluorescen.

It's used also medicinally, well, not medicinally, but medically for uh checking people's veins in the back of their eyes, so they actually ingest it, which suggests a relative element of safety, though, for some reason it's not classed as a food coloring additive. Officially, i used it as a food coloring additive, but then again i'm prone to just drinking stuff and eating stuff that is unsafe, i'm still alive. This is good yeah. Everyone looks alright.

It has been patched up, so that is the tiniest quantity like absolutely microscopic. Quantity of sodium fluorescent, which is a tracer dye, makes it go, fluorescent, yellow and on to the next one. Oh, this is so tedious. This is when music, in the background, be quite nice, but i shall go with questions instead.

Uh toronto ff says: will i be zoom streaming with other youtubers again? I hope so because i quite enjoyed that. Maybe i shouldn't have had a drink before i did it. I may have brought shame upon myself, but then again i am the trashish channel, so i should live up to that expectation. I quite enjoyed that.

Hopefully, fran will join us this time. Fran was distrustful of the zoom software having access to our camera. Fran is the same age as me: roughly, we are all cynical about technology because we've looked at evolving and we just see all the security flaws in it and it's like i'm just going, oh yeah, but what security, when it's so convenient and it's like? Well, you do. That then mean fran.

We are cynical. We don't trust modern technology. We don't want. The house filled with electronic gadgets that basically are accessible via the internet by any hacker at their will, because they've all got uh huge defects in them.

That's a bit! Sploshy that that's one of the things when you don't use the flux you get spikes in the software software spikes in the software, the spikes in the soda which is similar to software - it's not really similar to software god, i've drunk so much wine. This also helps the prop industry you're allowed to drink. Not all the time, though, and not with some companies, the bbc's involved are probably not supposed to, but the bbc. I may have said that before uh and they're low budget wrap parties as well.

Let's not mention that yes yeah! What's the next question, i'm not going to i'm not going to solder every single one of these and torch you with that, because uh this is already at 22 minutes. Let's go on to the next question which sport team do. I support says: gareth roberts, none at all, i'm not in sport. Ah, that was a fast question.

Gaza, gaza. I can't see why people do a two-hour commute to work each week on top of an eight hour shift. Well, the answer is gaza. Gaza, when you've got a trade, you just end up traveling, because the companies you work with take on work all over the place and you end up traveling to it and you've got a choice.

You can stay in accommodation or you can travel, and sometimes the company says well, if you want to stay in accommodation, you'll pay for that yourself and staying in a hotel is not cheap. So in the case of uh hussman, we did a lot of traveling on northern light in the case of hussman we'd end up because of the way shitty things work in the uk, we'd stay in bed and breakfasts where you pay per person, whereas in america you Pay per room in the uk, you pretty much pay per person for bed and breakfast so you'd end up with loads of guys in one room, with just beds everywhere, paying an astronomical sun flat room to the gritty bastards that on the hill, the bed and breakfast Premises. Yeah i mean it was. It was okay, but just like a privacy, particularly when you get nocturnal tumescence like that on the internet, very awkward from the snigger.

In the background you can tell that is very awkward. It's when you wake up the boner. Everybody wakes up the boner, try not to put your hand around it when you're in a room full of other guys, indeed very awkward. Where was it there? Oh, the travel yes but uh travel yeah, particularly when it's long shifts and you're traveling late at night and you're, not getting much sleep and then you're falling asleep at the wheel, not great welcome to the construction streamed the service industry with big corporate organizations.

That expect to travel for miles and nobody actually gives a because they don't do it themselves. Yes, and then they say, oh, why is he being paid so much? Well, because i worked about 100 hours this week. That's why i'm being paid so much in a few. If you want to know what that's like, why don't you go out in the tools and get some overalls on and uh see what it's like? Oh, no, it's! Okay, we'll just sit in our office.

Yes, indeed that was another rant god. This is almost as bad as saturday live stream, the dark side of clive, yes, so um. Another thing about the prop company is fiberglass, oh and they're, trying to get the stuff to cure quickly because everything's last minute, so they have heaters on. Oh god, the fumes unbelievable, not not pleasant, fiberglass everywhere, because fiberglass is commonly used in props.

It can be quite overpowering with the smell of styrene, have patience clive, let it cool down, let it cool down and on to the next one. Next question, which is the last question, incidentally, elven spellmaker, i have a main socket, which was causing problems then switch just seized up. That is exactly what happens. Is that the last question? I'm not sure that is the last question i'll turn the page and see if there's more, that is a really common failure.

Mode of uh switched devices. The switch makes a bad connection, burns gets hot and then the little plastic plunger that is supposed to go beyond your boiling key and actually make the contact flip, batters and forwards. It melts and then goes like non boingy boingy, and then the contact won't open and close, and it just jams rock solid, because it melted because the heat - and that is a sign that you need a new socket. It's a good thing to change the sock at that point.

If you don't it's going to burst into flames, do i have another page of questions? No, i do not. You have been spared the wrath of big clive, having lots of rants with uh, with uh wine and effing and blinding, which sometimes happens when i've had wine but uh. I shall continue making these i've only made one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten uh, oh blah. I've got the the same again to make plus spirit right here.

Okay, so i shall stop now to spirit of this. This boring repetition welcome to the prop industry and uh. The uh videos coming up will go in a more interesting, more active direction, other than just repetitive, making things all the time which is about ninety percent of work. Um, there you go but uh.

I shall catch up with you in future videos, but that is the end of this question and answer session.

13 thoughts on “Q a while burning bridges with disney and the bbc”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven Rowley says:

    I’ve only had one encounter with an elevator repair man, but it left me having tremendous respect for the profession. I was helping a friend move a church pew up to a 12th floor apartment. My friend swore the pew would fit into the elevator, which it didn’t do. Said repair man happened to be in the building at the time and suggested that we take the pew up in top of the elevator car. I got to ride up with the pew to keep it out of the cables. It left me smiling for days because it was good fun and it kept us from having to hump the pew up 12 stories on the stairs.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Marshall says:

    After the 1st profanity, the rules change. Swear at will. You are the most polite swearer I've ever heard. It's not at all offensive (from the standpoint of a fellow with 50yrs in the industrial world) You should get a pass you do it so well….

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Erik Swiger says:

    Maybe you could make a jig; a holder for both the resistor and connector, that lies flat on the bench. Then both pieces would be secured and your hands would be free for soldering.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ralph J says:

    Too late now, but one thought would have been keep one resistor leg straight and bend the other leg right across the resistor (using fingers), Then crop. The lead spacing may then have been about right for the header..

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Bommarito says:

    Okay, so I have a little Disney story to add to your dislike of them. Plus, it really shows off how shite Disney actually is.

    Buddy of mine is working with the Dutch Disney studio. Now, of course, Disney doesn't like spending money so they hire out local studios and leave the offices for the important people. At this time Brother Bear was coming out on DVD, and my friend's studio's job was to produce advertisements for it, as well as box art if I am not mistaken.

    Now, the idea was to have Phil Collins do all the voice over work phoenetically. Not an uncommon thing for Disney, and other studios, to do. You get a big name behind your film, you might as well milk them for everything. My friend gets the VO assets and his job is to build out the commercials (he was doing animation and illustration at this time.) He builds out all the assets, exports the preview video and drops it up to the important people.

    Hour or so later important people call my friend up. They say "the video looks good but the VO is shit. Get rid of it and find someone else to do the VO." Now, the phone is on speaker and the second those words are uttered my friend's boss has to run into his office and slam the door to avoid laughing at the important people. My friend mutes the phone and proceeds to laugh his ass off for about five minutes. When he regains his composure, he tells the important people "I don't think I have the senority to fire Phil Collins." Phone goes dead.

    Yep, there is Disney in a nutshell.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Arlen Moulton says:

    I don't consider myself to be a writing implement snob by any means, but your comment about the particular favourite pen resonated with me, as usually I'm perfectly happy using a BIC when at work/college, but at home I have a really nice ball point pen, it's one of these generic freebie ones that's branded by a company for promotional purposes, but it's entirely made of metal and takes a standard Parker cartridge/nib module, I've had it for probably 10-15 years! It's probably the most comfortable pen I've ever used as it's quite thick and fits my big hands/strange writing style very well. For applications that don't demand a pen (forms, docs etc) I much prefer writing with pencil, and I have a very nice Cross mechanical pencil that I've probably also had for over a decade! It takes 0.8mm lead.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Janus Kobain says:

    Feels like you could bend the second lead all the way, then solder the first lead and bend it until the second lead is in its place. That's what I'd do.
    And thanks for another calming session, much love!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Karen O says:

    When something has not been done before, Leave it to Clive to Jump right in and try; If a no go, it's taken to bits to try again.

    I believe you've 'trained' us well, i can hear many saying, 'Tin All Ends first'. but then, I'm a karen, sooo …. lol love the reminder. =b
    Anything with GIN is Medicinal.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Juncus Bufonius says:

    There's a fair bit of hypocracy in my view over profanity. Americans are always saying Oh My Gosh when they mean Oh My God which aparently is not acceptable and they are always Frickin which is a synonym for fucking and everyone knows that so it my view it is the same. A corpse lilly by any other name will still stink as bad. Similarly certain words for male genetailia are fine but the same root (saxon) for the female is unacceptable. BTW there was a road in London with that name in the past.
    They should switch to Jesmonite (water based) from other resins in prop making. Or at least try it.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Boatwrench says:

    You mention mechanics working with hybrid and electric cars…
    You are correct there. Im a mechanic turned auto body tech.
    My first repair on a hybrid auto had one confusing component that vexed me greatly.
    It was a high voltage water heater. Needed to heat the coolant to make the cabin heat system work in cold climates. 🥶
    A drawback to hybrids. The engines are small and always shutting off when not needed. But it can still be below freezing while you drive at 55.
    It was quite unexpected to find it there behind the front bumper. Smashed flat!😆

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stanley Knight says:

    1 Could you have used the other clip to hold on to the diode?
    2 Are you going to have a circuit board to control when a specific pedal falls off?
    3 Will we see the play?
    4 Would insert plugs have been easier and faster?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars White Sapphire says:

    No wonder your ticker misses a few beats – Wine and drain tracer dye! Time to start looking after yourself my lad. . . . . .

    Oh, if only many could see what the few do for their entertainment, they might just show a tad more appreciation. Have you ever decorated a float for a village fête? – It's much the same thing really, weeks of planning, designing, prototyping and trialling, then the actual build for the event, and the public see it for about half to three quarters of an hour. Tips, and icebergs come to mind here!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Unique Wood Crafting says:

    I know that you're probably finished with all this by the time you read this, but here's an idea for next time. Leave out the all the plastic bits and plug the resistor straight into the connectors you crimped onto the wire. Then put a small sliver of card stock between the connectors to insulate them and hold it all together with a short piece of Green heat shrink tube.

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