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Yeah new camera, but uh it'd be nice if the chip had been mounted correctly in the camera, so it was level but not to worry. These things happen. It's not the first time i shall turn the speaker off, because otherwise we're going to be getting in going to be getting in inuited with uh yeah with sound anyway. That thing yes, uh ultraviolet scan, because it's still going on, i think, on the world.

In the uk and isle of man, covid is on the way out so i'll scan myself first for hygiene purposes, and then i shall scan you to sterilize everybody with ultraviolet radiation that went by quite quickly. Maybe that was an overtly speedy sterilization. So how are you all tonight, let's uh start with a jaeger minion? What would the jaeger meaning be? I wonder what could i do it too? Oh, let me let me think what what could i do the yoga minion to er can i have suggestions. Please, oh, have you got an advert excellent? I didn't get an advert uh.

Can i remind the patrons: don't send super chats because you guys already contribute more than enough to the channel first jaegermanian to clive sinclair, that's reasonable enough for ruby. That is reasonable enough. Why? Specifically, he's not popped. His clogs has you're not doing that dead celebrities thing again hold on circlive sing, clear health, oh yeah he's died again, you see hebrews 81.

That's pretty good! Going uh! It's dead people again you're recommending okay, he deserves it. I met clive sinclair. I was at central station in glasgow at a mensa meeting and he imparted the wise words to me. You know all your life, you know your wife loves you when she buys you a beer to collapse and clear for his egg, ridiculously pioneering just the balls to actually just pioneer things that weren't were ahead of their time, quite frankly, to collapse and clear these days.

I'd be going: oh, electric cars they're new collapsing, clear, oh, did that nature's mm-hmm. The only thing i hold against him is that i did almost have that 399 pound commodore pet, which at the time was worth an absolute fortune. It was a lot of money. I'd almost talked my parents into and then they said, oh clive sinclair's brought out a cheap computer and it was like no, but that's fine, wobbly ram.

Packs aside the zx81 was was perfectly fine. Well, you say car julian islets. Yes, the c5 has had a significant impact and should bounce back oh norm, mcdonald who's that norm mcdonald, i don't even know who norm mcdonald is it's. Basically, this is like facebook, where everybody's dying - and it was a canadian stand-up comedian, apparently where, before facebook you didn't realize these people had died, no ebd broadcaster, ah the z880, i think, was in the zx81.

That was fine, hmm indeed peter grant. The c5 will bounce back from the side, laura just destroyed it. Absolutely it was fairly ahead of its time, but you know it was a fun thing. Very strange norm also did the voice of the character yaffet on the orville.

I have not seen the orville. I do not watch television, i only see if it appears in youtube. I might see snippets of it, but that's about it. Anyone else noticed that new camera reacted differently to the fake uv.

What color was it? Was it uh more of a whitish color? It may have automatically color corrected, i'm not really sure about that. Is it just us or is the stream quality dropped? The stream quality is here which i'm receiving the stream back, i'm not getting it direct from the the recording device uh, it's fine hold on i'll. Just check, but the resolution 720, it's looking sharp to me - was the cat happy to see you home. The cat had been looked after by ralphie anyway and besides she doesn't live here.

She i'm just that other neighbor that gives her snacks better quote in glasgow yeah. There was a football match on that kind of disrupted things, spectrum diy said, so i tried the sponge method. You talked about and showed it with the ferric chloride and it worked amazing. It is super fast.

I posted a video on the results, i'm going to cover it more once my drill presses and to summarize that if you're etching a circuit board in ferric chloride, you know you dip it in and then you undulate it backwards forward. It takes ages. If you get a soft sponge and you just dip it in the fair chloride put gloves on office, otherwise you can end up very brown fingers and then just gently wipe over the circuit board evenly over the whole surface, continually refreshing dipping it every so often it Actually is so fast you have to offset it, you don't want to do it too hard in case you remove the resist, but the speed at which it etch is because it's always cleaning exposing more copper and getting rid of the oxides from the front of the Copper is it oxide what's happening to that ferric chloride, it's uh! It's doing something to cover, not sure what it's doing, not sure what it's converting into i've never really thought that is it converted to copper chloride, don't think so, not sure scrub it hard julian islet. No, don't scrub it hard scrub, the pcb hard, with very very with one of those green scrubby things in the kitchen before applying your your resist.

Ah, let me let me scroll up and down to put things into perspective. No, i'm not putting things into perspective in the next demos made it in time. We've only just started, might be my old crappy laptop cd mic it just it depends where you are in the world. It depends that the how it can get to other parts of the world it might not even be leaving now of man intact or it might just be other countries.

Maybe it's brexit dissolving it. Yes, decion is dissolving it. But what is the chemical reaction? I wonder it keeps freezing now what the hey says jim, it's. I think it's just basically somewhere along the path, keep mine.

This is pretty incredible that i can base. Let's do a leads to test one. Two, three, four, it's like three and a half seconds. It's uh, the latency is very good.

Stream is fine here in nl, paul slim and i think uh sedan mike is in the netherlands. What's with the dual zone, live stream julian isla? What's that about? What do you mean the jewel zone live stream? What i'm not even sure what you mean by that i, like the new camera warmer tone? Oh i'm looking great. Why thank you. I am great i'm terrible 78 watching yeah.

That's! It will be small bungee skunk because it's not been released for general viewing. It will be released for general viewing in between half an hour to an hour, and then the stream will go on for a general view to everybody, but initially it is just pitching uh just to to offer something back julian has said. First hour is private. It was half an hour, it could be an hour.

Now. That's fine, i wouldn't say kevin hart sees patreon versus unwashed mash massive unwashed, mashes uh unwashed masses. It's not quite that, but that it is what it is. Oh for reference.

Uh evolution has run completely out of hex pewter pcbs he's got more in order. If you go to his actually there's one circuit board there priced at 25 pounds up for a beer circuit board. I think that's because he's just parked it uh until he gets more circuit boards through and then they'll be available, he's getting them done with the resistors on them. I believe uh from the chinese manufacturer, which will save him a lot of work because that's a lot of resistors.

This thing has tons of leds in it. I won't even try and count them. I think i'd count them before. Somebody will now look at it and they will count them using the calculation.

Every line down has one more led than the one above it and starting possibly from the middle end um. Yes, i tried to order penta pewter julian allen. The penta pewter would be a bit harder to make uh. It would be quite complex to make it harder than to design than either the hex pewter or the normal supercomputer.

Oh mark gray, did you order two of mouse's postcards super computers, the ones that have pretty much the same number of leds as the full-size super computers? That's a lot of work. No wonder a mouse! Didn't do them too long unless he ran out of circuit boards because uh that's a lot of soldering. Oh, it did just glitch there. Lots of proud just wearing his mini super computer excellent good evening.

Andy react mouse says! Ah, so it was you that ordered to post them a couple of days ago. You must be in the uk, then, if it happened that fast uh turkey, pine cell, have now confirmed that they they just can't be bothered trying to send the pine cell to the isle of man. Uh they were going to send it via ems. Is that something is that tied into partial force in some way? Everybody else sends it by ems and it comes through fine or even hong kong, post and nl post they'd probably end up coming by the romeo on the end it didn't happen, but that's okay.

I shall find a different sojourn. Kevin harrison is wearing his mini uh. Julian says i wonder if the clive could be the new sir clive you mean i could. I could design a small and dangerous plastic vehicle that explodes an impact.

I think, with the modern lithium battery packs, people would modify them to go at 60 miles an hour and would die. Probably i'm sure that someone has probably modified an old c5 to do that. I bet they have lithium c5 with turbocharged motor. I do remember, as julian probably will that when the uh, when the c5 wasn't the commercial success, that it was expected to be a lot of people bought them as novelties and uh, but they discontinued it, and the motors that were made for them ended up on The in the electronics magazines and the surplus things - and they were really powerful dc motors for the time they were very popular.

They ended up lots of uh, strange products and things omar redstone has a he's wearing his mini computer, made it into an old-school mac with green super computer screen 3d printed. The mac case that sounds quite fun, should put that on thingiverse mouse, pewter mac case red dwarf, says tsatp soldier. If i can get one sent to nz, iom should be no problem. Law.

Isle of man is this problem. The postal services around the world just don't seem to recognize it. It's covered by the royal mail, which is the main uk mail system. It costs the same to send to the isle of man as it costs to send it to the neighboring city in the uk.

Oh muppet plaster hudders can clear c5 excellent spectrum diy speaking of thingiverse. One second keep in mind. You may not be able to post links here, but you can do search phrases. 270, resistors, it's a lot of resistors uh l.a greenhouse c3 jet ski.

I wonder i wonder how long you could run an electric jet ski for mrs cam is asking: if mouse can do christmas tree shapes as well. I suppose it's kind of possible ts, 100 mac vision, 3d i'll - probably get something like that. I have similar-ish types and sodiums here, but i have a problem with all these power ones that run off a small low voltage power supply. The power supplies are switch mode.

They all couple ac current. If you get your little soldier unless you're running out of isolated power bank, if you plug it into a usb power supply, the output you'll be able to measure 120 volts in the uk to ground from the output of your soldier. If it's connected to the circuit, zero reference, the ground reference and direct, i have seen the 250 pound grossly overpriced. Bosch home closed.

Freshener thing looks like a handheld ozone generator uv leds. I think it's a ceramic ozone plate with electrode and it creates the corona discharge on the surface and then you run it in your clothing and it sterilizes the clothing. It's just not sensible and it's hyped beyond belief. It sounds like a load of crap, but i could be wrong, says i'm going to do arrangement but need to sort out capabilities smd with greater speed, possibly find one of the manufacturers willing to put those uh leds on for you of your particular choice.

But it's worth uh mentioning mouse did link to a pick and place machine. That's it's a big issue machine, but i for the cost. It handles a lot of components. It looked pretty good.

It wasn't super fast, but it's one of those things that it's faster than you doing it and you can drink coffee while it is doing it then go and find a pile of random components at random angles. Later on it was impressive. It was doing the full over the camera and twisting components to line them up. It looks like the full package for that to be open sources.

Software, i think, uh. It's pretty wild pick and place machines for home ridiculous. Julian says i'll. Show your sl sm d! Leds for you absolutely rough picking place.

Horrific people buy. That stuff. I mean no people, not just the weirdest here, no just the weirdos here. No, who else would buy a pick and place machine for their house? Hello.

No no omar riverstone was saying i was thinking of trying to make a mini computer-sized matrix screen with green teardrop sequenced, falling vertical falling lines, arduino skill test. It could, unless you use the dress for leds in a large area, which is going to be an absolute power hungry thing um that could be quite complex, just doing it with a multiplexed leds. Oh i've, just scrolled up the wrong bit. Hmm! Oh! Let's uh see what people are saying.

Ah so i was in poundland today. I'll show you this stuff later on as well. Uh they've got a new strobe light. They've got uh, i'm gon na have turn the light off to show you these things, not very bright.

Okay, so halloween stuff, they get the pumpkin and the skeleton, but the nice thing about these new ones is solar panels, they're, actually solar lights, uh. Let me just turn the light off. Then i'll. Tell you what i'll get this one turned on as well, because this is a bit pish, it's this vernate lamp, but it goes that retro effect that it's got this sort of pseudo filament with the edge lit plastic, but they've not engraved it very well.

So when you turn the led on, let me just get this out and turn it on. It's a warm my led that that it wins for being a warm white led uh right. It's not that impressive. It's supposed to give zig-zaggy filament effects.

I shall turn the light off and you can see let's turn that uh light source off as well now see that's pretty much what it looks like to me. It looks like a wee blob of light at the end, uh and uh not much light coming down. The filament it's it's a bit vague, it looks better on the camera than it does in real life, and that's not saying much hold on right. Tell you what i'll pull the tab on one of these items? That's better and it projects i'll project onto the beer.

Spooky face onto the beard you're going to see the spooky face, you're not really going to see the spooky face. Can i project the spooky face? Oh you're, not really seeing it too much, but it does project a slight spooky face onto the wall. It's not bad! The lights module inside is pointing forwards and bring the light back. Watch your eyes, yeah the uh little uh led in here.

Oh it's, it's very hard to actually. Oh, there is the led points forward into the face. That'll be interesting. Now i just have to try and get this little plastic thing back in to the slot that disconnects the battery there.

It goes wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, right i'll, show those later on. There is also a new strobe every year the strobe is different this year. It is minimalist someone has already hinted at what may be inside that strobe, in which case not a lot, and that would explain why the camera is picking up your light reflections from the other rooms uh. This is what it looks like on.

It's not bad. It would make a nice little this. It's got rechargeable batteries in it, so it's not super bright. I mean it's like not super bright.

It's not not super bright, it's like it's rubbish, but it can be hacked strobe alert. This is what you get. That's it. That's your whack, no variable speed.

All it's going to do is uh. Oh, it's not even light in the background, oh god that was rubbish i'll. Do it halloween stalin point at my face: yes, not terribly exciting, but you know what ripe for hacking change. The color of the leds point it up at foliage little virtually disposable outdoor light, because this thing cost.

I think it was two pounds this cost. I think it was two pounds much like two pounds. Much like this set of forty solar leds. That's not bad! For two pounds i mean okay comes a little spike, that's not strobe! That's blinking! It is maybe they're just playing safe nuts and proud just typing loads of ones.

For some reason, uh. The solar panel is not really super generous, but you know what you expect for two pounds: you're getting a string of 40 lights and a solar panel and uh it's it's not bad. They seem well matched. The intensities are pretty good yeah.

It looks. Okay, ah just notice compared to the santa stream, the new phone is giving you the wide angle of the old one again. Is it much wider, i'm not really sure oh hold on no, it's not quite as wide as the previous one. Hmm, it's a narrower angle, because i can't see the little sex robot rooter out there, the wi-fi, router or router, depending on where you're in the world.

If that's how you prefer to pronounce it, the door is still cut off. This is fine. It's all right! So have you guys seen the uh, the video i posted probably this morning, uh about the air freshener? That is a very clever circuit. It's a memory in it that if you take the cartridge out of the air freshener, even though it's not plugged in it, will electronically detect that it's been removed and only uses a smattering of standard components to do so very good.

Uh dungan says it's a very clean picture: that's good! It's narrower, but looks crisper. Maybe it's just a better connection. Today, omar riverstone, it's a it's a new recording device. It's a moto! G30 uh.

I've not recorded the video at the bench with it yet, but we shall see what happens that still has to be done. There's that element of uh before committing myself to recording a proper video at the bench. I want to do a test, video first and just make sure everything's perfect, because every time you change your recording device, you have to get used to the quirks of whatever recording device you use. That's why i've kind of stayed with moto for a while, because they're more or less standard um furbear has just ordered a new phone, the atom l, it's a ruggedized phone, the look of it! Is it very tiny? Oh it's small rugged start smartphone! Well, that's reasonable enough, quite an expensive one at 279.99 280.

that seems quite expensive for a rugged smartphone. Unless it's got a really whizzy processor. Is there something special about it? Is that doing the sound as well? It doesn't seem as clear as usual. Can i just check uh? Is this microphone active? Tell me if the microphone is active, it's an octa core, all right, okay, so that is uh right.

Okay, does it a floor floor would actually add up to the price floor is an essential thing. It's extremely useful! Thermal imaging cameras i was using it recently. Quarterback says i want a bloody thermal camera, but in the normal phone format, or better still get your phone with the thermal camera in it sounded like a q-tip in my ear, excellent 6kg ram good on 28 gig, flash headphone jack, unpunched, unnotched screen, etc. I'm not too bothered by the notch screens.

I know they were a fad for a while during the screens that really impressed me, the ones of the pachislo japanese pachisel machines, where they have actual physical reels running behind the lcd graphic panel. It's very clever how they do that they've actually got a glass cut out in the lcd very neat. There was a surprisingly quiet noise from you handling the mic. Hmm, i didn't really stuff my finger up the end of it.

The microphone is right here. Non-Remove battery, though most of them are oh furbear, says most importantly, fit in my freaking pocket yeah, but for bear you're getting older you're supposed to be going big, huge screens and get pockets, adapt the pockets to fit. That's something that the workwear industry has not kept up to date with as soon as they put the tiny little pockets on for phones. The phones suddenly became smartphones and they haven't evolved with this size.

But cargo pockets are good and also uh the holster pockets than the european workforce, which is what i've got on right now, someone's talking about unicorns. Look what i got from poundland today, my favorite chocolate coins, unicorn chocolate coins and pastel uh blue, pink unicorn in pastel, yellow and a smart ring of pink and purple little coins with no stickers on them. I think these are stickers that you can stick in things, but who don't want to do that suppose small children might want to stick it in the wallpaper. I'm not really sure it is time for a whiffle, ah wiffle juice.

If the new place comes to fruition - and i get it - it's all kind of complicated uh - there may not be wiggles if i'm recording it, because it's got a complete firearm system in it, depending on its pharah use. That may or may not be able to be disabled. I'm not really sure firm, hoofulations, ah right, it's too hot today for revelations, but that's that's! Okay! Waffle! Oh spicy need to print some more of these maybe design. Another version not really sure the first iteration of the woofer turned out: okay, um i had to uh reinforce a bit.

I managed to snap a bit off the original buffer, but then that's why we redesigned things. New motor phone doesn't know how to do exposure lock. Just like the old one, do you mean this one here, there's no facility to lock the exposure on youtube's app. It would be nicer to have more controls, but it's a very basic it.

Just basically, it chooses an average value and you'll see the intensity yo-yo up and down. I can't do anything about that unless i use it to record and then stream to another place and then link to the stream, and it gets more complicated, it's easier just to do it. This way. That's fine julian says i had limited to six amps really inherent.

Let me just see what was saying depends on what you want to get ah app capacity of an iec plug like for a computer power supply yeah. I would rank that would be around about six amps, the lower the. I wouldn't really push it too hard, because otherwise they do burn up um, technically speaking, an iec plug that the the kettle version can handle at least two kilowatts, but um. It depends on what you want to push it suddenly, thinking of a friend in the event industry whose favorite fuse 20 millimeter fuse was rated 20 amps because it never blew, it wasn't a good thing, really the never blow fuses.

Something else blows i'm going to put my cup through and then i'm going to partake of cream, soda and rum, possibly whiskey. I think it's for skin. At the moment it was the carbonated whiskey, that's what's in the bottom. It is not rum.

One moment please american cream soda, which is as american as french toast is french and the french to even know what french toast is. Apparently, that might be wrong there. Do the french know what french toast is eggy bread with bacon on a maple syrup? If you go to canada, which is kind of french, oh yes, robert m, says i remember using a 20 millimeter glass fuse the first time, bang it when it scared the property. A glass 20 millimeter fuses are only rated to break a fault current of up to 35 amps, so they're, fine on a little low voltage, power supply or a battery, but for 240 volts or even 120 volt use.

You have to use a ceramic one, because it's got the sand inside that quenches the arc and they're ready to break about something like 1 500 amps, so they're going to be less exploding because the fuses can actually shatter they can just splatter everywhere. And then you can get a flash on to the next circuit and it can cause an avalanche. I was given a circuit board to repair a fairground light controller. The guy had been working in one of the pillars of the ride because everything gets squished into them.

Uh and he was in the dark and uh - he got the new fuse in uh and told the guys turn the power on and plugged it in himself, and he said just it was such a bang because uh it flashed over. All the adjacent circuits caused a massive electrical explosion. He said he's just inside that metal pillar with his ears whistling couldn't see. All he could see was a dot in his vision from where the thing had blown up and he really kind of wanted away from it.

Because it just blown up, it was one of those sort of horror scenarios that happens when you work in the electrical industry. Cheap rum, cheap whiskey. To be honest, the whiskey uh is sometimes cheaper in the rum and you're thinking. How can that be? If things go to plan as well as the saturday stream, the usual saturday stream, there may be a mbc stream earlier on sunday, when we will be partaking of whiskies to see if we can identify posh, whiskies and cheap whiskeys, and we will also be partaking of Dumplings, like chinese dumplings, sounds kind of perverted nothing to do with testicles, same texture, prob i've never actually tried etna, but uh racy skinny things with meaty interiors there we go.

That's what's that that that clarified that nicely nbc i'll try and get them to behave themselves. Jiraj, but you know what sometimes you just have to take the videos down afterwards when things are sad, hmm furbear says now it's only for specific products. How do you like the very thin gauge wire and apparently new portable fans if the motor seizes the cord doesn't melt? This sounds like fusing hydra magnets. Well, there are hints that june may have actually hit the magnet somewhere in here under a seat or something like that.

Kevin was offended that i accused him of nobling magnets. I could have a quick look. I don't know where he'd have stuck it. Where would he have stopped that? Has he hidden under a seat that would be so mean he might not have? He might just be teasing me, i'm just going to check one moment.

Please! No, i think he's telling porky's i'm not seeing i'm not seeing a magnet. I'm seeing lots of technical devices, but not a magnet. No i'm not clear. That's gone so many metal surfaces.

A magnet would happily stick to it's very easy to lose magnets, especially neodymium boron ones like this big fat one here because well uh, all you need to do is put a toolbox near it and it'll just stick randomly to tools or the toolbox, or indeed fire. All the components in your component cabinet left right and center. The solution here is for me to buy some more magnets and give one each to kevin in june to satisfy their need for magnetism. I could have done uh uh, a tech, moon cartoons, uh well puppet thing.

Maybe not my puppets would be rude. They would be banned from youtube. I hope it's not in a component drawer. That would be very annoying.

Not a good idea. You've got me wondering, though, though, no no see i'm just going to end up opening lots of drawers pointlessly here. Tms-5220Nl speed, synthesizer, not version used in barley pinball. I discovered that afterwards not to worry uh all right: okay, rgb effects, leds and more leds, big leds.

More leds power, leds, uh video modules, video modules, video mode. Oh, i know what that is. Oh that's interesting. Video modules uh.

This is a thing on uh on ebay. You get universal power supplies for tvs that not only have the uh the switchboard power supply to drive. Is this just the uh led display. I think this is just the backlight, i'm gon na sneeze, no sorry, uh, sorry about that.

It's covered, etc. Oh there's! One of the power supplies this looks like is a a fuel blown power supply with an led driver with inductor. Here a little drive chip, but you get these universal modules and uh. It means that, even if your your random brand tv is failing, you can get the actual, proper bits um you can get these modules like this led driver that you chop out the resistors.

You don't want uh to set the current or is it links? No, i think you actually physically chop the resistors out because they're all in parallel and the more you chop out the lower the current goes. Oh likewise, oh this one has the little links that you put the soda blobs over to add and you can now add in a binary multiple to get the correct current for leds. This, i think, is the whole demodulator for all the data. So this, basically, you could put like vga or hdmi in or whatever and it'll put out the video signal.

It's just to get everything and then for those with code. Cathode, you get the cold cathode inverters, with a switchboard power supply chip, a little dual mosfet. That does the push pull on that high voltage transformer, and then you get these little extra things that you can actually set the intensity or test them with and power them remotely from 12 volts, which is useful in its own right. The the almond can probably late with this, but did you all hear that clive sinclair died? Yes, we did.

We did a toast to him. He got the first jaeger minion, then there's amplifiers, very small amplifiers. Oh that's, more passive infrared detectors, boost modules. Doppler led displays.

Mp3 stepper motors pr arduino, there's tons tons of random things. Ah, it's in your beard still bought. What's in my beard, still not booger, i hope, or is it the the magnet? No, it's okay, i'm looking at myself and i do not see mucus. That would be horrible, that's like when you're working outdoors in winter and because your beard actually acts as a good thermal barrier.

The hot air coming out actually creates little drips in your mustache and it looks a bit like bigger, but it's actually just uh. It's just a water. Sorry kitten is typing out all right nuts and proud. Was your kitty pushing the the one button uh bungee skunk? Next year's idea explore low latency bluetooth, headphones the chips inside and audio reviews, the headphones of poundland.

I've always thought the bluetooth sound. A bit crap, someone did offer me a gaming quality bluetooth device for use with the camera a while back, but i they wanted a review of it and i'm not into reviewing stuff like that. I'd rather buy it, but i was skeptical whether it would actually be any good. Oh, the monk i made one of his micro radios couldn't get it to work, but this was probably the early days before you fully understood the circuitry nowadays, you'd probably make it work.

Oh horovac didn't want to know that about snot rocketing while cycling, that's like uh kitten has been driving me. Mad, says nuts and proud, not the guitar and a cheer over. Oh wow kitty. At this point we have 16 minutes until the stream gets opened.

I'm not sure how busy it will be because it's an unadvertised stream, mrs cam says i made the mistake of my eyebrows on top lips waxed one december road home. My motorbike never been so cold. My lip ever. It takes only the slightest bit of a stubble to actually protect you from a cold.

It's really amazing. It's quite surprising. I will wager at least 1100 people. Do you think so? Spectrum diy i'm not really sure, because it's not been advertised.

Although having said that it's the main channel, but it depends who's up at the time of night, when it happens, we shall see i'm gon na go off camera and just blow my nose, okay, just because well, i just feel the need not blowing. It have big huge boogers hanging out after i've done. It doesn't seem like a good idea, while i'm there i'll bring on an ebay disappointment, an ebay disappointment called mobile emergency charging lamp. It looked so big.

It looked so big in the listing uh. When you see it in real life, it's big ish right, but those big solar panels are absolutely microscopic. They're they're, just there's virtually nothing there. It's rubbish, i mean it might work, and it is usb.

Rechargeable also feels quite light. Oh it's mean crunching noises. Should i try and open this right now or not? Probably, i should wait till i make a video about it before bursting it. The temptation is to spudger it hold on i'm gon na spudger it it may not spudger.

There is already a mark in this i'll mark i'll spudge it at the mark. Oh it's spudgered, it's quite a lot of leds and it does have an infrared receiver. There they're, not heat sticked and they're screwed in the look of it. Is it screwed in yeah.

We shall explore that's not very promising it's completely flat. Maybe it's turned on in shipping. Maybe i'll charge it up first i'll see if i can wipe off that little bit of black mark, it might be a chinese covered booger or something like that - really not sure. Yeah i'll just slip that back on again, i'm ready to help that can be explored later on with a usb lead and a remote control for controlling him, solar or not seems like a promising lamp.

I suppose i should have put it back in this back. I shall put it back in my bench: that's where it's going to be that's what it needs to be taken apart still waiting in the bag of capacitors, the one last item, the order that i ordered from rapid electronics in january. Oh maybe a whole year. Many a circular saw, i did see.

Ave's mini circular saw mixed spanner - ah, not the healing bench, ave, other ideas, webcams fake hd claims and how, to spot the lens see these things. Bungie skunk are quite big videos, they're, better left to people like uh tag, moon with much more thorough explorations. I tend to be more into the circuitry when you open a webcam you're, going to see camera chip and you're going to see little square chip antenna. It's it's all down to the software inside and the power of the processor and the quality of the software, because if the software is rubbish, then uh even the best processor isn't going to perform very well, i'm sick of wiffles.

Can we have a flambo? No because the flambo is very sustained when you light the finely flambo doll. Ah, that's probably, i bought a uv light like sanitation, one looking for gas leaking aircon, that's what this is sold for this it sold for actually hunting down uh the ultraviolet oils, the ultraviolet pigments that add to the leek stuff, the spray, the the uh, the refrigerant. So when it leaks out it's visible by gluing xt60 connectors, i should recognize what an xt60 i'll recognize and i see it - xt 60 male, all right, okay, those are sort of like battery connectors or for high current models and stuff like that. So around 440 nanometer, charlie b, 395 to 405 nanometer, typically deep violet, but not actually ultraviolet 60 amp julian islet, says with a big x question mark afterwards.

Some of those connectors are rated quite high, but uh whether you'd actually use them that far, particularly if they're cheap chinese imports is debatable. The chipmunk says just look at mouse's this video: how to clean one with contact cleaner, a power drill and cotton pads. All right. That's a give it a good, clean out inside the usage cell contact cleaners, little brush cleaners - maybe they still do for industrial connectors, like ones we use in the entertainment industry, the c form, particularly that it's sized to actually go in and uh scrub it out, but They also came with a little sash of oil for lubricating as well, but i'm not so sure about that in the vent industry, because mud dust dirt oil gets it just forms a crust.

There's next t90 there's also the uh, the 800 amp power, locky type connectors they're huge they're, not that huge, but the current is and the way they go together is just like scary, because it's this little rim that uh, when you actually terminate it into a lug. It's got a little round, pin in the end, and it just goes, click really gently and it's like. Oh, i don't really trust that 300 amps, but hi the only one we ever had a problem with overheating. Uh it hadn't been assembled correctly.

It hadn't been clicked in fully so that would be a factor, but it just gives you that doubt the chipmunk says am still as nice. Many people do like amstel. When i go to the pub some people sometimes ask for um. Still it's a lager, a lager lager mr pugh uses xt90 as my mini spot, welder or okay.

That would be reasonable enough spot welding lots of current the stream will go public in eight minutes. Just so you know i should have hold off. Should i have the year communion uh after i will have the year i mean after releasing it, but we should decide now: oh i'll, make the yigaming into the patreons. That's what i'll make it yeah? That's! Fine! That's what i'll do the people who provide that layer of security, my income from youtube and viewers are what i'd call middle of the road right now they dipped so much earlier.

In the year all the electronic youtubers saw their views plummet just suddenly and uh. There is a rumor that youtube is a concentrating on diverting views to smaller channels, instead of just pointing empty the big channels or or encouraging people to go to the the channels they're already to subscribe to. The idea is to get fresh blood in and and give a give the younger channels incentive to produce content. I'm all for that.

That's fine by me! It's fine share the love, youtube income or patreon patron hovers a fairly consistent level. It's very good that way. People are always moving the people get bored of the channel, which i would expect it's like when you were young and you got an electronics magazine an introductory one and then once you, it was just like. Oh, i kind of know all that stuff and you moved on to a higher level, one that happens in the youtube channel.

So people watch my channel and they'll learn quite a lot from it. But then they'll move on to an area, a more specialist area or just maybe a higher level like uh dave or mr carlson's lab, or something like that or the more detailed ones or in a specialist area. There's always movement uh through the channels, julian islet, you are fresh blood rape for sacrifice. Oh scruff dogs here greetings craft dog.

This is a kind of semi on average. I did mention it in patreon. Yet this morning probably bungie skunk says he kept 35 experiments was my first intro to electronics. That's a pretty good one.

To be honest, heath kit was good, very good. They still seemed uh, they still seemed kind of expensive to a young kid. But ultimately now you look back at the price, they were quite affordable, but they were kind of expensive to a young kid sean tremaine says i can't tell you why but club you are so correct man. You know so right research into using urine and blood plasma for mars, concrete goofy brain says, is this basically human secretions and like mixing with cement or something like that to make mars colonies.

Well that doesn't sound very appetizing. What's the table made of poop? Oh ah, scruffdog is relaxing messing with puppy linux. Is that a tiny little linux for embedding into things peter grant says my first intro is adventures in microelectronics, with my dad right after building a crystal radio kit, was it a powered one or was it purely the crystal? That was great? I was so surprised uh. My original philips electronics kit came with the germanium diode and the coil and stuff that, and you could actually hear in the little crystal earpiece.

You could actually hear the radio channel without a battery that was quite remarkable. They used to do a dedicated chip. An am radio trip in zn414. Is that does that sound right? Let me just double check that.

Could i even remember it from that era. Zn414 radio ic bingo looks like a transistor. Oh, it's got a wikipedia entry single chip, em radio, integrated circuit - oh it was designed and supplied by ferrante. Oh look at the price, that's even more expensive! Oh geez! Look at the price! Oh, it was expense at the time.

That's expensive! Uh! Then again i looked up the lm 3909 recently and you can get them from ebay for about five pounds, which is probably about what they cost uh in at the time as well, because the lm3909 is a led flasher trip that uses a single capacitor and a Single led and a single uh double a or d cell, and it basically it's a little. It charges the capacitor once it reaches a threshold. It flips it round and puts it on top of the battery to provide, and then that results at a higher voltage that just enough to just make the led go blip and then it resets very interesting three minutes to general broadcast to the population. I was watching some videos yesterday i was watching a video, a live stream from freeman street uh.

The other me mark uh. The other me is the name of the channel ali live streams, and it's just people watching in fremont street. It's fascinating uh. I was impressed, there was a performer, she was the dj, but she was dressed scantily as one does in las vegas, and she had those like silk flag things that uh, but she was good with them.

She actually, she obviously knows, knows her stuff, but she was queuing up the music and then you'd see her. Take the headphones off once the track was playing and she'd go and do her dance, routine, the stage and then she'd dance back and then she'd put the headphones on. She'd get ready and fade in the next track and then she'd be out dancing again hard-working lady good performer worth her weight in gold right. Tell you what stripper warm up peter stevens? Well, she was definitely.

I think she was that that was the whole act. Maybe she's a stripper later on, don't really know you just never know. Was that really one shot bit suspicious that that is misfired? I don't want to get pissed and see terrible things, particularly given the normal viewers of the channel aren't normally exposed to my live stream. Filth, i'm going to try this again.

No, that was approximately right. That was, that was a single shot. I do have as an option here for later on: pink grapefruit and elderflower gin liqueur, it's pink! It's actually quite nice! Well, that's because it's filled with sugar, and that makes everything nice apparently double, pour it wasn't a double, pour uh, definitely not doing a double. Pour you know what i'm like when i get a drink in me, i say things and why that might be okay on the other channel.

It is not okay in this channel where people are innocent, so, yes, we should make them think they miss something massive chronic gaming says right. So the time is approaching. Let me go to the control the control window here and i shall put that to public right say what uh public smoking machine smoke. Machine freeman street strippers is pretty awesome.

Yes, peter stevens, it's a very lurid street, but i like it. I like looking at the people so now we change that to publish and it's now this stream is going public and now, let's see how the figures change, because now it will suddenly be advertising and uh um. What guys? I'm not taking my clothes off again. That was only for the first part, the stream the clothes are on for the rest tonight, no more nudity, because you know what these people are like: they're innocent they've never seen me naked before and it might actually crop them out.

They've, probably never seen me before. It's fine can a vape like that be modified for continuous smoke. The pump linux not really, but there are adapter kits for many smoke machines and all they do. Is they take the vapor chamber off the end and you've got the battery pack inside you've got a little air.

It's the ones that take the air in through the base. They've got a little air pump, one of the low voltage ear pumps inside connected to the heating element arrangement and you screw on with your fill and when you press the button it. Actually it not only runs the vapor head, but it actually runs the air pump. As well, so you get the effect of this stuff blowing out the end.

I can't really emulate that with these i'm trying to think what i could emulate that with it used to be able to blow through the other way, but you can't yes, i can. I can do it like this, so it's blowing through instead of sucking and it just creates continuous fog. You get mini theater industry, uh foggers that are basically based on these devices, got it buy the one that already comes like that. Oh you've got it.

I wonder i've not seen them in a while, but the jaegerminion the jacob union is to the patrons for supporting the channel. So much particularly when it's going through its little yo-yo up and downs and also it means that, if i say a terrible thing, which sometimes happens in the live streams and all the militants line up against me and my channel gets deleted, uh at least i've got Patreon to go over and say: here's where the videos are now uh, it may disappear on youtube. You know we can still keep watching the videos to the patrons. Thank you for your extra support in the channel.

It's greatly appreciated, i think most technical youtubers would say the same any specialist channel that does not perhaps tick the boxes. Did you just take that out of so cute, erica clements is even better than that. These are little mini, communion, shot, glasses for partaking of communion. At church and uh, it's a 3d printed frame, especially size to the drawer to hold four shots of liquor, but uh, because they're communion, because the church is not very generous with their communion wine.

Four of those is equal to one small, lady glass, a shot, a single measure, but the communion glasses. Those ones are disposable, you do glass ones, but they uh. They. You get big boxes off, amazon and ebay, 200 plastic, minion cups and i don't dispose.

I wash them because you know what, let's, let's save the planet, what a great idea says eric clements the file is on big clive live somewhere. I wonder if furbear's actually archived that one um indeed comedian capture, maybe indeed not just communion cups, you can get the communion way first from ebay as well, so you couldn't have do a full communion. I'm just going to go off shop momentarily to wipe my nose. I've got sniffles, it's not covered it's just winter.

Winter is approaching the numbers going up, but they've gone up. What was the numbers uh? It was hovering around 100 for the patron supporters. It usually does. I see it is claiming why the stream for nautical it's a random extra stream for nautical any orange there is orange.

You can't show you it because it's the charging cable for the camera, so unplugging it right now is probably a really bad idea. Please fart into the camera. No i've been molly nukes. If i go i'm going to uh, if i'm going to fart into anything, it's going to be a a volatile, organic compound detection meter which i've done.

Did you get my email about the strobe for nautical? Was it the poundland strobe fanatical that you were talking about? Was it this one and someone emailed me about it? Why thank you, uh tech, much appreciated enjoy a glass of soda stream. Whisking me, the sodastream whiskey is actually one of the best results. That was really pretty good. Ah so i'm gon na have to scroll and see, can you carbonate maple syrup? I think it would be quite messy.

I think it would be very messy um, i'm scrolling up and down here scrolling up and down scrolling up and down. Oh, it was so disappointing. Uh, it's a fixed speed with a dedicated chip could be a chip out of uh. That's i can't i've.

I've seen the picture. I've not opened it. Let's wait till i open it on video. I can show you guys what it looks like.

Is that a bottle of radium? It is pure radium, it's quite interesting because um i'll, let it settle it sparkles. You can see the sparkle and swirling of the metallic radiation inside it's very nice. It also feels warm. I don't know what it tastes like.

What does radium taste like i'm, not really sure it smells radioactive. It tastes like merry curry's knickers, it's not radium, it is uh, it's just as bad. It's gin with uh, not with mica in it to give it a sparkle. Uh and uh and uh drain tracer dye to give it the fluorescent colour.

It's probably not really a good idea to drink it, but not to worry. It's never put me off before uh. This uh takes uh three double a batteries. I have rechargeable ones in it.

So it's not going to be full-on brand new alkaline intensity, but on it's it's it's light. It's not super bright, but you know what it's it's a good base. It's! It takes double a's, this good start and watch yourself. It's about to start flashing, but this is it oh, you can turn it up.

No, no! You can't turn up. You can't adjust it. You can turn the flash on and off static off or flashing. That's all you're! Getting that's your that's! That's it! This year.

It doesn't have a knob to twiddle. Is this really live male sylveon? Yes, it is it's a piece of crap, says julian island, think of the potential julian think of the little housing and how you could put green leds and point it at foliage and put it outdoors and if it rained it only cost a couple of quid so Who cares it's just a disposable item? They misspelled crappy well, zaster. Possibly we did drink a little toast at the beginning, but we could drink another toast. Now let us drink a toast to clive sinclair.

Now, like a non-radioactive toast, we shall use the very finest co-op, cheap, pink grapefruit and elderflower gin liqueur to drink. It seems appropriate. It's so deceiving. It looks like it looks like it should have a cork, but it's this tiny little.

Just like just half turn cap. Let's uh fill it up with a pink gin: how classy and celebrate one of the biggest crackpots on earth: uh clive sinclair for uh kickstarting, the computer revolution right at the beginning. He was instrumental in that uh and creating quite a storm at the time. Yes, thank you peter harkins, much appreciated to the two clives.

Well, two clives and clear: let's toast him um, oh worthy toast, oh that is so sweet and grapefruity uh. He lived to over 80.. I do hope i get somewhere close to that age. That'd be quite nice, was the arms any plans to tear down or build anything disco light related clive.

It's been a while the dgr. I do have some disco lights here, so i should get into them. Yes, you said sad hearing about his death. Eddie munster.

I think he led a happy enough life and uh 81. I i wonder: if he's had his full marbles, when he did it, can you do your jimmy savile impression, no ivan? No. Thank you dustra much appreciate it. Has mr egg arrived yet i'm not really sure if mr egg gigs arrived got to start dinner seal for now dc alan, i'm not even sure how you pronounce it's, not cienara sionar, i would read the chat.

I can barely follow as a guest. It shoots up mail sylvain, i have to say in the beginning. I was just snatching things out, but i do kind of mostly read it clive you have the career i dreamed of as a teenager, says 1976 rlc, but which part of the career is that being the electrician uh working the entertainment industry or doing youtube. It's a whole mishmash, it's just it's a good life just go through life like an atom bomb, stay single and just go through.

Like just sure there were times. I was living off noodles and other times when it's better, but you know just go through like a building a china shop, it's the best way, particularly if you're technical, you're secure. Thank you erica clements. I love listening to your voice, no matter what you're talking about.

Oh people say that i don't know because it's my voice, no no says being a bear. Yes, i'd like to point out. This is not the lesbian pride flag i may have to reprint it there's. Obviously a color discrepancy going on here.

If people think that's the lesbian pride flag, there's nothing wrong with lesbians, it's the bear flag. I was talking about that today. Ralph and me went for a trip to get on a good, long, walk in douglas and uh we're talking about how the there's been a backlash against pride and how there's a uh straight pride flag and the straight pride flag. Is this but in monochrome and it's so fitting - that's so mean, isn't it spying dutchman says i love lesbians that could be taken so many different ways.

This was supposed to be the. Can you say, trans rights catelyn? I can say trans rights because since starting this channel, i have now realized some that, like there's this thing that people who are so heavily into tech are usually not just. You know that thing about binary gender man, woman. There there's so much in between it.

It's really not a straight. It's not as straight as like they'd have you believe, uh the straight as you'd have you breathe, but there's so much mishmash, there's so many gay and transgender people with prominent technical jobs. It's very weird! It's like no family, for you. Your job is to fix stuff, but it's interesting julian alex says: i'm binary, so a one and a zero excellent.

When is the big clive? Only fans coming well, i don't think flat out hoonigan. I don't think they even really allow pornographicus stuff these days, not that i would do pornographic stuff. Thank you duncan dnh. I do a sport club.

As you know, he will probably say something: youtube will not approve of absolutely that happens a lot, particularly on the weekend streams. For those who don't know there is a dedicated channel called big clive live with cobwebs on it. Here i will clean the cobwebs off before the weekend. Thank you, man, frederic jensen.

Thank you, uh and rapper dj. Thank you too, test the crazy or genius both. What's the difference, no difference normal technical family, uh tesla was from in that category, but there is a live stream, but keep in mind that while this channel is mainly technical, the live stream does often feature technical things, but it often just goes in round directions and Sometimes it goes very rude and when i drink too much, it gets extra rude and sometimes videos have to be taken down afterwards.

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