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Bit late putting this video up. But nonetheless I've taken it apart and meddled with it for our entertainment.
I'm not sure if this is strictly local Shoprite stock or some of the stuff they get from the Sainsbury's label. I would expect Sainsbury's branding on it if it was theirs.
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A pumpkin light from the local supermarket, which is shoprite in ramsey on the isle of man. I'm guessing that this might be part of the stock of the sainsbury's, which they stock a lot of the a lot of their brands that they have are from a big supermarket chain. The uk called sainsbury's, but anyway i noticed that i was expecting this to just be a click on click off white light, but i noticed the leds don't look as though they're phosphor based so either they're a different color or they might even be flickering. I'm secretly hoping they're gon na be flickering leds.

Let us open it and put this stuff out the way right, so this comes off as they usually do in that style. Let's get some aaa cells into it. Poundland triple-a cells, classy uh, note that i put them in the correct way around that'd be good. If i just completely destroyed it in one go it's very.

These things are all cheap and nasty, it's just the nature of them, but but that is it. What's it going to be all right? Okay, it's different to what i was expecting. It is actually just a a color changing light. I'm almost disappointed.

I thought it was going to be flickering leds, but it is just sequencing right. Tell you what let's investigate it further. Let's open it up, so i shall pop the batteries out. So is that going to be a blob or is it going to be something more meaningful? Is this glued in where's, my spudger? Where is my spudger? There's the spudger, the everlasting spudger.

I shouldn't say that i'm probably tempting fate let's get round here. Are there any screws? For a start? No, there are no screws. I have a really bad habit of uh, just basically uh forcing things out without checking for screws. First, i think that a side of this is actually glued with a feel of it.

Oh, this isn't good because of its glued uh. It may not come out too easily. It's already split the case. That's all right! I'm not really bothered.

I got this to investigate. Are you sure there are no screws in this? You know what it's like. Sometimes i get it so far, yeah it's glued and then uh. You realize that there was a screw and it's far too late and everything is destroyed.

Oh, it's not a terribly exciting circuit board that is really well glued in. I hate it when they do that they used to screw them in and they also had friction fit ones. Uh, there's really not a lot to see. There's the click on click off switch.

Now what i didn't realize there right, let's put the let's put this and see if you can set a specific color. I thought that was just click on off switch. Let me just zoom down here so so you can see more of what's going on right, where's, the clicky button. Log click.

No, let's just click on click off. I thought it was going to do fancy things, but apparently not okay, that's reasonable enough! It's not it's! Not reasonable, i wanted more features. So what do we actually have here say what give me a second uh i'll i'll? Do you a doodle of what's on this, but really it's not going to take too long, because all i can see is one resistor which maybe to limit the current through the leds or it may be to set the speed of the thing right. Tell you what one moment please and continue there i told you: it wasn't going to be very complicated.

It's basically speaking the batteries. Let's put that at plus 4.5 volts 4.5 volts 0 volts. It's got the blob. It's got the three leds connected direct to the blob.

It could well actually be one of those generics of rgb color changing led chips. The chip you'd normally find inside it. But in this case it's got a 24k resistor and my guess is that 24k resistor internally is connected across an inverting buffer and they potentially have a capacitor here and then the resistor folding back, so that, if that's a schmidt trigger it's sudden uh transition from positive High to low it means that the the current flowing through this resistor determines how long it takes to charge and discharge the internal capacitor. So changing this resistor will change the speed of the oscillator, which will then be divided down and do all this stuff and to test that.

I have connected a variable resistor on those two connections for that original resistor, which was 24k and if i turn it down. So that's the quite annoyingly fast speed. Let's bring this back into the shot a little bit here and if i turn it down to say one mega, you can actually start seeing the pulse of modulation. Frequency come in because changing the frequency i'm not really seeing much.

Flicker here, but loading that speed down will lower the everything it will lower the pulse of modulation frequency and it will lower the actual the speed at which it steps through the pattern - and, conversely, is this going to be too much? That's uh, if you put it right up to full, if you basically short, lowers it. It goes at super high speed which doesn't look too bad in a way, but it is continuously variable and uh, so it does have hackability to a degree but uh. As i say, it would have been quite nice just to have a cluster of flickering leds in that instead of the color changing. But i guess it's what you want to me putting out the pumpkin.

The pumpkin is inherently orange, so uh sort of yellow, flickering leds would actually look quite good in the pumpkin. But it's interesting enough. It's not a terribly expensive thing. It's a wee gimmicky! It's based on oh hold on.

Let's see if i can get one of the originals of what it's based on one moment please here we go an original ozram dot it light, and this is the predecessor to all these little stick on. Dollar store push lights, this one it was not a dollar. Let's put the batteries into it. No, this is what happens if you make that resistor position open circuit, it's not you're, seeing it flash because of the rolling shutter effect and the the interference the shutter speed, but in reality this is like super low speed, uh positive modulation.

Now because i've taken the resistor across and if i just put my fingers across these terminals and squeeze it will change the speed at which it does the uh. Does this pattern chase? But anyway, i digress. Let's whip the batteries out and stick them into the original order, dot and see if it still works, because this is one of the first led on lights. It was quite radical at times designer and expensive.

Oh it feels quite loose. Will it work uh, no yeah, that that's a an old and effective type of light? That's for another video, though another day, uh right! Okay! That will be why this was knocking about then, okay, so uh, that is what's inside the uh pound. Well, not poundland! Uh. The sainsburys and shoprite halloween light it's little rgb color changing one um, it's fine, it's absolutely fine as a novelty light.

Just as i say not what i was expecting. The flickering would have been interesting. The temptation is to butcher something and make it do that, but in the meantime that was it, it's not bad.

16 thoughts on “Shoprite led pumpkin light is crap”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Filip Wieland says:

    I wonder what it would look like with all warm white LEDs and the speed cranked either up or way down so that the PWM becomes visible to the naked eye

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cheyanne I says:

    Mine is on/off button, but the chip has a 4 position latch; 3/2/1 LEDs on and of course off. The housing is also nickel or aluminum. Of course, the current isn't limited, so all 3 brightness levels are the same brightness!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gordon Welcher says:

    Have you seen the latest generation of Mushroom lights?

    Unsurpassed brightness, colour spectrum, efficiency, focus, spectral purity, coherence,
    stability and programmability. Full range quadraphonic speakers.

    Comes with Wifi. Bluetooth, NFC, Infra Red, Semaphore flags, 20 KW 80 meter AM transceiver and built in heater.

    Powered by leading edge solid state battery with energy harvesting and 420 hour run time.. Can wash dishes and also doubles as a mini Roomba.
    $0.99 at Dollarama.

    Only available in Canada.


  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Bunting says:

    Clive, where'd you get that wonderful variable resistor tool?! I'd love to add that to my tool bench. 😁
    BTW, I have the same spudger you do and they can take a beating!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Smith says:

    Keep it up Clive! Love the projects and taking things to bits =) basically your entire channel! I’ve learned so much about electronics. Rewatch your videos all the time. Really enjoy the project and chat videos

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul youphone says:

    The first led light I ever bought, about 15or20 years ago, was in this identical plastic moulding case except colour was white, and branded "Osram" . It wasn't cheap, and had 3 dim whites, only on or off. It came with a sticky mounting (it's still stuck to the wall in the under stairs cupboard, so I could see the gas metre but it was never bright enough!) The worst thing about it was that, to replace the batteries, the whole thing had to be removed which meant breaking the sticky pad mounting.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fixerbob says:

    I have a tray of odd and ends on my desk – there is a small pilot lamp dating from the 1930's from Osram and on the box it says 'Osram, The Wonderful Lamp'…

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris BigBad says:

    Dear Clive, ever tried unpotting the blob and taking zoom pictures of microchips? this one might be a good start. does not seem to be much going under the bonnet. cheers!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PunkRockLlama says:

    While searching for "AA battery to usb" on my crusade to rid my life of AA's I found something interesting and scary. Literally a usb cable connected to a fake battery with 3 just fake batteries. If it said to only use it with 3 or 4 battery devices that might be okay. It seems to imply that it scales up the voltage as more fake AA are put in…. Obviously all the reviews are destroying 1.5v products with 5v. Almost might be nice to look at but I'm sure there is nothing to them.

    I'm sure someone in the know could make them useful. And there are ones without usb that go to a variable power supply.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars UnrealVideoDuke says:

    Not fond of lights with an active switch as it uses energy for standby. Next time you need the light you find yourself in the dark. Reason why I stay away from the fancier flashlights

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alexander Borsi says:

    I wonder if replacing the LED's with other colors would give at least a weird brightness pattern? Not having one in circuit might make it 'dark' and break up the pattern more. Or replace the LED's with Transistors and PWM much higher power stuff.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Pumpkini says:

    Very hypnotic. There was a Fringe episode where these lights were used. There were kidnappings of geniuses in the episode. Some evil lady wanted to figure out an equation to open a portal or something.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars carlu bambi says:

    I used to go to an electronics shop on Queen Street in Toronto .I had a big gorilla out front .They had tonnes of surplus and new components would spend hours in there looking for parts to make my next project .LEDs were king

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KYŌDɅI KΞN says:

    Those lights you got from Osram and any other brands are so cheap, the switches inside even make contact over time and the LEDs gradually fade and show light. It was so eerie back then when I expeirenced this. So weird…

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Erik Swiger says:

    If the pumpkin light had red and amber LEDs that flickered like flames, it would look really great. In fact, if you took that fire simulator equipment from an earlier video, and scaled it down a bit, that would look absolutely awesome inside a Jack O' Lantern.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rpavlik1 says:

    I've got the same light, free after rebate a few years ago, but in black with wimpy white LEDs that do nothing exciting. I was quite surprised there was a blob in yours, my bet was on the LEDs themselves doing any blinking. I have tried mine in a pumpkin, but it's far too dim and far too cold white.

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