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MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat) are normally issued as military rations, or to workers during disaster recovery works. They're fascinating. Like a mystery meal in a bag with lots of extras.
Someone once described them as happy meals for adults, and I agree.
It's worth mentioning that you could make your own version for much less, but it would lack the mystery and authenticity of the real thing. There's also the fun of trying other countries foods.
This one came from an eBay seller based in Russia who ships to Europe:-
You may find other sellers willing to ship to the USA, although the massive USA postal politics may affect that.
If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:-
This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.

Greetings, comrades: it is time for a happy meal and by happy meal i mean uh military ration, which is, quite frankly, a happy meal for adults. It's for big boys and girls. It's like a food lucky bag, and this is a single meal ration. I'm going to zoom down it so that if you wish, you can perhaps uh freeze this and look at the text for seeing what it says later on because well, i haven't actually what's in this and i don't really want to know what's in it, because i Want that to be a surprise, but anyway, let's zoom back out again get the knife in and open it up and we'll see what's inside here.

So what's the best way to open, i shall open it at the bottom. Oh it turns out. There is a little rip thing right. There is a rip thing and it's got a it's got a zip log but and i've i've already ripped it open now.

So that's not gon na happen, insiders a cardboard box, my apologies for the loud noises. This is a very crinkly bag. I shall take it off cameraman, charlie. There we go here's what's inside, let us explore and see what there is to eat.

Let us see if we can even open it. Oh here we go right. Okay, a lot of space being taken up by cookies. They don't look as hard as usual.

We have oh, we got a little stove. We've got the usual pots of meaty things that i'd expect instead of russian stuff. Oh and we've got a potted meal. That's interesting! Um is this that feels like a moist toilet.

This feels like well, it's a picture of apple, so it's apple sauce we've got a sashi of stuff and sugar. We've got a little plastic thing: uh and we've got instructions and things in in russian, which is not very good. When you don't speak russian one of those languages, one of those languages that i wish i could speak so right, okay, i guess! Well, it's not a huge portion. Is it? We've also got these, which i'm guessing are tea bags? Are they tea bags? I shall open one and we'll see i.

I really have no clue what's in here. No, that is not a tea bag. That is a bottom wipe, so that would make terrible tea um. Let me just tame this down a bit.

That's better right! So tell you what i guess! Well i'll open this for a start. This is where august round it doesn't open. It's well sealed! I haven't a clue what this is, i shall taste it is it supposed to be heated. A savory puree is what i would describe that as and this i'm expecting a meaty stew.

Oh, it's got rice as well. That's good! Okay! I'm probably supposed to leave this partially closed while i heat it, but i'm going to transfer it to my bachelor tub and then heated up in that right. So i'm going to cook some of this stuff up one moment please and resume okay. So i've done some translation.

This stuff here is called sterilized uh zucchini caviar, this stuff tastes like a very savory vegetable paste, very nice. It's gon na be good with the crackers. This stuff it turns out, is buckwheat porridge with beef. I have cooked it tastes pretty good to me very typical of these meals.

It's a almost like a rice texture. The buckwheat actually gives a very strong sort of granular sort of rice effect and there's plenty of that meatiness to this lots of shreds that meat through it. That is very nice for a drink. It came with black tea and absolutely tons of sugar.

The sugar uh. It came with 20 grams, i'm guessing ultimately hold on. Let's bring the black tea in it's still quite hot, i'm guessing that this might be intended to largely be used all at once, maybe in the black tea 20 grams. That would make a very sweet black tea, which may be how they they're doing it, because i ultimately that'd be perfect for boosting your energy.

It would be basically an energy drink with loads of sugar. Let me just taste that and see what it's like. Oh that's! Okay, that is okay, that's really nice! I tried just a black tea in its own. Before not my thing, i prefer a milky tea, but this with the actual sugar.

It tastes all right, optionally. I have. I don't think it'd be needed for this. To be honest, but i have salt and pepper sashes, another of the moist wipes.

This is uh apple jam which i'll try these crackers and then we'll light one of these, because these are actually self-lighting fuel blocks, they've got sort of igniter on the side. The look of it and then the metal frame, but we'll take a look at that afterwards. I shall whip out some crackers, i'm just going to eat more of this stuff, because this is actually very good. Excuse me making eating noises.

This is where people will complain. They're saying why are you making eating noises it's because it's an mre video? It's eating a meal? Oh, it's so good, being low grade trash. That is absolutely perfect for people like me, low expectations for food. Now these crackers can be the ones that are super rock hard, no they're, not they're soft crackers.

Let's try dipping one in the zucchini paste that works. That's really nice. It's almost like almost a savory spread. Well, it is a savory spread a non sugary jam.

This, however, is a sugary jam. Hmm, it has a little rip tab. So let's grab a cracker. Oh yeah, see this really is a loud eating noise.

One. The jam is very gelatinous um and uh fruity. Looking i shall taste it and tell you what it's like. Very sweet: this is more like an apple sauce, there's not an awful lot of apples such in it.

It's really nice though it is, ultimately, is an apple jam, but with basically just apple puree, i'm not sure right. Tell you what then um. I shall finish eating this stuff right and then we'll take a look at this little stove and we'll try it out. One moment please yep, that was pretty good.

There was only one, slightly tough random bit of cow stuff in that meal, the savory paste and the sweet jam. The middle makes a very good dip for the crackers. I shall have the other crackers afterwards, but now, let's take a look at this. It's the little self-lighting blocks it it's this a fuel block, but with this of match stuff on this side right here, how do i open this? It's well sealed.

I shall use a knife to open it. That sounds like a good idea, so i shall slit it down here. Is that gon na open, possibly possibly not, maybe not, maybe i've just screwed up hold on? I shall do it like here. Then it's well sealed it's not exactly.

I suppose. Ultimately, they want to keep it dry, don't they i've just completely malformed the metal right, that's kind of opening, that's kind of open excellent. So this is the base of the stove. Does the little thing go up the way or down the way? It's got.

The little crosses built in it doesn't really say, but these little bits go down the way and these bits go up the way because they're the bit you put your meal on and there you have yourself standing stove. You get one of the blocks and i guess you just use this sandpaper to strike it. It's it's almost there. It didn't did it there, we go.

Okay, that's quite handy fizzle, fizzle, fizzle, burn, burn, burn, uh right at one moment, i'll just let that come up to heat just so we can see what's a flame, we get off it right here. Well, for obvious reasons, i won't be putting this onto the camera because yeah it's got quite a decent little flame. It's going off about six inches 150 mil with the heat going up a lot further than that, so uh that burns quite well right. I think that's enough of that, so that is ultimately mind your eyes.

The light is coming back. That is the uh summary of that sort of single meal mre from russia that came from ebay. I shall put a link to in fact, and maybe a description as well if it's still actually available, but there we go interesting, it was. It was what you'd expect it was a single porsche meal that wasn't like this of luxury all day.

You know like a three meal version with snacks and treats, but having said that, the sugar syrup, well, the the high sugar tea, just keeping this i'm gon na move this flame away from here. This is a good idea, the high sugar tea and also the syrupy jam. It would be a replacement for for a bit of candy or whatever that you might normally get, but that's it did. I enjoy it.

Yes, i did, but then again it's very hard to actually find a meal that i don't like.

14 thoughts on “Russian happy meal – military ration”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gregory Thomas says:

    I can "speak" just enough Russian to either get punched in the face or arrested…learned completely from Russian Dash-Cam videos 🙂

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Redlock says:

    Kasha, or buckwheat groats is a very nutritious grain to eat. If you buy it un-roasted you must toast the grain for the best flavour. Get it at most Polish delis as dry grains or fully cooked in jars. I think it goes very well with lots of mushrooms.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DC Allan says:

    Oh this is not as good s the one with nuclear heater, I wonder why they have removed them.
    It took me weeks hunting Russian ebay before I found a good supply of them.
    The food looked OK and filled with energy. great video 2x👍

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A Brit says:

    Nice but don't use the burny thing in an enclosed space, as a rule they have nasty fumes.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Al Banana says:

    In the current political climate, you will need to balance this with a review of a Ukrainian MRE.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter Stimpel says:

    My russian from school still works after 35+ years, amazing. I am a bit disappointed there is no nuclear device in there for heating the stuff.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vokabre says:

    The most hilarious bit is misinterpretation of contents based on the physical properties. 11/10 content.
    Some people I know indeed add stupendous amount of sugar into tea and coffee.

    Polish shops could have buckwheat if there's ever a wish to cook a "proper" buckwheat porridge.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars zh84 says:

    My Dad tried to learn Russian in his eighties, but he didn't get very far. As a result we still have two Russian dictionaries which he refuses to get rid of.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Quick Fix says:

    I always love your reviews of these foreign MRE's.
    Here's what's the back of the packaging says (you either get meal 2, 3 or 4):
    1 | Plain biscuits from wheat flour of the 1st grade

    2 | Canned meat and vegetable "Buckwheat porridge with beef"

    3 | Canned meat and vegetable "Rice porridge with beef"

    4 | Canned meat and vegetable "Barley porridge with beef"

    5 | Canned vegetable snacks "Vegetable caviar (zucchini)"

    6 | Fruit juice (jam)

    7 | Black tea

    8 | Sugar

    9 | Salt

    10 | Pepper

    11 | Portable heater (stove and 3 tablets of dry fuel)

    12 | Disinfectant wipes (2 pieces)

    13 | Paper napkins

    14 | Plastic spoon

    15 | Can opener

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Barrie Shepherd says:

    Is the green plastic piece for opening the, rather well sealed, burner unit you needed the 'Stanley' knife for?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wim Widdershins says:

    Im so trashy, I'd just mix all the ingredients (minus tea & sugar) together in one pot.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamie Mellars says:

    Did you ever find any hints on the green plastic hook thingy? I’m so curious what that was meant for. Opening the tins, maybe?

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Pew says:

    The beef porridge looked more like Moggie food,
    Why do I watch your Videos at this time of the morning
    still it made me Feel hungry, so off to Scoff a Steak Pie The to bed
    Night all

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter Stevens says:

    Looks a wee bit dry. Maybe your apple sauce was meant to rehydrate the beef porridge?

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