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A totally unplanned live stream for no particular reason at all.
I'm also trying out a YouTube feature that can help filter chat-spam. To participate in the chat you will need to be subscribed - but if you're not, then doing so will allow you to participate in the chat about 5 minutes after subscribing.
(I'm not sure if this feature is good or not. I don't like doing the "like and subscribe" thing.)
If all goes to plan the first hour will start as a relaxed Patreon chat, followed by the stream being made public. If I can even do that.. I've not tried that before.
There is a dedicated live stream channel called BigCliveLive that was started at the beginning of the covid lockdowns to act as a virtual pub at the weekends. But be aware that pub-like beverages are consumed and the subject goes everywhere - from technology to risque subjects, and may involve occasional rants.
The "supercomputer" in the background is a panel of diffused 5mm flashing LEDs with suitable resistors, running from a USB power bank. You can download the zipped Gerber files as A4gallium at this page:-
If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:-
This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.

Something but i could bro, maybe it's just the fact that this isn't supposed to be a live stream at night tonight, but nonetheless, let us continue uh simply electronics is here. There is no fizzy wine, because this stream will be going well, it's on the main channel. So i'm trying to play you know: i'm gon na try and be technical. You know and not discuss things.

Dave's diys here called b furbear uh chipmunk linux blend perkins, mark pitts, steve brace, simon york, furbear again james hawk, panther, bluesome and i'm pretty sure mouse may have been here too floss. Is there spookswood good name, jamie mikkel, uh, kiku, dave's diy? I think i've mentioned matt tester yep, the the usuals are here. Let us start with uh a sterilization, since it's all going apocalyptic at the moment, they've given up they've just said screw it. I think i mentioned that last time here is your ultraviolet scan with special killer ultraviolet energy and people are still sending links to research that says that uva kills bacteria, it's nothing even remotely close to uvc.

Oh, the thing is mouse. Do i mention your flashy badges? Do i provide a link to them? If we go to the main channel, i think the number of people will rise, i'm going to refresh it says there are 21 waiting. I think there's more of you there than that. I could be wrong because i didn't really advertise this.

There are 39 watching now, that's reasonable enough is coming out uh at you, via the sex robot router uh on the uh fiber network, which seems pretty consistent. Uh you'll see it's still dangling there. Someone mentioned somebody mentioned uh, the mango in the last stream, and i ordered one and ebay has one does and well here it is here i'll just show you all the data off the back, not really. I probably have already i'm noted for doing that.

It's a tiny, little router or router, if you're in america, which has the usb for power, it's got the network, a lan and a wan usb, because you can actually plug 4g modem into it or 5g. I guess now not really sure it's quite neat. Interestingly, the uh, the form factor, is pretty much identical to the little um tp-link router that i'm using that's ancient i've had that so long. That's my little travel router that i use for getting connections where connections are not available and for sharing connections with co-workers.

But this one is thicker and it's got a much higher spec, as you could probably guess these days. It also comes with open wrte, the open source, uh router systems. That's pretty good! It's pretty neat devs diy. They cram a lot, but then keep in mind that that one there does the best part of 100 megabits and it's like ancient and it runs cold hold on i'm not going to touch it.

It's the middle of the stream. Is this a good idea? Oh, it's mildly warm, but nothing particularly just worrying. Ah steve brace is uh busy with work and has had law bereavement. Ah, i feel like the super computer is a sharper in 4g and not really sure.

I'm not sure what the bit rate will be. It depends what your receiving bitrate is now i'm getting terrible reception here, but that's probably because uh i'll go on to a different network. I shall go on my receiving end onto gottlieb, just named after pinball machines and stuff like that, and that should speed things up. These networks were all supposed to expire after the far the fiber optic went in, but it's not happened yet we'll see what happens if it doesn't happen soon, i'll have to go, get and touch them.

There's not been a year, meaning i shall scroll down, because i've obviously lost my place here. 720P. There. That's good friends, new question answers.

Video says nobody should use ozone, generator shots, fired old, old-fashioned thoughts. I mean conflict, it's always good. It's fine fran is welcome to her own opinions. Maybe she's not watched my ozone, video or maybe she doesn't believe my ozone video she's welcome to have an ozone free environment uh.

What am i looking for? I'm looking for jaeger minion to us to the technical people. Maybe my ozone video is a lot of who knows. Maybe i'm poisoning everybody, but i think uh. I think we'd all be dead if uh, if those levels of ozone were harmful because uh they occur in nature.

Now i'm just wanting i'm just going to put my finger up here right. I just want to see what hates the microphone away from the uh from the uh. I'm gon na have to wait for this to catch up. It's it's way behind at my end, but it is entirely at my end now i completely missed giving the finger hold on it's, not the middle finger uh.

So i just want to give you a height here, so i could bring that down a little tiny bit. It's always better to bring the microphone down. I tend to nudge it up a little bit because when my head brush is against it feels horribly, like you, just stuck the head in a spider, so that would increase the volume slightly even eyebrow the stubs of my eyebrows they're not growing in very quickly. Are they? I guess that's what happens when you engage in drunken live streams where you shave your eyebrows off in the middle of a stream and then the stream just goes so badly rude and weird that you have to delete it afterwards.

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes it happens. Ah, oh the chipmunk says my networks are named: tardis tardis, guest and 5g coveted 19 test mast indeed, and it's almost worth buying one of these because they're not that expensive just to plug in in a public space and call it like 5g high power beacon or Something like that peter stevens, how that stream was epic. It was, but sadly it was a bit too epic, epic for uh for safety on youtube. Sometimes it's more, i'm not sure it was more like pornhub or something like that.

It should have gone on or what's that, one where empty dies uh? What is that channel uh live leaks where they just brazenly show people dying, horribly, lovely now, on the basis that i'll be releasing this stream publicly later on, once we've had our first portion of the stream to see if it actually works. I don't know if this will work. Can i change? Will i find out later on uh? For those of you just in case - and i know the patrons are all usually subscribed to the channel. If you're not subscribed, you won't be able to leave chat.

There should be a, we noticed saying that it's just it's a attempt to get rid of chat spam uh, but i'm not really sure it's a new feature, i'm trying it out. I've forgot, a live, leaks has died, has it, and probably it was probably oh, it doesn't list anymore. I'm not really surprised. There have some been some instances, that's been caught in camera.

It would definitely with me in them. It would have been live, leaks, type fodder. It would have been just people doing terrible things brendan perkins says tasty rice, cakes. Well, there's a contradiction unless they're thoroughly coated in syrupy, sugariness they're all right.

Actually, you should be able to have been trying to set up. The kiwi friend of mine, says dave's diy and you can switch it easily enough, but it might not update the page you're watching from it probably won't um yeah, i'm not really sure clive. You did include a link on patreon or email for this stream andrew act. I did put a link on patreon.

Has it not appeared yet if it was quite short noticed before the stream? It was literally about two hours before it so uh. It may not have gone out, i mean the fact your guys are here. You are the patreon supporters and you're here. So it went out to some people.

I suppose i should rename this sexpot thing because uh my neighbors will be looking at and thinking. I do actually have a sex robot and though i don't want them getting jealous, you shared it by no direct link. Oh yeah, i know what you mean hold on. I know what you mean uh, i didn't include the direct link just the right table.

I'm gon na have to fix that. That was on a mission. I know what you mean now i should go back to pitching and i shall wait for patron to slowly load. Oh, i bet you want to click.

That button says patreon, oh sure, click it. If you want, but nothing's going to happen until i've loaded this whole page, it's a bit sluggish at times, uh i'll, just put it up as text link to current live stream, and then here is the link your patrons want to hear from you well here this Link um and pow there we go sorted. Let's make sure i go back to the right page and don't close the the wrong window. Spidey loading thing is spinning.

Oh it shouldn't be, it seems to be coming through here. Okay, so um. I shall do a latency test, latency test one two, three, four, five five seconds isn't too bad, that's going out and coming back yeah horror vac. They could have actually clicked in the link and the thing and right clicked it.

But, to be honest, it's better when i leave the link. I've completely forgot that picturing sound good tonight. Maybe it's just because it's a quiet night in the middle of the weekend, there's nothing major happening. Hmm, so i know you saw the work mentioned at the time.

I didn't have them, but i found these fascinating trick lights sort of twist in and they all have common rails, so they're plus and minutes all right. I think i've come across this almost like the track lighting stuff lighting. As you discover, if you're filming is quite critical, you have to get the right angle and i've found one of the best things to do. That is to put a mirror on the your filming area and slide it about in the area you're filming and if you can see a direct reflection of the light, then you're going to have to move it out of that area.

Dave's diy says: i'm scared about electric shock seems sketchy to be wide open. If it's the track lighting, it has the the channels - and that are like they're shaped like that, with the sort of core uh there so that the blades have to slide in and as you rotate it, they slide and make a connection. You can't really make connection yourself, although uh i do recall putting this big ugly metal chrome light in there was quite a loud bang when i put it in uh, i might did manage to somehow just bridge everything in that track when i was young first time. I'd used track lighting, it was memorable, it didn't blow the power, it just made lots of bangs and sparks because i get the feeling that the protection was not really up to standard peter stephens covert life in alabama is lots of people panicking and wearing masks, because They didn't get vaccinated and debbed out just going about normal life.

Hmm gel says once again today i had to explain a car battery by itself. Can't electrocute you, but people don't understand that they see a thing putting out high power. I mean it can start a car, so it must be quite dangerous. Technically speaking, if you penetrate past the outer skin, then even low voltage can give you a significant shock, the lowest.

I got a significant shock off deliberately by bypassing the skin. Yes, it was. I don't want to talk about experiment. 3 volts was quite ferocious, like muscle contracting ferocious.

All you have to do is break through that outer insulation layer. Hmm that makes me think of a job where they wanted dmx fed along the track lighting, but they wanted to 40 volt on one side and they wanted the data on the other side and they didn't think it through and there wasn't any reference to ground. And this whole system was specked, it was installed. We ran the control systems, i never ever saw and put lights in it because i'm not really sure.

Maybe they turned it the wrong way and they went bang because i put 240 through the dmx of the light. I'm not really sure, or maybe it was just very ill-conceived, just notice the supercomputer badge i want one. I didn't actually see if mouse replied there. Mouse says: you're climbing out of the sea under boat with an earthing problem.

12 volts is quite unpleasant. Well, water defeats insulation: you might as well just be a piece of moist flesh if you're wet. This is what catches a lot of people out. They get used to working in electrical equipment live because they've had to be tingle from time to time, because they've been standing indoors on a carpet um, but then they go outdoors and they think they can just work the same way.

They stand in wet ground. They touch a wire and they get a horrific experience. Huge difference. Oh he says it's fine to publicize it.

All. I have to do oh hold, then for bears to put it up flashy thing. Ah, good evening, james margarson blew the final cover on my on the ptc in my old robin multimeter, but can't find the value online is their standard value. Oh it'd have to be.

The original thing might be worth getting in touch with robin, don't really know, and as soon as you start swapping random components, it gets a wee bit shady because there are such a wide range of things. Dc allen says that glass thing has started making a huge nixie tube sounds interesting. Mouse says i have loads and loads of badges, but doing less or larger ones. I'm not surprised, that's a lot of work, so please do mention the shop defender and sends request for a postcard size, one or international postage i'll get back to them.

That's reasonable enough, the big ones being this one which virtually has about the same number of leds as the full size one but is more convenient. It's a pocket size super computer. For those wanting a closer look at the badge, the badge says supercomputer and it has the resistors and leds on the front, and it's got a button cell and a slide switch and the little tang on the back and due to a slight oversight there. The text in the back has been slightly eclipsed by the buckle thing, but that's what happens.

This is why we make prototypes it's fine. I did order some tiny switches as well and cell covers, and it seems that, like it looks like mouse has chosen the generically standard ones, they're very common. I have to experiment, make something different, though not just copy mouse do something fresh. Are there any work? Quality pocket meters.

No, there are not. The pocket meters always have a compromise, you're better going for something bigger. I wouldn't use it at work, but you know a pocket. Meter is okay for just travel and just like just in case, you want to test things randomly while you're traveling like i do hmm i'd love to buy a flashing, but ends up.

Oh what i it just skipped, sorry, but ends just about meat soap. It's something to do later on or improvise create your own with vero board. Probably you could probably could do it with feral board. You could probably put surface mount leds across a bit of vera board.

That's the one with copper strips down it. Just by dividing using a couple of common rails and linking them you could improvise what snack was best with scotch. I was eating fritos with corn whiskey these this weekend. The best snack is haggis because we're scottish and crisps, potato chips, mark gray, has his order in for the bigger one the chipmunk says.

I was surprised. I got shocked by a phone line at 28. Volts pabx line was barefoot and damp concrete. So much worse with the standard line, because it's 50 volt open a 50 volt open circuit, uh but 75 or ac ringing voltage more than enough to give you a significant shock having a good wall up off the 100 volt line system of our speakers.

Breeze standard is stuck at work this week, uh curses for work, but it makes you appreciate your free time may build a neon supercomputer with a 90 volt radio battery. That's reason enough: brandon perkins! If you look in my videos, you'll see a neon chaos. I think it's called, and it is basically that, but i used relaxation oscillators, but i used them just on the borderline of operations. So over the day some will just start pulsing and others will actually stop.

So it moves about randomly on it bit odd, but that was it phone lines they seem so harmless, but they're not they hurt in the right circumstances and you can steal current from them, but it's not approved if it's only one milliamp. How are they going to know? One milliamp at 50 volts will light plenty of leds. There's only one thing you can put in a whiskey and it's another measure calling napier um. Well, yes, andrea clyde.

Did you ever work with the music company or later just tmc? In bradford they had a good relationship with north knight. No, i did not. I was of the install team of northern light and that may have been the hard department or maybe the gear came from them, not really sure, but we tended to be like almost like two separate companies. Granted any current can stop your heart.

It takes a fair amount and your heart is fairly resilient and there's a lot of scare mongering about you know if you get an electric shock, he'll die, but if you did get electric shock and die, it would probably make the headlines, because it's so rare that It actually happens, nasty electric shocks, yes, horrible results like uh. One common scenario is that if someone gets hand to hand shock, it can actually snap their shoulders just for the force of the muscle contraction, the stronger they are. It's uh. It's just not helpful that if you're, strong and muscular your muscles will be fighting against you, the who flour is ready.

It is not with the big huge bottle, though ben swann, that's nuts and proud i'd be dead a thousand times, then muppet, pastor. Well, the thing is, i wouldn't recommend going out your way or better being too casual with electricity, says big cliff, who is far too casual just, but i work in a grounded, grounded and insulated environment, a isolated environment, so there's less risk for shock, but gloves even The thinnest ordinary gloves, i'm trying to think is a good example of them, perhaps not the best example, but these would absolutely work fine, but even the ones. The soft gloves are dipped in the front in the sort of like the pvc coating but open in the back there. Anything that's going to act as an extra layer between you and electricity is good.

Mark b says my brother was electrocuted in a railway line. The railway lines are, unfortunately, if it's a it depends which one it is they tend to be out in a wet grounded environment. There is the overhead line, it's 25 000 volts, which is dramatic, not not so great um. I'm going to have my first drink of the night and the puffer on standby.

I think this is whiskey. It says cheap rum, but i think it's frisky one portion goes in. I don't have ginger beer, the darkened stormies can be left for the live stream channel. Technically speaking to the electron box, stop your heart isn't anywhere near as dangerous as shocking it to beat out sync atrial fibrillation.

If you get enough shock to stop your heart, the chances are, it will restart. That's what defibrillators do they kind of bring your heart into a controlled state? In reality, your heart is surprisingly resilient. It can restart under quite extreme conditions, but don't try that out, because if it doesn't work, you'll completely die and it's just not great, very awkward. Very intense, probably oh gl says i've.

Had my heart stopped and started raw electricity several times controlled, ventricular ectopics, never heard of ectopics. It sounds quite exotic, though i wonder if it hurts there is a video on youtube of a guy being paced with a defibrillator which is actually matching the heart and actually assisting with electrical pulses, and i wonder if he felt black and blue afterwards. Merger rail is at least 630 volts dc nuts and proud. You know why that's symbolic in a way because 630 volts is a standard.

Capacitor value have capacitors. I've got a gadget down here from china, it's possibly one of the most dangerous gadgets. I've come across, but we'll explore it later on the stream. It's not dangerous in the sense of giving you electric shocks, it's dangerous in the sense of just tearing your hand into pieces, shredding it and spraying blood everywhere.

It's fantastic! It's also very good value, possibly because it's so dangerous simon roll says, does a mini computer come in kit form. I don't know if mouse is doing them in kit form. That would certainly be convenient. I'm guessing uh mouse's leds arrived, i would say hi to mikkel, followed too that's quite hard to pronounce.

Hmm mouse says for as soon as i clear the current demand, the little mini super computers are in high demand, and justifiably so i know other colors would be viable. I wonder if it's worth getting a set made in the black background material. Someone sent me defcon badges, i have to say i'll, show you one of the defcon badges because uh it is outstanding. It's really very impressive.

It's like way over the top, i'm not sure. If the def confer uh defcon badge. Is this really a badge? Does it classify as a badge the computing power of some of these is surprising. The ones that actually come up with hacking menus on them are alarming, especially when you see the wi-fi connectivity - and you wonder, did that badge just scan my networks.

Uh, let's see if we can plug this in it's quite low power, these addressable leds, it's a face mask for the defcon furs. It also has other functions. I should step back so it's uh. I could turn the lights off hold on turn the lights off and you'll see it better.

I'm aware that it's probably wiffle time it is just past wiffle time, but it's a mask that scrolls past in colors defcon furs yeah, it's quite neat and it is addressable. Color changing leds, the other has other functions, it has other functions. Let me see if i get it right, but i'm not quite oh. I i see what it is because it's a mask.

It's a microphone built in and uh when you speak. It responds to the speech it's very sophisticated, so many leds so much work. The shape of it is flexible. It's very impressive.

Some of these are pretty much showboating, really, but very, very impressive. There are some simple badges. There are some complex badges. The quality of construction of this is just spectacular, so much thought has gone into it.

It's very impressive. Ah, but is it as impressive as the lithium electric tool from china that did not come with any lithium battery warnings in the box? At all, or is it as impressive as the the very compact russian nuclear ozone generator which uh oh hold on, yes, uh i'll get to the wiffle in a moment. Let me just plug this in and see if you can even hear it i'll feature these things afterwards, once the once the stream goes public. I don't know.

If you hear anything, you may hear the draft coming off this. Did you hear anything i can feel it sounds like a cat, purring, so ozone? I made the foolish move of putting this in my bedroom. It's actually far too big for my bedroom. It's not a huge amount of puts out, but it's reasonable enough.

Uh. Here's the thing it's using a voltage multiplier. I had to squeeze things in the normal multiplier board was designed to take smaller capacitors like this, and i wanted they're only twenty two, nine five - i'm not convinced that these ceramic plasters are good in ionizers. The next version.

I managed to fit the hundred nanofarad capacitors in by stacking them up like that which looks very stylish but isn't gon na fit in here. The final verse to get these to fit in involved um capacitors that were quite frankly too wide to go onto the circuit board and had to not just have their leads bent but be shuffled up against the diodes and the subways that you don't do when things Are operating thousands of volts, but anyway i got it to fit in with a little bit of plastic insulation between the critical bits, uh and it's a green neon uh in the blue case, an under run green mean for maximum life. Oh, so wasn't it, but the thing is, as has been pointed out by others, if we took the chinese approach and actually split the split the multiplier in two and fed it from the middle and had the positive end and the negative end uh. That multiplier would only be half have to be as half as long, which means that uh you could.

Actually. You could actually make 120 volt one by by this by using basically a couple of these modules in here uh, because the uh the multiplier, although they call it multiplier each stage, doesn't multiply it. It's not like. 1.

2. 4. 8. 16.

32. It's not a binary multiplication it. Basically, if you get 10 stages, it's like multiplies it by 10. So to speak.

So it's not ideal for i'm, just i'll just find myself with this ozone laced preset. What is it good for the beard? I'm not really sure. Another thing i discovered was the high power resistors i used were one mega go instead of the usual 10 mega wow that stings when you're holding something grounded and you grab the output ow. That gives you quite a snap.

It's quite a lot of capacitors charged up to quite a high voltage and two mega ohm. It turns out, isn't really an awful lot when it comes to that sort of voltage. This is not surprising. I should plug this bag in and i shall grab the buffer and fill it with woofoo juice.

This is the point that uh, when people are viewing this video they'll say: what's he doing? Why is he sitting forward to things? When does he do this? Every saturday, while i've been drinking, i was ever seeing who's that ugly guy. That sounds like big claws, but isn't big cloud because he doesn't fit the mental image i created uh. This is what happens and sandwiches. Oh, no, it's a fireball! That's why i need oven.

Actually, not ozone doesn't get rid of that stuff. Like this it'll oxidize it an ionizer, helps precipitate out. You should see the state of the woodwork around the ionizer over there. It's horrific, very ah eddie's talking about whiskey.

I think rum and peppermint cordy was a thing of all back. That sounds pretty grim, but, having said that, diet, pepsi and absinthe was quite nice. Very aromatic is the best way to describe. It was recently showing someone how some old name indicators won't light in the dark, but when exposed to light, the same thing happens with the older ones that have been in use for quite a time, but they do.

Is it thorium they put in the electrodes? So they're actually slightly radioactively emissive inside the neon lamp uh, so they actually will light in the dark because they kind of needed the avalanche of photons started. Somehow, mr margu, you thought making a woofer woofler with one of those plasma light. I suppose you could, but if that got wet with the soapy bubbles, that might actually stop it working make. You say: is that a question and answer session not sure ask questions.

Now i shall answer. I should get some of their questions. Uh asked a list of them spider top right. Have i got a spider, uh where's, the spider, not sure, there's spiders, there are spiders, it's just spider season.

Yeah! That's why i move the microphone up, because, actually occasionally just for some reason that this is they just love to fall in front of your face or land your head, while you're at the computer? Maybe it's just because i noticed it because suddenly spiders land on you, water subjects is a problem. If i watch one, you should watch on the throne. If you wish relax in the toilet enjoy the stream, you could 3d print a little uh cup holder for the next to the toilet. That's what they need.

Toilet paper and drink holder, i'm going to 3d print, probably a little holder for this. So i can then, once i've decided i'm going to put it, which is more or less there because it fits everywhere. It does this uh stream connection, because uh, if you can see that unit dangling you can, then the camera can see it, which is the main thing it. It can actually get its connection, but i'll probably put a bracket that sticks out from the wall.

A wee bit use a stun gun module electron boxer. Stun gun modules are not so great for lighting things because they're quite sharp spikes, not a sustained ark. I tried lighting an oxy acetylene torch at work with a stun gun i well. I gave the stun gun to uh one of the refrigeration engineers and he managed to bridge one end of the stun gun onto his gas torch and it arched through the trigger of the stun gun and gave him an electric shock instead.

But it didn't light it now. An all metal woofer mark pit would be very nice, but quite involved uh machining. You can sometimes hear the spiders farting this channel. It's uh, i love man spiders, they fart a lot major flatulence, very bad diet, er! No, we don't eat or drink in the house, says, fill in the kitchen.

It's sanitary liquid, you know it's fine, it's got ethanol in it and you spend so long. They are just reading or using your phone. Then you use your phone at the table while you're eating. Oh no hygiene problem, beardie guy tries a bark shock collar.

I think uh that will be the epic beard. Guy thing, i think i've seen that it's helped greatly by the fact he has a beard and overdoes it and then the fact is. Mum is very upset afterwards that it's sustained it's when he's trying to make the woof noises and gets the to actually trigger the the bark activated thing and then once he's laughing, everybody else is laughing. It just keeps going off continually.

How about you keep a 2kv capacitor from discharge across a resistor until charged to a certain degree, matt hilscher, you mean charge up to about 2kv uh or just keep it at a level of 2kv by shunting, or only when it exceeds a certain level triggering it. You need fairly decent bit of circuitry for that even on the in indicator. Lamp would trigger about 100 volts. You could use a chain of them uh, but you'd have to limit the current, but it'd be better using maybe some divider, but then it's quite complex, because if it was a low current, you were charging the 2kv capacitor with then any sense.

Current for voltage monitoring such could actually discharge the capacitor star delta on the cheap rum tonight i am, we just blame it in the dog around here. Aha, have you had a chance to make chips yet mark pitt, says brian richard down strange. I was only reading about thermal runaway and 3d printer gesture and i couldn't work out why there was no thermistor in situ to avoid it. It's the thermistor in the head, sometimes pops out or something crashes or something a thermal fuse in the head would make sense.

Oh, i can see we fly in here. Maybe the spiders are needed. After all, have i closed this window hold on slight oversight? The window is still open, so uh any sort of illumination will have been attracting flies in, ah, oh matt hill sure slow inverter charge. Let it charge two kv without the resistor, but with an incident resistor don't discharge until at least 500 to a thousand volts spoiler.

The resistor is a large insect. You know, one thing could be used to cap it. Oh, that's tricky, just capping it because i, i suppose you could use a divider and a mosfet, really high resistance, divider and a mosfet with maybe some couple leds across the gate to stop it being over volt in its gate and then, as that mosfet turned on You could have a discharge. Resistor then just drag that down a little bit until the mosfet turned back off again: chips, equal swerf, all right, okay, oh you, machinists, and your technical terms.

Thermal fuses only go to about 240 degrees. So i suppose you could have uh. Well, 240 degrees is pretty good for uh. What do i put a high print at i've forgotten now? No, it must be in the 200.

No, that is not great. Is it what about soda? Just a soda link a spring soda on so when it gets too hot if it goes above about 300 degrees celsius, the soda melts and the spring breaks a circuit that could work and you could reset it by re-soldering. The spring, oh mike, says any universal tips for figuring out resistance or capacitance of a blue and smd ceramic cap or resistor on a board in those schematics. Oh, you kind of have to reverse engineer or look for it.

It depends if there's lots of identical sections. Circuitry, you can look at the other ones and see the components are most likely to be. If there's not - and you don't have another unit, then you're going to have to try and reverse engineer, circuitry and work out what value that could have been gets a bit complicated there and if, let's use a 500 volt gdt gas discharge tube, that's fireball. But it's going to do trigger as a series of spikes to discharge it you'd have to maybe use a few in series like a row of neon tubes.

Biometallic strip could work, not sure that was using old tvs. A lot clav. Oh okay, chipmunk there are thermistors in the printhead. I think i read that bit earlier on.

It's nobody's chatting. It's gone very quiet, there's about 140 at the moment, which is all right actually for a typical patreon stream. Ah, that's a point for bear. Also has if you can find the data sheet on the chip involved, then you can usually work out what component they'd used, because they usually have a suggested schematic in it.

Someone mentioned that recently they were. They used trial and error error to find a inductor value, but in reality, the data sheet for that chip suggested inductor value of 10 micro henry, which is a good start breeze standard, bring me some beer to work some jobs. You are allowed to drink beer, important jobs before where they don't discourage it, but they don't really encourage it either and uh they. You know you if you get drunk, then that's not gon na work very well.

So it's in moderation, particularly in other european countries, where germany, where beer is standard and italy where wine and french, the france, where wine is calmly drunk with meals, but they don't eat it in the sort of getting pissed type of way. They just have a glass of wine with their meal. What did you have to eat today, clive lassie? What did i have to eat today? I had a burger before i started a chicken burger and earlier on, wanted to have a very small portion of ribs at a local supermarket. All over indulgent food, ralph generously gave me some vegan broccoli, uh crisp, treats which uh i said.

Okay, they look quite interesting. He said why don't you open them now and then i can have some too so i opened them and he helped himself to something i could immediately smell. It was like that really rank smell of oil when it goes off and then you could see the expression. Oh and then they went the bin, they were not a broccoli treat, they were a broccoli disappointment with anything i told him to go and get himself some quavers, just as compensation chef used to get a sweat pine and the military used to have their ration, but Not obviously, when they're in in military activity says, i used to drink a beer at lunch at my last job, beauty, town, but the boss found out and got angry, even though our work was fine.

Uh, that's a sort of yeah. It's a tricky area in certain areas of the entertainment industry. The pressure uh of the job is so high that people sometimes have a beer or two before they do a show just because it chills them out. It makes them more relaxed.

I can think of a few control system operators who they're just they're not doing anything like they're, not getting involved in poking about electrical stuff around that they're just doing the control from desks and they're, so much more relaxed, and this show is much smoother when they've Had a tipple, because it's just unfortunately, just there's a lot of pressure when things this happen, not that i'm endorsing a feeling. I need to see that for no good reason, not that i endorse drinking at all. Was that even a full measure? I don't think that was a full measure. It's what came out there is the last remnant i shall top up from later on.

What is my choice of rum today? It's the horrible label navy rum from the co-op. It's fine rum, but their labels are absolutely you. Can buy the more upmarket version? That's got a different label. I probably couldn't tell the difference.

Maybe the manx beard club needs to do a rum test. Can you tell the difference between rums? Certainly, the uh the genuine showed that the cheapest gins were the ones we thought were best and vice versa. However, working on things like overhead lines, i wouldn't recommend drinking or any job or evolving with electrical stuff, not not just because uh, not just because it could cause an instant, but because health and safety would just have an absolute field day. Because that's what they're like they just don't understand that some people are relaxed at work.

Tony weavers, you do love the co-op clive, there's only two supermarket choices here. Where i live shoprite and co-op, you can choose one or the other diy. Oh, i had another question back: when did the steel video got me thinking? I sorted out five bucks because that's how my colored skirt was there were and made into vodka for each color. Oh, that's reasonable enough.

It always tends to be a bit overpowering. If you look at the cures, they're actually quite well diluted, they're much lower alcohol than uh than pure vodka. I wonder if you think the flavor would transfer over. Oh i'm not sure it would leave the sugar behind, but some of the flavoring might go across.

Moonwalk dreamer, i quit drinking a year and a half ago, but i do enjoy watching you all right. Okay, i shall drink on your behalf. Then, oh mike cohen, says hi clive. This stream is a great treat given our tested poster for the plague last night, despite getting the shot thanks.

The thing about people who then subsequently contract covet is that the symptoms much less likely to be as severe um, because your body's got a fighting chance. It's already primed to fight against it. I do wonder, though um i do wonder, given that uh the pfizer virus needs to be kept absolutely like cryogenic temperatures. Would they would they if they screwed up and they let it get too hot? Would they just chill it again say? Oh i'm sure it'll be all right in the fridge and have people being inoculated.

The virus that has maybe been damaged by being allowed to defrost, who knows er lost a gun, says i was the owner doing the island. The rona is doing really well on the island. Unfortunately, they've basically they've said we can't afford to do this. Crap anymore and they've just unleashed and nebby's saying: well, that's a rubbish government for you when, in reality those are probably the same people that are not getting vaccinations and and just going out and doing lockdowns and visiting their family and just being defined.

What can you do? Humans, human nature? They've walked back how cold it has to be kept all right. Okay, gas, masher, that's so useful. Pfizer jabs can be kept in order fridge for a week or a fridge for a week. Not some prime might be a special fridge.

Oh, they have relax the refrigeration requirement mike cohen, says: yes, symptoms are fairly mild, mostly plugged sinuses. Well, i've actually. Are you sure it's that? Because i've got a bit, i've had blocks of ears and nose, but that's possibly my own doing through my dangerous ozone. Experimentations sounds like albert and then use the same playbook martin cage.

There is a point that you can go so far and say they could have nipped this on the butt if they'd said ebb to stay at home for two weeks and they'd actually done it, but people were always defiant, um and there's a point you just have To say: well, we've done we can it's going to go on forever. You know, we've done our best boom. There you go matson brown says i had the one shot, johnson and johnson jab in france. All right.

Okay, mark grief says yeah. The delta variant can have more code-like symptoms. It can also be confused with heavy which you get. The thing is, do you remember were young at school? I don't know if maybe you didn't, maybe it's different uh, but at school we used to get a sugar lump with a vaccine for polio and we also used to get the tetanus injection in the arm and it leaves this at a mark.

They just i think, it's the one that actually blows it through the skin or something like that, because it's just easier to give to kids, not sure but um. I suppose that's you primed more or less for life. There are booster shots given later on things like that, but this covered one. It's going to effectively give a pattern for similar looking virus patterns.

That's going to give the body to something to target. I don't know how widespread i don't know how much extra coverage that's going to give in the future. Who knows? Oh bcg, equal 10 needles? Oh god! No, don't know, i don't actually know what it was kenneth. Was it tb tuberculosis rather than tetanus? I really don't know i just remember getting it and being a bit worried about at the time.

Such things go in your mind. Take your into a surgical environment. Then stab your arm as a small child. It's thrilling! Ah, it's the oh it's the is it mesa.

Mumps and rubella bcg. Why is that kind of? I couldn't tell you everything. Bcg was a test. If you've got the bump, you did not need the vaccine.

That's right! That's all very odd. You think back to the original vaccine. That was pretty interesting. It was a who was it lister who who vent the original vaccine, but he noticed that uh of all the people dying of the pox uh, the milkmaids weren't, getting it because they'd developed cowpox, another variant of the virus and it basically given them it inoculated them Effectively, naturally - and he realized this - and that by giving people a dose of cow, pox uh, which was partly used to get it, made them immune to the other virus, the pox, whatever sounds so old-fashioned, then again, look what went on in the past.

Lister was antiseptic. Oh, and it was that antibiotics room, i think, was something that was the cheesy sandwich or something. How do we know this actually happened, they're, not just making it up, they may just be evolving it lister of red dwarf. Indeed, but quite a radical breakthrough.

Lister also did good diesel engines, indeed newer car that may be a different lister, but who knows jenner invented inoculation, all right, penicillin, louis, pasteur or okay, but you think, can you just eat blue cheese, then or blue mold off a piece of bread and get inoculated? Where we'll get does that work as antibiotics, i don't think it does quite as well. I don't know i suppose, anything's better than nothing if you're in the middle of nowhere and things have gone wrong, there's been an apocalypse ah brian's saying. Let me imagine people picking piece of dna out of soup and stick it in little lipid bubbles. It's quite complex, actually the modern vaccines.

It really is very odd. They used to use moldy bread in world war, one, i suppose, ultimately we're using whatever they had. The time is approaching to unleash the stream, but will it actually work and is this going to see the viewing figures? Absolutely rock it up? I'm not really sure. Let me just go to the that authoring uh the slight pause.

As i look at my computer here, the dog speedometer it says hold on: let's do the analytics. It's it's very helpful analytics it's at the moment. It's saying none of your videos are doing very well. Your channel is, you have to do better.

No, it's not uh, it's not doing terribly big, it's not giving me the usual. It usually says things like your video is doing terribly and it is performing lower than normal. It doesn't really matter. It's quite a specialist video.

We found this: did you notice that great scott posted uh a comment recently in his channel that he was saying you know it's been demoralized? I put so much work into this video and like hardly i'm just watching. The answer is the more technical. It is the less people it appeals to that's just the power of youtube. Let me go back here.

I can't see any comments at the moment. That's fine i'll see them in a moment. You could be seeing terrible things in the comments, so i'm going to go to live and i'm going to get ready and then i'll change it i'll change it now, because it's just it's! Oh no, actually, i know i'll change it. Now, let's go to public and publish that is that going to actually make it public right now, probably it is we'll see what happens we'll see if the numbers suddenly shoot up.

I've never tried this before. Ah david. You know. I understand that completely i've been trying to make videos for 13 years.

The uh the recipe is to be a boring fart that can just talk about technical stuff, oh you're, just so boring, because all you do is talk about technical stuff, ozone, ozone, ozone led light bulbs and then, if you can engage in conversation for a long time Without stalling that's the secret and also having a good personality is useful. Let me think personalities will electro boom. Ave are very good examples of personalities. Can we get a wiffle cheesy chicken gran says you can get a woofle when it reaches wiffle time, but the moment it's jugger minion time? Yes, it's probably the channel homebreed.

I can see under subs. Now the numbers are creeping up. This uh this uh. If you're wondering why you haven't, if you're just joining the stream - and you wonder why it's not been visible the first hour of the stream well, the first 55 minutes actually because start at five minutes past was a patron only just to do some experiments and test.

Now the patrons are going to get bored because i'm going to feature some things. I've already covered, i'm going to be like. Oh look at my mango rooter and things like that and show gadgets, but i am going to be unboxing. It's going to be like unbox therapy, except it really is on box tragedy.

This thing: it's the chinese item. You can buy off ebay right now that will literally shred your body into pieces and spray blood all over the walls. People are going to hurt themselves of this. I hope so anyway, because well not.

I don't want them to hurt themselves, but i hope it lives up to my deep expectations for a dangerous item. Greetings zap, sparky you're, not a cheapskate at all. Do you ever rewind to see if anything naughty happened? Nothing naughty happened. It's a it's a nice stream, because this isn't the main channel.

You may notice, and therefore i can't say things i can't the conversation can't go into sex and bad dragon toys and yiffing and things all these weird things that just happen in our channel for no explicable reason. Also right now i'm alienating lots of people because they're so used to hearing my voice and just only seeing the hands that now they're. Seeing me as i look and they're saying well, quite frankly, big clive does not look like i expected. He looks like a redneck jailbait and sounds like a bbc presenter.

Oh accidental cap lock says mouse. Did someone accidentally cap locked, that's fine! Oh, it was an accidental cat lock. It's very stylish, though mouse clive you've got to bring your main channel out to the closet. Indeed, brian um, but for those who don't realize well i'll, wait till it builds up a bit.

It's it's slowly, gaining momentum! Now it's been unreached uh i'll talk about the other channel, but you know it's it's mentioned in the description that it's not to everybody's taste. Not everybody wants to partake of liquor and talk drunkenly in a pub which is basically what happens in the saturday stream. As long as you do not sound like any of our politicians run it, it would be hard to. I just i hate politicians.

I need one of those flash and green badges says tom kirkland. You may be able to get one, because a mouse who makes them is actually here is a super computer badge. He also makes the micro super computer, which is a scaled down version of the big one, but with the virtually same number of leds, i shall advertise these oh hold on. I know what to do here.

I know what to do uh, even though he's too modest to do this. Oh furby or says it's huge. Romania is here i mean hello, humans, seagal um mouse hold on. If i make math ah moderator in this channel, because mouse wasn't a moderator in this channel, mouse can actually provide a link to his shop himself if he wishes, because otherwise i'd have to hunt for it.

I mean i could find it is that has that fly. There's a fly flying about because i left the window, but here is the mini: supercomputer i'll hold it at the right. We have uh the mini computer uh. It's very nice, very cryptic, creates complex patterns all the time and runs merlith himself for well.

How long been running this we've run this for quite a lot of streams, this this badge isn't its original batteries. If anything, the rechargeable battery didn't do as well. Oh i've just caused a mini avalanche of american cream soda. Ah james wood says you can tell the updates went out late stream jumped from like 200 to 400 in about 30 seconds.

All right. Does it jump well, keep in mind the original number of stream that was originally unlisted. It was patreon before for an hour. Why? Thank you lana.

My beard is fabulous. It looks a bit it's. It evolves over time. It started off the little plumes of white and they're getting bigger.

The ginger is receding over time, it's time for a yogurt union to all the channel subscribers who haven't yet discovered that there is actually a live stream channel and possibly never even seen me either to the subscribers and unsubscribe the viewers of the channel um. Just in case you're trying to leave chat and it's not working, it's got us of anti-spam thing enabled at the moment that you have to be subscribed to leave. This doesn't attempt to get people to subscribe. You have to be subscribed to comment in the chat.

It just keeps the spam bots out uh, although having said that, if you do subscribe now, you'll be able to leave comments in the chat in five minutes, which is probably what the spam bots will do. Why thank you, robert martin, much appreciated to the chain of yours that was jagermeister. This is jaeger minion and yes, the yugamine drawers glasses. Do for those not used to the com, the normal streams.

They do go into a special 3d printed rack in the component, cabin, which is probably a terrible idea. It was a terrible idea when the manx beard club invaded thank you black corvo same glass, things latest video. I have not, but i want to see it now, that it's uh, the nixie tube, the big nixie tube, sounds very pleasing. Indeed, bunga the bear you've bunga the bear.

This is the non-rude channel. I can't even respond to your your attempts to get solicitation of filth, because this is the nice technical channel, socks, lamps, wheelchair user. I have a sock slap here. It's not a very new one, though um i could do some of those nice tall ones that uh that photonic induction has.

Thank you sverer sveinsson. Thank you. Extract the filth. Save your filth up, bungle bear for a for saturday, the proper filth channel thanks you chris.

I am having a wonderful and relaxed evening for some odd reason. I'm just very chilled out it's nothing to do with alcohol. I was up till six this morning, uh after a shower so nice and moist uh standing my underwear working on a high voltage project i'll show you my high voltage project. I had previously made an ionizer project.

The circuit board can be downloaded for this, but it's kind of for european voltages. Unfortunately, but this is being worked on uh. I wanted to see if i could use the voltage multiplier to drive my russian nuclear ozone generator. So i improvised to fit capacitors that didn't quite fit in by stacking them high.

It looks quite stylish quite like this. It looks very futuristic, it's very, very zappy and spiky, but i combined it into the suitable case. So the russian uh nuclear corporation, atmospheric invigorating uh, is now com. It's it was a tight fit to get a hundred nanofarad six sort of vote pastors in there.

I got them onto the circuit board um and then put that on and well i'll plug it in. You can never listen as well the patrons listen to it already in the first part of the stream. I shall plug it in wait for it to gather up. There's a slight pause with the voltron player.

It just seems to build up and get excited and then um ozone refresh i'll. Let you hear it by holding on to the microphone because holding a multi thousand volt device under your delicate microphone is probably a good idea. Yeah i tried this in my bedroom last night. Just a bad idea finished it around about four ish five-ish and then actually had some time on the internet answering comments things as i do.

Are there any online iec electrician course i can take as an american uh. Just ignore the iec: it's nothing to do with uh with uh that you can. You can do online. It's called the 18th edition uk 18th edition electrical.

You can do it as an online course now and you could become certified because uh, it's all gone very, very sloppy. That's normally a provocative subject for me. When i've had a drink, i normally start ranting and telling announcing how i want to strap the directors of the nic, eic and electric chairs and things like that for their de-skilling for profit of the electrical industry. But i won't go there, i'm all calm tonight.

Maybe a couple more drinks now won't be, so can i'm not really sure you just never know? I have oh this is this is a perfect description for it. I have a treat especially for you tonight, because it is a bolter type thing. That's going to be that it is such a delight. I don't know.

Maybe eve has done one of these already arduino versus evil, but uh if he hasn't. This is just perfect for that because uh i say it's a lithium electric tool. It actually comes across as some perverted sex toy for some reason, but the it's not it's. You didn't want to use it for that.

Not unless you you were some freaky masochist, it's a handheld tool that can do lots of injury to you it can. It would be fine for a surgeon, probably wouldn't recommend it. Oh yeah human seagull says 18th edition check their vision. Number they like to see latest revision number for business registrations.

It's just it's it. Doesn't they make money? The iet the institute of electrical technology uh?.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jazz DIRT says:

    Putting in 1 earbud (yellow earprotection thingies) also tends to help with motion sickness.
    I don't really get motion sick (I used to read books in the car going on holiday, my inner ear thingy gave up I think), but I heard from a musician I work with it works. He used to get sick in busses and planes all the time, he doesn't anymore, he just doesn't hear you if you're on the wrong side LOL

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Randy Havard says:

    I knew several people that got covid before they had the vaccine and two didn't feel that bad and the other one didn't know she was sick at all so they can't say it's a vaccine making symptoms less severe because it's not that bad for most people and some people it kills them. Seems like people will believe anything they hear.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Gould says:

    I took an led headband light and cut parts off and taped up… It looks like a chainsaw. Bout the size of 1/4in ratchet. It is flat and flimsy(flexible) I really like it but it requires 3AAA.:( I was thinking of using 2 higher amp ecig rechargeable batts.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Saulino says:

    Hi Clive,
    Enjoy you videos I've two Makita jobsite radios one dab one am fm the fm has display tunes no sound dab nothing on display. The pcb on both don't appear to have damage any suggestions?
    Many Thanks
    Bob the yank

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Holloway says:

    It would never have "gone away" even if everyone in the world complied with a 2 or even 3 week quarantine. The virus would still live in some animals, and would be there waiting once people came back out. There is no future without the virus, it is now a part of life in this world. Get used to it, and do not let your governments milk it any further.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LibC says:

    @Bigclivedotcom Mouses' (sorry I'm really bad with names) mini super computer works great from a small solar panel. I kind of want to mod it but it's such a nice thing I don't want to stark hacking and slashing it. Wouldn't want to be greedy and get two so I've hacked up a little setup and it works great. Pretty much runs the second a semblance of light hits it.

    Hopefully we can persuade him to do a Cray size supercomputer 😀

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Brown says:

    Box-tickers are a monumental pain. Sometimes they can't even agree among themselves.
    Many years ago, a fellow related to me the grief the inspectors gave the place where he worked. The electrical safety inspector insisted that they couldn't use aluminium ladders and only wooden ladders would be acceptable. The workplace safety inspector insisted that wooden ladders weren't strong enough, and only aluminium ladders were allowed.
    In the end, they just waited to find out what inspector was coming around that day, and swapped the ladders around.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A Clam says:

    Have one of the 4" chainsaws , managed to saw my thumb !!! but apart from that batteries seem to be good as far as duration and the thing is very useful as long as you take care !!! it is NOT brushless but does seem to have thermal protection

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tactileslut says:

    Good gravy you run the train systems at 25kV? Do the conductor loss savings justify the costs of insulators, converters, weather-related leakage and spicy-voltage rated installation? SFMUNI runs at 600V, as a light-rail system from an overhead line, and BART with its ten-car heavy trains runs at 1000V from a literal third rail. As far as I know both run on DC and dump some of the braking energy back toward powering other trains where possible.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mason Jones says:

    Well damn my notifications were off I like live videos especially from my favorite YouTubers too much political and covid mumbo jumbo so I've tinkered with electronics and things pertaining to electriciry to keep my mind occupied and away from all the rubbish the world keeps spewing I even recently ran 240v out to my work shed so things are getting fun

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gregory Thomas says:

    Vaping…it is perfectly safe as long as you use a good juice source…preferably pharmaceutical grade materials…and NEVER ANY CHINESE products.
    I mix my own juice which is pretty easy…though because a get my nicotine at ultra high percentage I had to get certified to handle it…most folks will get pre-mixed.
    Have gone from smoking 3.5 packs per day to only 2 cigarettes per day…I've also dropped my nicotine level from 24 mg/ml to 18 mg/ml.
    My doctor has been amazed at my progress…and has confirmed that my health is very much improved by moving to vape…with zero side effects.

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    Fleming isolated Penicillin from the Penicillium mold back in the 1940's. IIRC, it was completely on accident — the mold got into one of his petrie dishes and killed off the culture that he was trying to grow. He was going to throw it out and start over when he went… "Wait a minute…"

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