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Despite the name, Poundland isn't actually a sex shop. It's the UK equivalent of a dollar store.
That said, they do actually sell a range of sex toys in the medicines area.
I saw this on their Valentine's Day display and decided to go back and get one a week later to take apart. The shelf was bare! There was just one left and that was probably because the box had clearly been opened.
The circuitry is OK. It's actually more sophisticated than I was expecting. I can't actually test the units functionality for its intended purpose though, due to my lack of the lady-bits required. But when placed against a hand it does make notable sucking popping noises.
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I don't normally do technical teardowns of sex toys, but when i do they're moist, that's a good way to start. This is a nukey clairol, suction stimulator from poundland uk and despite the name poundland uh, it's sounding like an americanism pound town. It's actually just a dollar store, but the uk version that's based on pounds and they sell things for a pound. This cost a lot more than a pound.

Uh. Oh, it says: get some nukey succumb to pink power with this petite portable stimulator that will tease and please here with its gentle suction action, bringing the ultimate pleasure. I will say that word at some point, but anyway, yes, poundland had uh for valentine's day. I mean they normally stock stuff like this, but for valentine's day they had a whole shelf of stuff.

I'm not sure what valentine's is about, but it's probably not what a poundland's about, because uh the shelf was covered in like flowers and lovely ornate gifts and chocolates, and every sex toy under the sun. This one sold out completely um. There was only one left on the shelf, so therefore it didn't sound completely with the label opened up. This hadn't been used before, but i bought it thinking.

It was going to be interesting because uh it was going, it says, suction. I thought there'll be a vacuum pump in it. No i'm wrong! There's not! Let me shine up. Let me zoom down into this, so you can see it going now i'll take it to bits.

Can you see what's going on down there? Can you see that little thing is undulating up and down? Let's see, there's a button that selects different modes, so that's uh going in down it turns out and uh um. Shamefully, then you hold the button, continue to turn off uh. It turns out that, because i'm not really off the with, i had to look this up online and it says the clitoris is the pleasure center of the vulva. It doesn't have a central role in reproduction like the penis or vagina it pretty much just there to make.

You feel good, it's right under the point where the inner labia meet and form a little hood known as the clitoral hood. So it turns out this thing pushes into a little area of sensitivity and because it's got a vibrating plunger in there. It modulates the pressure and therefore effectively does i suppose, the same as stuffing your finger in it. I guess i'm not really sure it comes with various settings, though, which vary from i'll.

Let you hear them yeah, quite ferocious, and when you put your finger over it, it is a definite popping, suction sensation. You get, but it's not actually a suction pump. Oh, let's turn this off: let's open it is this going to come apart in a dignified manner, probably not well, there's three screws. For a start, let's grab a little screwdriver.

Well, we should thought that through beforehand, i did not think that through beforehand, normally this place is a wash with screwdrivers, but the one i'm looking for in here right now, oh no at one moment, please found it. I did that thing that i suddenly for in some inexplicable reason decided. The screwdriver was a completely different color and therefore i was looking right at it and couldn't see it. Let's get the screws out, there's three here, i'm not sure if all three really need to come off is there going to be some other hidden screw? No there's not there's a little rubbery seal thing.

What's that for is it light spillage from the led or is it to avoid secretion ingress? Ah right, let's go further. Let's take this screw out here and these screws out and see what mechanism it's got. I get the feeling it's going to be a motor, possibly with a gearbox and a little reciprocating cam. It doesn't seem that sophisticated a lot simpler than i was expecting almost disappointing because i was hoping there's gon na be some sort of vacuum pump.

But then again, probably just cause huge hemorrhaging if they actually use that it is literally it's a motor with a grease on it and it's going to go up and down it's going to. Basically, as it rotates because it's a direct drive, then a direct drive label stimulator, all it's doing is pushing that little rubber suction cup up and down. Well, that's very minimalist: let's take a look at the control pcb now because it does have that functionality. So it's kind of a little microcontroller.

I wonder if it's given that uh many toys uh have similar functionality. I wonder if they've got a dedicated toy chip. Well, there's a microcontroller uh. There's the battery supplies that little regulator a boost circuit, i'm not really sure and there's a transistor for the output with the protection diode right.

Tell you what let's take a closer look at this one moment please and it's time for the happy ending interesting circuit. Quite unusual, actually quite a good circuit. It has a few remnants from previous designs, so i'll show you both sides of the circuit board. First of all, this is the main component side.

This is the one we're going to be exploring most, but if you want to see the other side it's here all that's on, it is the switch and two leds and two resistors and a few links to actually spread power across the board and a massive ground Plane, so this is quite unusual. It starts by coming in the positive comes in goes through well, it says, fuse, there's a zero ohm link. Maybe the left diffuse an option, there's also a missing diode, which would potentially probably have shunted that out to actually blow the fuse if the bat should be put in the wrong way round, which is kind of a terminal way to do things. There's a little inductor here and a little e36f boost regulator here that then, in conjunction with this shortcut diode and this capacitor forms a 3.6 volt power supply, the clue is e3 that then powers the chip, but it doesn't do it directly.

It goes via another inductor to the capacitor just to provide filtering for the chip to avoid any of the noise from the motor causing problems. Uh there's a 100k resistor across the 3.6 volt to ground rail, the zero volt rail simply to discharge the rail quickly and provide good, clean processor reset. Then a couple of components says this: capacitor is tied to a random pin in the chip. Maybe timing, i'm not sure, as is this resistor and possibly a built-in oscillator function, a couple of resistors going over to the mosfet that to turn it on when the mosfet is turned on it switches the motor on the motor's permanently tied to the positive it pulls.

It to the zero volt rail, but there's also a capacitor and a shortcut diode across it for filtering reasons. That is fundamentally it right schematic. Let's grab the schematic and take a look here. It is i shall zoom closer such that we may have maximum suction measurement.

Here's the battery just two aaa cells, three volts, there's the kind of fusible zero ohm link. There's the inductor there's this cute little e36f boost circuit, which pulls the inductor to the zero volt rail and then goes through the shortcut diode, and it then monitors the output to actually make sure that it cycles on and off to the correct level for 3.6 volts. Then there's a local capacitor to that there's 100k resistor across that whole power. Rail! That's! The purpose of that is just to make sure that when you turn the power off, the voltage drops quickly and provides a nice clean, microcontroller reset.

I had issues with that in the past with early designs, where, if the, if you didn't, have a resistor to shunt the load, the microcontroller would not do a clean reset, because the voltage would gradually go lower and lower. But it would hold all its memory settings that provides a nice, a quick pull down to the zero volts to actually make sure that's a solid reset, the two leds, each of their own resistor 330 ohm, going to the microcontroller. There's the push button to the microcontroller for controlling the modes of measurement and there's the mysterious 36k resistor and capacitor that may be part of either a reset circuit or the timing circuit they're not coupled to each other. I thought they might have been bridged each other.

Then, rather unusually, the mosfet, which is our classic our favorite a2shb, one of my favorite mosfets ever tiny packs a punch. It has a 36k resistor going from the microcontroller to turn on, but unfortunately, there's also the 36k down to the zero volt rail, which means it's getting half the 3.6 volts about 1.8 to actually uh turn the mosfet. You usually want the highest voltage possible, so if they were wanting to just go for all the same value, resistors i'd have say, maybe choose the 100k they've used here. Put that there in place this one that would have given a slightly higher voltage.

Ideally, i'd have wanted something lower like a 10k with 100k here, just so to get the maximum voltage to turn on solidly. There is the undulatory motor that causes the suction measurement and across it is a schottky diode to clip any back emf. Spikes and the mosfet turns off, because it's actually positive modulating this, and also a capacitor here, just to also take off any sharp spikes and noise that could possibly interfere will cause interference and also cause problems with the microcontroller, and that is it. I am tempted to do one more thing: stick an led across the output of that little control, module and uh see how visually it looks.

If we actually look press the button with an led and place the motor, i shall do that one moment please, the temporary hack has been done. I will not be dimming the lights now. Warn you. This is extremely strobe, but i'm points to point at the bench.

So it's only a small area: that's flickering! It's also intermodulating quite badly with the camera frame. Speed. However uh. It's a is just a basic, repulsive modulation at very low frequency.

Let me demonstrate this, so you turn it on and it's very strobe initially um, it's looking slower on the camera, i'm not sure it will come out and you can actually see the rolling shutter effect as when you press the buttons. That's the first setting. Second, three: four: five: six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. It seems to be more or less static.

And then, as you continue, it basically goes: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and then back to one the lowest setting. And if you hold it, it goes off, so it doesn't seem to have any fancy things if you saw ramping up down, that's purely an intermodulation with the frame frequency. So that is a that. Is it's a simple.

It's a nice enough! Little circuit. It basically uses very low frequency pulse modulation, which probably suits uh this type of motor better than the high speed pulse and variation. I've never had luck with high speed, pulse and modulation, so maybe they're onto something here by using the low frequency. It also means that the software is actually a lot simpler and they can potentially use a fairly low clock frequency in the processor, but that is it, that is your suction stimulator device.

It's a motor, it's a microcontroller, a boost circuit for purely the microcontroller power, but the three volts goes directly out to the motor and it just gives pulsive modulation over several speeds.

14 thoughts on “Poundland lady-toy teardown with schematic”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kentuckyken says:

    You hope that was grease in there.
    Heck I see'd 'ol Bertha use a thing that worked just like that but it had a long handle on it , I think they call it a toilet plunger … either that or a butter churn paddle.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matambale says:

    I've not heard of a clitoris referred to as a "hmmhmm" but I'm using that from now on, rest assured.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RustyTube says:

    Don’t feel bad. In America the things sold at Dollar General also cost more than a dollar. And they have never been able to answer the question I always ask them, “How many stars does a dollar general have?”

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C S ~ [Duke of Ramble] says:

    Guys can also play with Lady's Toys, and still have fun! Although, a different frequency is ideal, since there's much more fleshy fleshy it has to vibrate through, and we got completely shafted (pun intended) on the density of the nerve cluster so it takes much more oomph to stimulate lol

    Granted, in not sure how effective THIS toy would be given its 'undulating' motion…
    (Today I Learned: while it's pronounced "unjoolating", it's spelled with a D instead of a J… Funny, I knew the word but never the spelling! lmao)

    EDIT: "And if you hold it, it goes off"
    Gosh… That'd be so much better than the traditional process for guys, AMIRITE?! 🤣😛
    Alright alright, I'll see myself out…

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Uhrwerk Klockwerx says:

    Been a minute since you've torn one of these 'specialty' items apart. Would like to see another electro-bum-stimulator teardown and "testing" (that was hilarious)

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Obsolete But Neat says:

    I don't care about the teardown.

    I want to see the video of you buying it in the shop.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Jurena says:

    Why do men have nipples? Analog differentiation begins long after the organs form. Gonads decend on response to most cases. Back to topic, the clitoris is the female analog tissue to the penis..complete with erectile tissue.
    Hormone issues are one of the most poorly understood portion of biochem. Built of cholesterol, might the widespread use of cholesterol control medicines be of great harm?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hempbear says:

    "…dedicated…toy chip…"
    It's never too late to start an adult toy ASIC factory

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rowan Atkinson says:

    You guys definitely have wayyyyy better selection of cheap Chinese goods in your Dollar stores/Pound stores across the pond. I honestly wouldn't trust anything electronic from a dollar store in Canada unless its ultra simple things like flashlights, extension cords or headphones.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jhonbus says:

    My wife has one of these (well, a fancier version) and it broke down because the batteries had leaked and corroded the contacts, so I was tasked with repairing it.
    It was quite interesting inside, although let's say the "secretion ingress protection" wasn't very effective. I think that seal is to just keep the light from the LED to where the button is so the whole case doesn't light up.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Randy Carter says:

    That is a fuse! They have series of SMT fuses that look like resistors. They have a single letter that indicates the amperage. I use to have a complete chart of letter to amperage conversions. Of course there was no standard so different manufacturers had different codes. That one is an O (oh) rating not zero.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Renn Ex Machina says:

    Well, I was just sure that when you held down on the on/off switch that thing was going to go into SOS mode. 🤣 Cheers! 🍻

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mijc Osis says:

    OMG Clive i'm dying. I've known a LOT of gay men, worked in my share of gay clubs, but you my friend really are the gayest of the big gay bears <3

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars silmarian says:

    My wife and I (both ladies) enjoyed this far more than we prehaps should have.

    Gonna say that an actual vacuum pump would be a little intense for most women.

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