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Despite the shipping issues, Poundland has started selling some new and interesting Halloween stuff. The strobe is back with new circuitry and there's a very nice twist to the illuminated pumpkins and skulls.
Slight circuit correction. The inductors in the solar lights are 270uH and not 470uH. This is a good compromise value between intensity and run-time.
I've added an openscad script at the bottom of this description for a simple 2" (50mm) high base for putting the solar pumpkin and skull lights on your windowsill.
The antique solar globe needs some work, but is a good starting point for a custom light.
The strobe is worth buying just as a good case with customisable LED panel and integrated 3 AA battery pack. For use as an outdoor light it could be placed in a clear bag for waterproofing if needed.
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This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.
Openscad script for a windowsill base for the solar Halloween lights is down below.
//Window stand for Halloween solar lights
//tapered base disk
cylinder(h=3, d1=50,d2=44);
//main pillar
cylinder(h=50, d=20.5);
//transition taper
//internal cylinder hole

Poundland actually has some new lights this year. I think these are new. I've not seen these particular ones before the strobe light isn't new in the concept, but this is a new version of different circuitry, which is quite odd. It's the most basic.

Yet i'm also going to include this as the halloween stuff. It's a little solar powered, uh, antique light bulb, but it cheats. Let's start with the antique light bulb. Let's start with everything just by turning the light off too i'll turn the antique light bulb on cheats.

This tries to create the effect of the zigzaggy filaments with etched plastic. Well, i think it's molded in, but it's only molded in one side it doesn't seem that great, i think it uh could do with uh improvement right. Tell you what i shall screw this back in here and i shall take the exposure off and turn the light off, we'll see what they look like. Okay, the pumpkin has not lit up uh-oh.

That's probably because i pulled the little rip tab out hold on. I'm gon na smack the pumpkin under the table. I've just done it. Oh there we go there we go.

It is just the battery connection, that's not bad uh! This is it showing much? It's not really showing up. It's not really showing this of etched filament effect. At all, is it you'll get a slight daughter light at the bottom, but i get the feeling this could be improved right, say what watch your eyes and bringing the light back. So one good thing about this little light is: it does have a warm high led in it, this being it caps off it's the usual circuit, but that's actually it's not a bad worm.

It's quite a golden warm white and that, coupled with the sort of smoky glass, does give it that vintage look. It has potential. I almost wonder if you just put a little stem in this just to create the sort of the straight filament down. It would look good.

I might try that later. These were a big surprise. I saw them in the stand. I thought oh they're, just those sticks of the double a or triple a batteries in them.

No, these are solar powered. That is just amazing. That is really nice because it means that instead of you know just you know putting the batteries in and you know they run down over a period of time, it's nice that these are going to be something you could stick in the window. They just come off.

The little base like this, you put them on your own little base, maybe 3d print a base just out the window, and it's going to be just a quite quite nice little ornament uh, the illumination is pretty good. There is a little uh rip tab that you pull out to start off, with the reason that pumpkin didn't like there theirs, because i jammed this big piece of plastic instead, because someone in the shop had ripped the tab out to see what they were like. So, let's investigate these, let's open one! Is this held together with screws or is it glued, i'm not sure hey? What about the pumpkin? The pumpkin has screws, let's undo those and we'll see what the modules like inside, because it looks quite interesting. It's quite nice that the if the water lands in this it's going to theoretically shed off to the side, does the little moat thing that they sometimes have.

I think it does have that little uh line around it that actually stops the uh electrolytic corrosion going in too far in these cells it'll be using the fairly standard sort of stuff. I see what looks like little pins here that are. This is gon na be jammed together. This is where i break it, but i'll try not to break it, because i quite like it.

So i'm going to just put this down here and gently ease it, i'm breaking! Oh, no there. It goes. Oh that's quite interesting. All right, let's take some more screws out, let's see what a battery is and what a contact is.

It's got the potential for uh changing the led color, though cold fight in this instance is just a fairly generic color for a lighting, the plastic. Oh, it's got a fairly decent little cell in it. I don't think the capacity of the cell big, that's where it was made of connection, because i jammed a bit of plastic in there that just obviously just bent it back enough. It wasn't quite make a connection.

So uh, what size is this 100 milliamp hour? That's: okay, that's actually better than a average. What's the little inductor on it, it'll be the usual little circuit board. In here i should zoom down in there shouldn't i i should zoom down, because then you'll be able to see it better. I have zoomed into the spooky thing: yeah, it's the usual arrangement led the little classic four pin chip that does all the sort of solar and boosting solar charge control and the inductor is 470 micro henry, which means it's running at quite low current.

So it's going to last for a good length of time. This is good. What's the construction like in here, let's try and uh price this one open. I don't need to price it open, but anyway, this one is just popping open, similar construction.

Yes, it is pretty much the same thing, let's pop this out as well, then i like these, did you notice that i've already said that probably? But i just think it's a nice twist, particularly given it is just a pound, yeah same arrangement, same inductor value. Let's say pop that screw i'll, just take everything to bits here, destroy everything. In this case the white, the cold white led is the perfect color for the skull yeah. I think that's 470 uh micro, henry again yeah, okay yeah.

I like those did. I mention that right what about the strobe light? Here's the creepy strobe light, which is kind of mixture. Here it takes the three double a's, which is nice because i put rechargeables in so it's not going to be as bright as it would be, with fresh alkalines, usual sort of arrangement. It's got the row of five leds in here, and our warning advance is about to flash now initially i'll, just turn it on so it's static initially, so you've got the row of five leds there.

It's not super bright. Having said that, it is just running on there running on the three double a's nickel metal hydride, so it's going to be lower voltage. I'm going to switch this to flashing now, just in case you're sensitive to flashing. But it's not really what you call a strobe is it that is it it's a single speed and it's just a blink.

Okay right, tell you what let us take this to bits? Shall we? Yes, we shall the batteries cost considerably more in the strobe, which i think was two pounds. If you consider it. I've said this in the past about these uh as a sort of it's not waterproof, but as a triple battery and cluster of leds little spotlight. You could customize it change the color of the leds to well warm white or green or whatever you wanted, and you can make a little custom outdoor light and just by changing the resistor, you could uh adjust how much uh battery you know the intensity versus battery Life, you could nudge that ratio that screw is directly underneath one of those springy terminals.

I'm not keen on that, but that's okay! It has come out. Oh yes, it has come out. There is a circuit board. What is on the circuit board? Let's uh pop these screws out, i could see.

Do i need to take this out. I don't think, there's anything on the back, there's nothing in the back of this uh. I should take it off anyway, because there's no harm uh, reverse engineering. This is not going to take that long.

I shall pause and i shall doodle it out. Do i need to do it? I don't know if i need to do it out here: uh the positive from the battery. Let's zoom down in this, the positive from the battery is the blue wire and it's going through a resistor. It's also going to that.

Little chip is one of the connections, but it's going through this resistor to the red, which is the connection, so that resistor is what's going to determine the current through the leds. It is one zero, zero. It's at one, zero. Zero is a multiplier.

It's 10 ohms. The black wire from the battery is going to ultimately have to go to the white lead. So if you switch it one way, it goes straight to the white lead. If you switch it the other way, it goes via the chip to the white lead, and so it effectively just powers.

The chip up by coming via that and the chip is called. I can't read this: it's tiny text, it's very, very tiny text. It's also got flux on it. This strikes me as being just a little blinker chip.

You might find in a you know, there's like flashing armbands and bicycle lights and stuff like that, but it likes it's not multiple function. It's just! Basically, when you power it up it flashes, i still can't read it one and oh, no, i still can't read it. Tell you what i shall. I shall take a note of the number and i'll put it in the description down below uh.

No tell you what i'll just pause momentarily while i look at this and resume. So here is the little battery pack of four uh above three double a cells 4.5 volts. So that's a plus 4.5 volts. That's zero! Volt! The chip is a yn2824.

I did have a look online. It is available from special suppliers in china, but it is not for the likes of us. It looks like it's a really specialist, but all it claims to be a three watt led flasher, which suggests that theoretically can switch an amp. Not sure about that, but if it uses a mosfet that is viable, it's got a 10 ohm resistor from the positive rail goes to leds, and then you can either this switch is a three position.

Switch middle is off if you turn it on it. Just directly. Uh shunts, the leds to the zero volt rail and uh, makes them light up. If you turn it to the flash position.

The current goes via this chip powers. The chip makes it flash the output, which then flashes the leds, all very straightforward, and that is it reasonable enough. As i say, this case is very hackable, you could make your own little uh custom green, foliage lights out of this anyway. That is not bad! I'm quite happy at the stuff they've got in uh.

This has the potential to put a little uh stem in that uh or even i wonder what happened if i actually added what? If i got a knife - and i actually scribed some more lines into this - to actually make it more visual, i don't know if this is going to work. Well, i suppose there's one way to find out, and that is to scribe lines into it. Oh sorry loud squeaky noises, as i scribe lines into it right. Tell you what let's see how that looks, so i shall turn this back on and i shall cover that over.

Is that going to work right too? I shall just give him a moment. I'm going to take the exposure off and then uh turn the light off. Has it worked uh? No, it's done absolutely nothing. So i think to be honest right.

Give me a second i'm going to try something. Hmm, i was hoping a bit heat shrink was going to actually make us of illuminated effect, but it's not really doing an awful lot. Is it? No? I think this needs a bit of work. I suppose you could actually get a string of the little copper wire lights and you could just stuff them down into this globe off this.

It might actually work better or do what i've done in the past and put a little socket in here. So you can actually plug other stuff in or improvise just a cluster of leds of your choice, but that is it uh. I would say: uh just watch your eyes the lights. Coming back, i would say: that's not bad.

Actually, this is promising because it's got an interesting colored case. I do like these little solar powered lights, they'd, look cool in a window uh just if it caught the light during the day, they'd glow at night, particularly because uh the way the light points forward. Actually, projects the face onto a wall uh but uh yeah. It's not bad, i'm quite happy with that stuff.

That is not a bad haul for uh the poundland halloween stuff. That's pretty good!.

11 thoughts on “New Poundland Halloween stuff for 2021”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pat O Mahony says:

    Cheap components for several diy projects.
    1. Stock box section aluminium or PVC with 2 push in end caps to suite.
    Fit reflector , change leds to red (then add 18650 battery and charger circuit, salvaged from local Ecig shop recycle bin)
    Perfect for back of bicycle on dark winter evenings.
    The simple flasher ic perfect fit for flashing lights on rc toys or even to make a direction indicator system for a scooter or bike etc.
    The mind boggles.
    I’m off to investigate my local version of Poundland see what is left.
    FYI lots of stock in these shops gets damaged and basically tossed in the bin and sometimes staff happy to “donate” or sell several damaged for price of one.
    Great source of cheap components thanks to Clive showing us the insides.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M rice says:

    Hi Clive I just recently purchased the pumpkin and scull after your glowing recommendation and have found them useless they need a massive amount of direct sun to charge or they just do not work for more than an hour or if lucky and its hard to find good amounts of sun in the UK in October

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Skyfox says:

    I bought one of those strobe things several years ago. It was blue LEDs and a variable resistor with power switch to give it continuous variability on the flash timing from very slow to very fast. I was hoping to find 555 circuitry inside it, but was disappointed to find just a chip under blob on the board. I suppose it might be a chip die very similar to a 555 under the blob but I have no way of knowing.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars doublehaven says:

    Looks more like a 470 Ohm resistor to me Clive. Those pumpkin and skull lights only last for under an hour after the first discharge. The first time the tab is pulled they last for about 12 hours.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lee Bartholomew says:

    I have a RED strobe that plugs in So it's much brighter and I can set how much the flash goes. but not for outdoors or rather if you know it might rain don't put it out. I do like the fact 1. the spooks are triple A's. I haven't seen much of those on your vids for solar charged items. 2. There is no Switch that messes everything up

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Obadiah Smith says:

    With me having epilepsy I've always wanted to have a strobe and be able to ndhxhhdjdnxnznzsjdjfjjvnvnvnnmak

    Just kidding , trick !!!!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Halvard Skurve says:

    Try putting an unused stick of hot glue on the LED (at the end of the video) You need to drill a hole in the glue stick, for the LED, first. You might also want to fill the drilled hole with heated hot glue, before pressing it onto the LED, for a permanent fit. Try experimenting with different thickness and length of glue stick. I have made "flames" for grave lights from glue slicks, by shaping them with a knife, and smoothing the surface with a hot air gun.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lady Lexy Starwatcher says:

    I thought this was an Ashens poundland video for a second, then heard your voice and was confused. XD The format is pretty similar. Just his is a couch and yours is a bench.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alexander Borsi says:

    The shmoo on the wires coming in from the solar panels is a nice touch. Heck, that is almost worth the price of the back of the 'white' skull. I can imagine a LOT of 'faces' for those.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CoolDudeClem says:

    God I HATE Halloween, I HATE change. If I had my way it would be the same all year round, nothing would change and summer would be forever. I hate Halloween, I Hate Christmas, I hate Fireworks, I hate New Years, and I F**KING HATE WINTER.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jlucasound says:

    Is there a thin, light pipe material that you could shape like the old timey, curly filament and illuminate it with the LED, for the bulb? Or super thin LED strip? Ya, you would have to up the power source (?). Vape lithium battery? 😉

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