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Uh we've got scruffdog, clive usually turns off. Super chat for patreon, says uh scruff dog, it's on at the moment for later on, but don't don't send super chats because uh the patrons already contribute more than enough. So this stream is going to be one of these split streams. It's going to start off with a patron and then it's going to open up to everybody else.

So we'll see how that goes. Ah, so who's here at the chipmunk here, john carr spokeswood echo the husky alley: grinnell spectrum, diy dream mikkel mr pew peter grant liz edwards dan schlagel uh, simeon walker, zack and the jay lee gooder zain to magic, puffer dragon scruff dog. When your scruff dog was here, ta tail saber, uh norman, i think you said ellie grino christian lots everybody's here. So let's start with the traditional sterilization.

The covered sterilization with this very fashionable mechanics leak, tracer wand, that i uh that i got early on in the covered pandemic when it was being sold in ebay as a sterilizing one, i mean sure people could scan. People could scan their beds with it. Just in cases viruses, i think the only thing they'd find is probably glow in the darkish type, secretion type things and patterns nice in space, space-themed blankets, though that's a thing from the past, space-themed, blankets and carpets and ultraviolet amusing arcades used to have these intergalactic carpets. They were dark carpets with uh the fluorescent uh pattern, uh of spaceships and stars.

They were very stylish they're kind of collectible, although the stuff's, not in very good condition these days. But anyway, i have to say remember that this is on the main channel. We should probably try and keep things technical and not talk about such things as bodily, secretions and beds being picked up with antiviral lights. I'm just going to adjust the camera a tiny bit here, just to get it level talking of things like this, if you notice, in the background this uh how clean this looks.

That's because that's about tape, sticking onto the wall right and uh, the wiffles! It turns out they put out quite a lot of suit. Now uh we shall have a jagermenium, i'm not sure who the jaeger minion will be to uh. Who do we drink at the first toaster? Can i have suggestions? The hexagon does look great, it's very stylish. I, like the hexagon um.

I believe that uh evolution has loads of the hexagon pcbs in stock now and as for a mouse mouse just took delivery of a pick-and-place machine for his projects. I think you know uh daniel, says stoma nurses, you know in general. I shall i i would say that medical personnel in general - that's the nurses, the cleaners out in hospitals, um, cheers to the the hospital staff, because they've been going through a pretty bad year with that uh. What's been going on to the hospital staff, particularly pre-vaccine, not good, they were exposed to a lot of risk, so we'll see how mouse gets on with that.

That'll be interesting, quite excited to see what happens. It'll probably be a disaster, but you know what there's no harm. It's going to be one of those learning curve things because it is a a affordable machine, but surprisingly competent. Looking what about us? Pre-Hospital staff for ruby? 88? That's uh! That's included medical personnel, hmm to the bbc, boston 75 000.

Raise really did they give them a raise. That's wonderful! That's uh! Well worth paying for hmm! So let's see uh. Let's see i'm scrolling about i'm looking here so uh. Let's subjects give me subjects to talk about: what can we talk about? What's what's going on recently um? What is going on recently? I'm not sure what did i receive recently i got a.

I got 3d filament recently. I ordered uh. What what petg is it? The the one you can get in a good, transparent one - oh the boss, gave himself a raise. That's quite handy new batman, the mouse computer.

Yes voltage tolerance is the power grid. Are they fluctuating, i'm not really sure volcano and los pumas gav ca? I'm i don't. Watch the news uh, i don't watch anything so i haven't a clue. It's going around the world.

All i know is: what's going on in my small big clive land, peter grant says i need to get around to buying a 3d printer they've, never been more affordable and they're pretty good. So one of the filaments that arrived today was it was supposed to be yellow, but it's not and it was supposed to be the petg and it came blue and it's also what is the name of this stuff, the flexible stuff? I forgot name that it's not something i'd even tpu, it's not something i would have considered ordering before. But you know it's interesting i'd read about these materials being a bit harder to print, but it turns out. It is actually quite well.

My printer deals that, but certainly for these little shapes uh, it's it worked fine and it is flexible. You can squish it. I'm squishing it right now, which means you could actually make it squeeze fit over leds. If you made the little um diffusers on them, that could be interesting.

I shall experiment with that workshop update top end spoonie uh progressing through red tape and paperwork. We'll see what happens the chipmunks talking about the electricity. Yours always seems in the high 240 to 250 volt range. Ours is 240 245.

It is quite high, but i think that's because i'm not fairly close to a substation and there are times in winter when ebby's got heaters on that it does pull down. I think they've compensated by just nudging a wee bit higher in the taps, pinellas's christmas lights in there. This is good in cooper, i'll have to go and take a look for that. I wonder if they make good buttons for the synth would be better than those tiny, painful buttons.

Well, you could adapt buttons if they've got sharp existing sharp buttons. You could, theoretically make custom shape buttons that go into the same housing, but with maybe softer tops a gav kit. What's the story with generator earthing, big and small, that depends on where the generator is uh and the size of the generator and uh and where you are in the world, it's a hugely complex subject, but for a large outdoor generator you theoretically should have. Ideally, a cluster of ground spikes to give it a ground reference, but where the generator is mounted on vehicles on a chassis.

Theoretically, that's isolated from ground uh, but it gets complex. I see some things that uh that make me go: hmm big, huge three-phase generators and multi multi-section carts uh that i think not so sure about that got you in my 5 inch crt tv says device model, that's a a cathode ray tube is quite interesting. Five inch, but it would be i'm thinking five inch phone here, but of course the phone screens tend to be a bit narrower. There is the aspect.

Ratio is completely different. Angus mclean says today's little 20 volt soldering station is a lot going through and a lot against it if you're using it for thermal sensitive stuff cheap enough to have his portable, though takes hakko 900m tips. That's interesting, a generic chinese. Is it low voltage or is it 240 volts? Chris christian saw a thing with 3d printing.

I got into it to show the print he did on vinyl laminate tape and the print got the texture looked very good. That is an interesting, actually printing onto our textured surface, but it would have to be a very finely textured surface. I did notice that when i switched from my old when i delaminated my fl sun q5 printer plate, which had the little nodules all over it and i clamped on a piece of picture frame glass instead, you know the picture frames that it's basically a piece of Board and then there's little clips that hold the glass in the front. So the glass is the smooth edges.

It was an a4 that slid it in clipped it on and - and i noticed at that point that the finish particularly with uh well, particularly when you're printing straight on to like the yoo-hoo stick or whatever it produces a super smooth front. The glass finish varroa base 88. I was disappointed to pound on stock this year. It's been a bit grim this year with the shipping issues and everything the politics.

It's been very political, i'm catching up here. Hmm cats are clever, yes, they are, but some can be. Quite dumb at times but fun, the chipmunk peter harkin, says hvac that says hvac overtime. If th, if that's what you're talking about, they will be broadcasting tomorrow.

If you're in america it'll be late in the evening, i think if you're in the uk, it will be about 2 a.m, that they start they discuss, hvac and heating, and boilers and the technology controlling them and pressures. It's quite interesting in its own right. As a subject, sometimes they wander off topic and then it goes all a bit rude at times as well. This is what happens in live streams, particularly when technical people are involved and particularly when they are partaking of liquor, which i have not done yet.

That will happen later, but i won't be going too far. The the ridge streams and the drunken streams are for uh saturdays farobe says we are lucky to have a poundland on a retail park, so no precincts needed all right. Oh, it's one of those big huge retail products, yeah there's some of them in edinburgh as well. I think they usually talk poop within five minutes.

The chipmunk chris usually talks poop within five minutes, his poop excapades. Let's not go there, that's for hvac over time to discuss, but it's quite funny the real drunken streams are for patreon norman. Is it patching or patron it doesn't really matter? It's not a real word anyway. Is it really? I never know which way to sit spectrum.

Diy says i managed to successfully prove that skittles vodka and it tastes really good with blended pineapple and a bit of mango. Very, i always found these uh vodkas. Where you dissolve sweets, it was actually overpowering because it was it's about twice the alcohol strength of a normal uh thing. Oh this one though benedictine is forty percent.

Oh, what's the other one. That's just like a drinks cabinet under here just looks so suspicious. This one is twenty percent for a pink grapefruit uh gin, liqueur, huge quantities of sugar that are very drunk streams, manx meetups peter stevens, it's ah patreon ian cooper. That sounds about right to me.

Patreon, oh, do i say patreon? Oh, i don't know pat tess. So is patreon: okay, uh yeah, the the guys at the max beard club they they're used to drinking everything drinks. Now a man, it's what happens. Spectrum diy did, concentrate it and then go back down to 45 percent.

The flavor's good you destroyed disturbed. So didn't the sugar get left behind, i'm not sure hmm partytron allegrinol says oh varubi says i'm still learned by the growing adult at tesco yesterday told me: he'd never used a mop before and needed some help to work it. My my weakness with these things. You know those uh sponge things that the handle of the mop you dip it and then you lever the handle over and it squeezes it.

I have such a bad habit of snapping the handles off those it's just like squeak, a bit more water out and then it's off i've broken quite a lot of them. Google translates voice picture, calls it patreon or okay, but then it's an arch enemy of google. So maybe they're just lying. Who knows? I doubt it what's this one thing i have seen, the news is the antitrust thing the european government or whatever is doing against uh google for including the play store on android.

It's like well, android doesn't really work very well without the play store, because where else would you get your apps uh? What else was it the the chrome? It includes chrome and the search bar, and it's like yeah, that's correct. It's like in the same way that candy usually involves sugar. That's correct, i think they're. Just maybe this is how the european union makes its money.

It just gives billion pound fines. It's actually a lot of money hold on. Let's find out what they're doing. What's the pcb in the sticker wall, it is a it's to cover where i pulled something else off and it just basically ripped off half the paint but the sticker.

The pcb is a my rgb knob controller. It was just the right size and it looks electronic. Doesn't it so, let's see how much are uh the eu, let's go android and to trust, never trust the androids. It's a five billion fine that the european union union wants to give them five billion uh and once again, i think this has been done by people who don't understand technology and and when they said well, what about apple with the apple store? Because then, ultimately, you have to get your apps from that.

They said. Oh apple's, nothing, it's we're only after google, so i don't think uh yeah. I wish i wish they'd just go and ram it up them. Quite frankly, useless inbreds peter steven says it's not like microsoft.

Ms chrome isn't part of the ask proper. No, it's uh. What's that thing they're pushing recently that it just tries at every opportunity to open. Since i i upgraded one of my windows to windows - 10.

um. It kind of works certainly more stable than it used to be before i need a new laptop, a windows laptop. I got my new chromebook i for a chromebook that has a expiry date. Well, the uh a good few years away versus my older chromebook, my acer chromebook, which it reached its expiry date, wouldn't do updates this one's just slightly slower, hmm, they say they expire it because uh, it's not capable of keeping up the speed.

I think you know they could extend that other one, that's annoying cortana being the toilet. Yes, i'm not really sure i don't know. If it's is it bing, it might be bing. It keeps trying to thrust bing on me and well, no, i'm not having that edge browser, that's the one james margaret's in its edge, and it just keeps trying to push it or you do a search on your files and it says, is this the file you Want it says, oh i'll, do a searching bing for you and it's like no close, hmm chipmunk sound roll as a sparky, the worst possible diys are electrical engineers.

You'll find most trades. It's the clockmaker's clock. They tend to be a bit rough with their own uh stuff. Echo dusky spent three hours today, sorting out problems caused by windows, 10 update uh.

When you upgrade to windows 10, it's just the start of a long journey before you can use the computer again. I should i i've done it before. I should remember these things, jdbvr, that's why i should try linux, i tend to use laptops. Linux causes problems and laptops.

Oh, can you hear the rain this just started hammering with rain outside it's coming to that time of year. Scruff dog says: go with linux mint. I am familiar with linux, but always you end up to get things to work. You have to go in the command line interface and when you're you're not used to linux command line interface.

If it was dars, i would have no problem going back to the dos command line interface, but it means learning all the new commands again. It just makes it a bit trickier and it's one of that thing like it used to be in the old days. For a year you're, looking at the screen, you're going uh sudo bash xlv. Is that a is that a darshan on the stroker? Which way is that uh, it's and then x at 3, 9, 6 and then you press enter and absolutely nothing happens.

You're thinking did it work, it didn't do anything, it happens a lot, it's probably better, maybe it's just because i've done it in the early days. The chipmunk says mint frustrated out of me because i couldn't rename the trash to recycle bin yeah trash is fine. Well, it's trash, it's used to say bin, but now it's trash and uh the cr. The photo app on google al north says: windows 10 is a pain.

Xp was a breeze, i will say i got comfortable with xp and when you move on from that it, it just makes things a bit tiresome. So this stream is at 25 minutes once it reaches the hour, it shall be opened to all of sunder. All in sundries were all asunder. It shall be opened to allah sunda i'll, do the little queen wave for that bless you i am the queen bow before me.

Wait to the windows 11 update, upgrade. I i prefer to let people iron all the problems out before i upgrade it's the same. With that it's the same with android. I won't go for the latest android until because then everybody else has to iron the bugs out and say, oh, but you can update it even though it's not an official update, you can get it here and load it on.

You can like root your phone and put it on and then they say, i've not got the camera working yet and it's like well, that's a bit of a deal breaker really. That is you know and oh and i can't make phone calls. Oh no! That's that's kind of pointless. It happens, leaguer any news in the workshop.

The workshop is a slow and arduous process. I'm not holding my breath until it's gone through things have been. Questions have been asked of the appropriate people of how it should be bought and things like this and uh it's complex and political, and then it goes through red tape and yeah. We'll see what happens.

Linux is off to the eye doctor for new contact. See you guys better later excellent. I need new glasses. These ones are because of covid and all that i've just not been going to my usual, i was going to say dentist.

That's not right, uh, talking of which uh my teeth are. My teeth. Are british teeth? They're not very pretty so to the chinese seller, who offered me a free electric toothbrush to promote their wares. I don't think that would really promote your wares, but hey yes, i'd normally in glasgow! I'd go to my favorite uh optical shop, spec savers in glasgow on argyle street, the junction of argyll street uh.

Oh! What is that? What's the one that my opposite marks and spencers for those who live in glasgow? It's just! They they've got good eye testing equipment that they've got stuff that takes photos of the back your eye and puts it on file and so on. So they can see if there's any macular degeneration, good tests, very good tests and they're. Very because they've got a very high throughput because they're in the middle of a huge city um they they are, what i'd call expert, opticians, they're, very good, select mike says always let the rest of the world be better testers. Before i upgrade anything, absolutely your teeth are scottish teeth.

Even worse, they are ian, i'm not going to open my mouth, no they're sure, oh, i did, but certainly it's got to the point that you know even with the magnifying glass i'm not seeing chip numbers hold on, i'm just going to do the eye test struggling To see the text on the phone screen better in the right eye, not so good in the left eye, it's always been like that. It's degraded in one eye faster than other. Have you tried vision, express clive? Yes leaguer? I didn't have a very good experience with vision express i was about to be going on a job uh and i thought. Oh, the lenses are really scratched, uh i'll go and uh.

They said the women said: oh, we can take your existing lenses and we can just make a copy of the existing lenses and they supply new lenses after binning, the old ones, and they were just completely wrong - and i was i actually had to head off with The wrong glasses and do the whole job with like really bad vision. They weren't very helpful. They were like when i went back. They were just like.

Ah, you know not very helpful at all, so spec savers are actually one of my preferred ones. I wonder if the opticians ever clean, that frame thing you have to put your chin on, they do tony weaver. Certainly spec savers they've got the wee wipes that they clean it with or they put a little pad on it. A new one, fresh, they're, quite hygienic about it, dab kit, says vision express, gave me a pair of new glasses, but that was my experience as well.

Hmm, but there we go but yeah mrs camp says love. Specsavers, i've been very happy with them. I will say it's now wiffle time. Despite the mess it's making, oh just a dread.

I should bring a light in here and actually assess the colour of the ceiling versus things. Uh yeah. The wood floor is quite messy. I'm just going to go and grab the woofer since i've apparently not put it out in advance of the stream.

We wipes don't sound great they're, not actually soaked in weed gas masher, i'm just going to go and get the quiffer part of me says. I should stop whiffling because of the mess it makes and the other part miss says, but no, i don't want because it's great secret magic, wifi, juice, washing up liquid and water dishwashing, liquid and water, depending where you are in the world and we'll just go for Too concise, actually, that's quite a big one wiffles, oh, so pleasing almost worth suiting up your entire house, for i do have my electrostatic dust precipitator going through there. Oh i'll, tell you what i did with that. Ah, you guys will just dies me when i tell you what i did with that wiffle.

I think i may have found out also why it was sent sent back and why i got it as a returned item. Uh refurbished it hadn't been refurbished, not just because the plates and the electrostatic precipitator were thick with tar, as i mentioned in previous streams, but um the it turns out that one of the pins at the back, everything pushes in this cartridge and one of the pins. The quite important one i'd: how do we take noise uh? One of the pins was stiff in its little sleeve. It's supposed to slide through, like that that wasn't very appropriate, but anyway, the little uh that's worse anyway, uh, instead of going.

Ah, it was going and it wasn't quite making contact uh and when i was team thinked about it, so that doesn't look like in the right position. So i leveraged it cleaned out the hole it's in, so it does slide backwards and forwards properly, and i did then i don't know if it was that that suddenly the ozone level went up to yeah, it makes quite a bit of ozone than the wires. It's not just a static charge, it's putting out a bit of a corona as well, but um the it had a carbon filter. I mentioned this in the past uh, it's got this of honeycomb.

You can see right through it, the honeycomb carbon filter and on the other side, it's got the titanium dioxide coating. So it's black on one side with carbon and then it's got the token gesture, coating of titanium dioxide and then the uva build the near uv. Quite high power leds, it turns out i've disabled them because, like they double the power consumption, the unit and the medium sin, but they shine and they're supposed to create the photocatalytic catalytic lytic reaction. But i took that filter out and i thought can you wash these now i've heard you can bake carbon filters to get the impurities out.

I thought i don't know what this is made of it's made of aluminium. I know that because quite a lot, the carbon washed off when i made it wet so there's not much carbon. I think that may have been there to remove some of those on i'm not really sure but anyway uh. Yes, interesting.

Maybe it's that the reason that when i put it back in the bedroom, it doesn't smell of nicotine and stuff anymore. It just smells a bit ozone to the point that i'm not happy from that in my bedroom. There's a strange man calling for japanese boys in the 40 meter amateur radio band tonight. Maybe it's a code bx16v electron box.

I've got my 18th edition, regs examine saturday many hours of revision and mock test. It's definitely harder than the 17th and i think they're just making it into an industry. But having said that, if you, theoretically, if you've got one rip rip, if you've got if you're updated to the 16th or 17th senate, it's an easier test. The 18th.

But you there's also the hard test that one that assumes you have no prior knowledge and it does the full test. It's all very red tapish, i'm not sure it's improving safety, it's just involving a lot more paperwork. It's modern electricians are becoming mobile office workers, hemp beer says, don't be a little. Ozone, never hurt nobody.

Well, it's not just a little bit of ozone. It's quite a lot. Oh electron box, open book test filled with confusing trick questions the trick questions. I can recall that they do that.

They'll suddenly ask for two answers. You go through your string that they just asked for one answer or which one doesn't apply, but the open book tests. It's like the answers are in front of you. It's a very cheap and nasty way of pushing people through and saying hi everybody passes.

Yes, you could go, i could go in a gas fitters course. I could do their open book test without an any knowledge of their fittings and probably pass it, because there's usually one obvious answer that actually fits the bill. That and, of course, during covert. They discovered that you don't have to come to an educational establishment to do it because it covered you can do it at home, your computer, why do we just do this all the time, we'll just make lots of money just uh with it all happening? In the background no need for staff yeah, the paperwork is to keep the insurance trolls happy.

That's it sam rob. They need somebody to blame. Something goes wrong. Oh varubi says i've got an electric flea zapping for the dog can recommend uh, remember to turn it off before using fingers to pull the fur out of the prongs is extra zappy? Oh, not everyone passed on.

It's good that they're, not passing everybody, the chipmunk! That's the the best way to do an exam is go through exam if you're in any doubt about a question skip it. Don't just stall in that question like i used in the early days, uh just go through all the other ones and then go back to those ones uh later and revise them. Sometimes i wonder the the multiple choice, questions they're, usually just to just like throw the paper down and uh, put the template over the top and then count the number of ticks and to get your score. What would happen if you just ticked every single box? Would they spot that because then you'd get every question right? I think they would probably ah, but i prefer the ones that ask you questions that the answers aren't in the book.

They're actually expect you to answer. Well, that's what the uh the old 236 test was. You had the multiple choice, but you also had the written one where you actually had to understand, and there was no, you didn't have an open book. You had to be able to from your education and experience on site.

You had to be able to write detailed answers in the case of the final, the the technician level, one you actually had to draw schematics for a automatic conveyor systems that must be quite hard to mark er yeah. That would have been interesting. Does it make pop noises for roby hmm, what if it's like the insect zapper that it's not just or does it just sizzle when it passes them if it makes it pop? It's like a pastor now this this doesn't contain capacitor hold on. Where is it? Where is it, it was pink in the listing.

I wanted a big pink toadstool, but uh this one is not pink. I could plug it in it's not going to be there i'll plug it in just give me a second, oh interesting, technical statistic: i i've been looking at the a mark every time i charge this. I look at the capacity it takes. Every single charge cycle drops 15 milliamp hour per charge cycle, so it gradually just drops 15 milliampere capacity every time um.

So you think of it. That's why your phone loses capacity gradually over the year. Let me plug in my turd stool and switch it on it's usb powered. It's not mains, this time.

So it's got the it's got fairly deep ultraviolet leds, but they're all pointing down the way then you'd, i think they'd point them sideways or side emitting ones to try and attract bugs in. But they all point down. But i suppose you know if you're you're a fly, and you see it like that you might fly to that, but then inside should probably turn it off really uh is a computer fan five volt computer fan? That's. It looks like a dice with the six leds and positions for two more hmm.

This was ridiculously cheap. That's one of the reasons i bought it. I like the shape. I like the fact it was pink, but it's not pink uh and i like the fact that uh well, it was cheap.

It was just one of those silly things i want to see. What did they actually send? I thought it was going to be tiny uh. I think they must have got a wee bit hurt in the postage for this. Not unless it's completely crap people say why don't you test these tma flies, the catching ball.

You'd have to have flies to do that. We don't have a lot of flies here. Maybe we should put them down the local pub it occasionally gets flies got the sos flashing chip. Well, this one doesn't have the it doesn't do the flashing at all, or is that something you got yeah another subscriber says good evening: miss cleveland bitly.

As always. That's fine, that's a windy, turd stool! It is a windy. Turd still do they actually work. Do they attract flies and bare, presumably, but probably not the biting ones, because it will only attract the ones that go towards light and mosquitoes and midges that home in and carbon dioxide and sweaty humans? I shall put this through it's very nice.

It's stylish. I've just thought of something i left some batteries in charge. I wonder what level they're at at the moment? Oh the ruby, if you're in the countryside, it is going to be more of an issue, the local pub being next to the uh docks does have an issue with flies. No firms in the area see don't mike.

I think i get more down at the pubs. Okay, i noticed that uh, a couple of friends who at work in the pub industry in the man were both saying. Where are these flies coming from, and at this time of year, late september, they suddenly they've turned up, i'm just going to check those batteries. One moment please fully charged shut off and a consistent, uh 2.1 amp power versus what the capacity went in apparently recycle pro.

What is their capacity? Oh, i think it's probably written there in absolutely tiny text. Let me get my old man magnifying glass out. No, that's not terribly helpful. Nope, that's not terribly helpful! Oh hold on hold on minimum two thousand million power, they're still making it the recycle cells are still holding up.

Well. Excellent! That's good! Oh! Don't worry too much about the like, because if you, if everybody clicks the like button, although i'm not sure if it really helps make it more visible but uh, certainly it means that you that end up with extra videos in your like to list that, then you Have to clear out later on the 18650s know: they're just nickel metal hydride cells. So, technically speaking, you'd need three of these to make one 2 amp hour, lithium cell, they were in the little ozone generator the one with the uh, for, let me show you they were in this one and they just kind of run low. They were still working, but they just uh.

They were at the bottom end of the batteries so uh. I just thought i'd. Stick that in charge uh chris wenham says i salvaged the lithium poly from a poundland four amber powerbank, wonder if you sign a protection structure in the battery itself or on the main board, only the main board. It was a single chip solution which contained the voltage threshold detector and the mosfets in one package is a little six pin package fairly close to the negative terminal.

In that oh harald says, horseflies can definitely survive computer funds. I once had to decommission myself from a horse breeding farm. The thing was three inches deep inside the horse flies, hopefully not living ones. That's there.

Spectrum diy says i was subbed to 300, plus no less than 200. Don't know who i lost either. That's the thing. It does uh youtube, does surreptitiously unsubscribe people behind the scenes.

I mentioned it before that uh we're discussing behind the scenes, the electronic channels and dave. We reckon that dave. We should get a silver play button for the number of unsubscribers he's had just the that have been unsubscribed from by youtube uh, because the time he's been doing the thing oh herald says mostly dead. This is good.

I do not like horseflies or clegs as we call them here. Mr murgy, that's part of the reason i'm not happy about going to my garden in the summer, particularly down at the sort of end where it's a lot of foliage, because uh they land on you and you get their little things stabbed into you. They're horrible things horse flies, they're very bitey youtube, sometimes unsubs people who haven't interacted, i wonder which to get rid of the automatic subs, not really sure, hmm green hall, his bathroom. Well, i can tell you a little thing about the bot in the garden there uh, when my mom used to come across here with her alzheimer's.

She, when my mom developed alzheimer's, she decided to be a nature girl and go and pee in the garden and things like that and uh. We thought. Oh, that's, harmless she'd, go down to the little river at their house and have a wee pee next to the river, and we thought oh, it's a bit awkward. We can't stop her it's what she's gon na do.

Then it turned out that she was also pooping in the garden and when she came here, she had a favorite place behind a little greenhouse thing that she used to just poop. And i didn't know: she'd go out and scar and i thought she's just going to explore the garden until i found a huge mound where she'd been doing it and then one day she stood in it and then walked all around the house. And it was like. Oh no you've stood in an animal's poop and then it don't find out later it was her own memories, parental memories.

It was. It was a time the chipmunk says i used to put in the garden. When i was a kid ah ellie greenough says, i must say: alzheimer's bid help me a lot prep for the future. It's you know if you as soon as your, if your parents show any sign of developing the first sign of alzheimer's, is they'll randomly forget specific words and they'll.

Do it, it will get progressively more and more words, really obvious words like mug or i'll. I'm just going to go for a um and you say: mug, yes, a mug of um tea, coffee, coffee and you know it's that they suddenly realize when you remind them and it gets worse and worse, that's the first clue if that happens, look for my video! A proper guide to alzheimer's to prepare you for. What's coming, you can do it uh, not a good way to remember them, private sad, the met, that's just one of the memories, the chipmunk. The other memories is a.

My mom is a little girl effectively as she got older and went closer to the end, uh reverting to a little girl and being really excited at christmas and having favorite toys and loving watching teletubbies, and things like that. So you know there are happy memories to that too, but you have to understand because otherwise it could frustrate you. It could make you angry if you didn't realize. What's going on from their perspective, and that's where that video answered all the questions that i wanted, uh that i wish me and ralph wished that someone had told us just me says your chat for rfid door lock helped a lot this week, clive thanks someone's asking About the rfid a year, not sure, but you get the keypads, you get the low security ones that just have the keypad with the really in it.

I don't recommend using them, because big magnet opens them straight away, but um you get ones that use the y-gand protocol, which means that it's just a data standard. So you can mount it well away from the door inside. So you can program in the keypad. But you can have a remote reader uh somewhere else and they can't and even if they short or cut away, the leads in the well there's ways.

You could actually do things, there's always weaknesses, but we used a long range detector for my mom and she just had an rfid tag. Hang around her neck and the door unlocked when she walked up to. She never really probably knew it was locked because uh it was always open for her, but not for other people, but she didn't know it locked. There was that incident when she uh trapped, the minister inside the house by kind of refusing to let him leave by not going near the door with her tag.

Yes awkward moment: spectrum diy and i post note i'm starting the filters. My polyphonic synth tonight probably posted too much about it already, so nothing to show yet polyphonic mean multi-note um. Yes, interesting good, to see you again too megavoltmeister. She knew the chipmunk.

She was a naughty wee girl. At the end, she was naughty. There's no way around it, she did know certain things were naughty and she did them and took pleasure from doing it. That's just how it is just like when we were kids.

Probably sister has my medical instructions, scott trainer. Well, just as long as it's not too grim, but i'm just going to pop this through and then i'm going to have something more libatious. If that's even the word uh the correct word. If i had been the ball tonight, i could have tested my new microphones.

They're kind of more of the nbc, but the new microphones are. I bought myself, not a sponsor uh rode wireless to go that the dual microphone version of the receiver. But apparently i can connect back to my phone by two ways. I can use the little interface lead.

I had to buy the interface lead separately or i can use the usb lead, which is also bought separately. Why don't they just package it in uh but that'll be interesting. Hmm, that's! Where clive got his naughty friend always been naughty bad child? Mr margie, do you have advanced health director of the clive sets out how you want to be cared for once you become incapable of making decisions, the only power of attorney that hands over control of your estate to family, but they can't like euthanize your anthem, that That's not permitted, which is probably a good thing, because people would just euthanize people. Let's get the rum out minutes and the great unwashed are coming sam roll.

The floodgates will be open. The the number of viewers will probably increase 138. Isn't too bad. This is a typical patreon stream number peter's team says we have.

My mum is mischievous. I laugh it's quite funny. Sometimes it is particularly when it's that old person, they they're being naughty, and you can see they're just so smug about it. Ah, no! No! No they're not plebs, not plebeians, to use the correct full word.

No general viewers you have to have the paper contribute with people who will do your instructions all right? I don't know if we've got over here for that, but certainly yeah. Certainly, the look after my mom, i'm glad that she was able to be in her own bedroom in her own bed with all our stuff around her right to the very end. You know it's comforting for me and ralph as well as it was for her. Yet another subscriber says, speaking of purple burglar alarm, can you try saying swiss wristwatch or irish wristwatch see it doesn't work? Does it doesn't anything happen? Irish wristwatch? It doesn't work swiss wristwatch.

It just comes out properly. As far as i can hear, purple burglar alarm the purple burger burp that that bit it hits the guttural stop of the the ouija luigi accent. Plebeians, make up a plebiscite and get to vote. I haven't even a clue that is uh how hard would be to hack a battery bank, so it wouldn't go off when low voltage light attached, omar riverson um.

You can get some battery banks that do that, but really the best way. If you wanted a really high capacity, one would be to get a cheap little battery bank that just puts out 500 all the time. Your little square, cheap, dollar store ones. Take the circuit board out it and connect it to a great big battery.

I'd recommend a fuse or a ptc thermos. A fuse would probably good because you want it don't want it to do anything terribly dramatic ptc's are mysteries of the advantage of resetting if it did have a brief overload, uh but yeah. That would then give you five volts, 24 7 um, and if you had it connected to a big huge battery like say, for instance, you took got a power tool battery power tool battery like hold up like this chainsaw that has been featured yet. But it's a big battery like this.

No i've not explored it too much yet uh. You could connect all the cells in here they're in parallel pairs, presumably, and you could then connect them all in parallel to that little tiny module put it in the box, and that will give you five volts. It would run strings of lights for months, possibly ah right, i'm scrolling down to catch up. Can i have input la lagrino? What for charging your thing? If you wanted to make it a uninterruptible power supply, you could use one of the little uh.

This is three together a little tp4056 uh. Having said that, um, you wouldn't even really need the protection suction. This could charge the battery independently of the little other device that was redischarging it. So you always had 5 volts, but you could keep it topped up.

I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these, but putting an inverse parallel shortcut. Diode shock you down, shotkey diodes uh. Where are my shortcuts? Where am i shot, get other to these in a verse? Parallel rough voltage drop round about 0.2.3 volt depending load um, and that would theoretically mean that the tp-4056 board would actually trip off about 4, volts or 3.9 volts. Instead of charging it right up to the 4.2, which means the battery should last a lot longer and when you discharged it, yes, it's a 388 volt james margaret and it's one of those batteries, but also when you discharge the uh thing uh, it would cut off.

Instead of going to say, with the dw01 chip 2.5 volt, it cut off before that, just below 3 volts, it could potentially give it. The military specification of charging is that battery a makita clone. I'm not really sure i do have a makita charger chassis here. Is this the makita clone, i'm not really sure? Oh yeah, oh yeah, okay! Well, there you go didn't know that i did say the last one was makita clone.

It really wasn't. There are clones of other people's batteries and it is 388 volt yeah. That's right! That's true, yeah not really 380 volts with a wild imagination, uh who's, the who's, the um, who uh who's the next jaeger minion going to beat her makito is kind of de facto standard battery. Now, indeed the chipmunk.

I do see all the adapters for uh using every other brand of battery and your other brand of tools, including 3d printed things for the ryobi. You get a 3d printed thing. You wrap a bit of wire around the thing and then, when you slide it on it, just mushes the wire against the terminals that will work. Oh definitely, look mum, no computer is a great for stuff and look at the nervous squirrel as well he's a friend of uh luke mum, no computer, that some of the stuff they do is really huge.

Have you done lorry drivers? I think we have done large drivers, but we could do it again because right now, they're under pressure because of all the steer. What we've got the moment this week, that you don't even need to see the news to see this. The media said: there's a fuel shortage, there's not a fuel shortage there. There was some struggling delivery thing with one company and it's caused mass hysterias.

It's very impressive to see that you can cause this mass hysteria and then the media is saying. Oh, look at all these douchebags uh being hysterical and you know hogging and fighting at the fuel pumps you caused that media. Oh well, unpaid carers! Oh, you know what james margaret's and morgan ekers deserve the next jager, meaning we'll do a double jager, meaning then uh, because that has to cover for lorry drivers, uh and the caterer. So we'll start with one to all the lorry drivers who are going through at the moment and they're, saying oh we'll have to import new ones, because all the cheap labor's gone back to europe.

What yeah lots of paperwork, though, which uh that spoils jobs to the lorry drivers, have to deal with all the political stuff and for the carers they get the special one they get the pink gin liqueur of higher potency, no toilet paper. This time i was thinking of causing a toilet paper panic after investing in toilet paper stocks that was so strange. They just emptied the shelves and stuff like that. We've had moments here that the shelves have been empty, of just everything: they've, just because they're of the delivery problems.

This is to the carers, all the carers, but especially the ones that are looking after parents and our family, other family members, but unpaid, and nobody appreciates it's a 24 7 job. It really is quite an arduous job to the carers. The floodgates are opening. Let us uh, let us observe how the viewing figures increase as we continue.

I shall put my little jager shot. Glass back was gon na make this a two-hour stream, but i've said that before in the past, and it never ends up a two-hour stream. Does it there's so much to talk about is ralphie a panic bar, not really no, but i still can't get through his house for all the toilet paper not only kidding it's not that bad ralph er whenever he goes back to glasgow comes fills the van up At lidl on the way back and with lots of toilet paper, amongst other things, he seems to prefer that anyway, let us unleash unleash the thing because it does work. I tried it last time, public make sure i'm doing the right stream and don't start the weekend stream early publish.

It is now uh unleashed for general. Viewing time flies among friends. It does this. These streams fly by really quickly the throat's usually a bit hoarse after them, but that's how it is so.

We've got 138 watching now. It's just advertising, it may appear in the feeds it may not. Uh it's gone down. It's gone up in a huge jump.

Show uh because everybody you could post the link and discord. Indeed, it just notified me says: dario, that's just because i just released it for general viewing right now. It started off patreon and now it's just a general release, so who's turning up tina, fluette, craigwin, uh, callum turner, seth florence's here lock, watcher schloomy, uh, aka, girth and width. Please girth and width they're more like pretty similar anyway.

It is a sneaky one. Yogi bear is here: northumbria real, is here brian mcdonald, just everyday is turning up. The figures are rapidly increasing. Welcome to the party and dietz's spectrum diy, we were talking about technical stuff, i'll go and get i'll go and get a prop to show you technical stuff.

We're talking about disappointing toadstools that were supposed to be pink but turned out to be blue, but you know what i'll still take it to bits, because one must it's uh, but i've just kind of blown it. Why? Thank you seth much appreciated uh yeah. I've just kind of blown it there haven't. I i've shown you what's inside, all the secrets have been revealed, but there's some leds as well.

Oh, no, that's more secrets revealed power consumption less than quarter of an amp ish. I think yeah about 250 milliamps. One of the cheap seats and a name mouse lsd says roger condler. It could worst gender reveal ever.

It was because it was a girl and they sent the blue one. So uh we're just gon na have to go for a sex change is just a shade of blue. If you're open-minded good evening nico dr frankens, where are they really secrets that the review was imminent? Well, not really i've not made i've only just received this today. I was thinking what's in this box and it was this, as i said earlier in this stream, it was so cheap that you're thinking by the time, they've done postage they're not making much money off this.

I wonder if they made a mistake in the listing. Can the badge communicate with starship, it's always in communication with a starship, but it does so via the other supercomputers. A mix burner is here he's up at 4am tomorrow, i'm not sure what time it is now, though, hopefully i'll get plenty of sleep pink until recently was a boy's color. Was it really james mar garrison? Was it really? I don't recall it being a boy's color? Well, it depends where you are in the world, because pink is extremely fashionable because it doesn't have this like boy girl thing going on who's, that one says hi across the water and barrow greetings back to barrow princess waltz, says: pink is my color.

It's the color of this channel too, but for all the wrong reasons for those who don't know why a lot of the stuff i buy is pink. It's because one day i had a set of pink fairy lights, that plugged into a usb power supply and it arrived and i was holding the power supply and i plugged the usb in and plugged it into the socket and it just detonated it really. What a bang and, in my hand, you could actually see i've got a photo it somewhere. You can see.

The outline of the case, on my hand, is a big city, skid mark, and it was so funny as soon as it happened. I just burst out laughing because i just thought it was so funny. I imagine this little japanese schoolgirl a chinese school girl with her weak, pink lights, plug it in just this massive bang and all the lights clear. And that's when i decided that if it's going to be dangerous, if i'm going to buy something dangerous and uh like really potentially going to explode or or electrocute you, then it has to be pink because it adds to the drama any 3d printing lock watcher.

Well, yes, i mentioned this earlier on. I got some new filament through today, including and i've forgotten, but already the flexible stuff. Is it plu? I don't know kind of actually it's the flexible, it's the squishy stuff uh, but it's not what i actually ordered, but that's what they delivered wrong: color wrong material, but a tpu tpu. That is absolutely right.

Sir sirius rogue mine, gas masher peter stevens top end spoonie beckham, chris yeah everybody moomoo james markson, lock watcher. I got them all, it's not pla. This is a oh actually. This isn't.

This is petg. This is the translucent clear one, but this one uh is flexible. Uh so i had to read up, i had to see what the temperatures it was and saw these things saying what absorbs moisture make sure you keep it dry and it's very hard to print with, particularly in the bowden tube type system, came out perfect, but then Did come straight out of the box and it is now in the desk and dryer anyway to the desk and box, where i keep the other filament simon. I use uh fl sun q5 at the moment.

It's very good. What's the coefficient of thermal expansion and ps plea, i'm not really sure, don't know. Thank you. William wallace have an extra combination in me from one girl's reach to another.

What's your favorite gadget to have taken apart, oh every gadget, but sometimes i'm trying to think what is my favorite gadget that really appealed to me. I don't know stuff that is unexpected, like say, for instance, that the one that i video i released recently the air freshener that actually had a memory backup capacitor to tell when you'd actually done something while it wasn't plugged in. I love stuff like that. Little puzzles and uh coming up on the channel, it's already been released on patreon i'll look at an elevator uh remote serial node for uh the buttons that uh, but it seems to be kind of using a proprietary protocol to otis a quite hard reverse engineer.

Multi-Layer circuit board for such a small module. That's a surprise. I thought it would have been double-sided quite complex and they seem to be driving the network with discrete components, which is really odd. Very strange light bulbs are pretty good when we get to see a carbonated ionizer, i'm not sure if that would work.

Laser lord is enjoying a sour beer today, sour beer that doesn't sound nice. For some reason, can you just sell some iron brew? I could it's kind of hard getting there and brew a random scott. I have to keep it actually. They had at the local supermarket in the glass bottles recently.

Maybe i should uh the chipmunk says: point: zero, zero, zero one. One thermal expansion coefficient tpu. That's not bad, that's not bad, but it is kind of chewy uh lee says i like my filming, damn the shed. You can always give it a baking.

Thank you, robert singer. What you can do is uh. I've got um, big storage containers with click on lids, and i put a big bag of silica gel in them and you can bake the silica gel. You can dry it out every so often if you need to or you can get those ones that you plug in and it dries them with a little ptc heater inside.

If it's otis ring it is old tech, i'm not sure norm swan these days. I would expect him to use canvas, but this may actually be a variant on canvas i'm going to have to i'm going to have to scope. It probably not really sure i've already made the first video when i covered the i o circuitry um. It has a chip that is labeled microchip, but it's got turned out.

It was otis's number on it. I feel deceived because has this stream been running along? Yes, dave hulls, but it's only just been released for general viewing. It was patreon started off the first hour of patreon, no you've not missed the first hour. Nobody has missed the first hour if you're joining you're actually joining the mainstream.

Now is anywhere selling those one want to buy lamps. Yet yes, paul eko, say philips are now releasing for general consumer use they're, releasing a version of the dubai lamp, but we'll see what happens, i'm not sure available there. I'm not sure what uh like i'm, not sure what cost they are or where they're available. From probably pre-programmed pick hemp beer says now, i'm wondering actually is that little five pin port to the side is that uh, it has other components, but that doesn't mean anything.

Is it a icsp port for updating the firmware?.

11 thoughts on “Midweek stealthy stream”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Swiftrick says:

    Hey mate. Love your work
    I recommend the E-Sun ABS+ Filament. Its a very good material, better than PLA and should give it a try. I use it for all electrical projects. They also sell a great carbon fibre infused filament which has some slight flex but amazing layer adhesion. I can vouch for these both working perfectly on something as simple as an Ender 3. I would recommend a Core XY. Also if using ABS+, have no part cooling fan and bed at 95 Celsius, hotend at 235. Overhangs print much better than regular ABS with no warp and straight lines stay straight. Great heat resistance too.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MalakiLab says:

    That's a very welcome stealthy stream, i just received my FPGA and was looking for something to listen to while in the rough "relearning" curve. I got some PETG too, and i will have to make an enclosure to make sure it won't warp, i didn't try the TPU either without one, but really i want it for ABS, it stinks and honestly i am concerned about micro-particles. Also definitely go for Linux and revive your old machines. If you need assistance, honestly, i think a lot of us would be glad to give you something back for your huge contribution in making electronics accessible, relatively easy to watch and understandable.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Moore says:

    I worked in an arcade with the UV carpet. What most people don't realize is it's wool. After closing for the evening we used to drag our feet on it and light 3ft fluorescent tubes.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adrian Coles says:

    Windows 10 is awesome, once you’ve got it installed. Used Ubuntu for a while and it was a friggin nightmare. Chrome OS is too limiting, but I love my chromebooks.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars falcopops says:

    You are a very bad man, I turned on just as you were making the bubble fires and my girlfriend was impressed. We were 3 bottles of wine to the worse, so to the garage we went with tub of soapy water a lighter, but all I had was some lighter gas, the result was somewhat spectacular and hair singeing.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars andychannelify says:

    Playing with low-voltage lights and some switches, is a great way for kids to get interested!
    In the 1960's, when I was a child, my dad gave me some old house light switches to play with. I found a shop that sold 3V torch light bulbs, and screw-termilal holders.
    I spent hours playing and learning and having fun!
    When I was 16, he recommended a company that I then did a 5-year apprenticeship with. After that, I graduated with an Electronic Engineering degree, with a very hands-on bias.
    That has set me up for life. I went into a career in design engineering, then later in life I found a job repairing audio guides that few people would or could do, just before my retirement last year.
    I still find doing electrical/electronic projects around my flat very fulfilling, keeping my mind working.

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    Benedictine, eh? I dug up some Victorian Benedictine bottles recently, 3 of them, in fact.

    They look really good with some LED string lights inside 👍

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    lol "mobile office workers" is a good one – last time i asked for a new dish washer pump – this guy came along, with a mobile printer and before he even had a look at the dish washer – you guessed it, paper work! – then he had to leave and come back a week later and ofc, more paper work! before he finally installed the new pump, which i wasnt "allowed" to install myself ofc

    totaling in almost 1000 bucks for a 40 buck pump, which i luckily didnt have to pay, but all the people renting probably payed part of it

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sara Thai says:

    I know you've probably already talked about it but did you make a video on those cool blinking lights that that you have behind you and like the one you're wearing

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch says:

    Just get an iMac… it just works, updates easily and all your other Apple tech talks to each other. Perfect for anyone who believes computers exist to make your life easier.

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    I kicked Microsoft into touch when they dropped XP. I have used Linux Ubuntu ever since. Only had 2 problems which I fixed myself. Used the terminal which is understandable as Microsoft is not. Windows 11 has been announced but will not be backwards compatible.

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