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I was trying to make this video quickly before travelling with work, so there are a couple of rogue slip-ups. I'm not sure why I managed to say the LEDs were in parallel when in reality there are a large number of LEDs in series per section (which to be fair are then wired as three sections in parallel). Each LED has two chunky LED chips in them. I also said the big light was 100W when it's rated at 300W as shown in the tests.
These lights are both from eBay. They're based on the very common linear regulator chips with no smoothing that results in significant flicker. Not a huge issue for ambient illumination, but it does show on fast moving objects. Not something you'd want to work under for a long time.
I'll guess the name "mine light" implies it being a waterproof and potentially explosion proof light, but the availability on eBay voids all serious industrial use.
Two sizes are available with multiple usage variations. A large 300W unit and a smaller 100W unit. Both have hexagonal cases that can be joined together in a honeycomb grid. The mounting options are a wall bracket, street light pole bracket and chain suspension.
You may find them if you search for 300W LED street light.
The power rating is so high that you can feel the heat radiated with the light. They can be doobied to reduce the power by putting a capacitor in series. The capacitor will need a parallel discharge resistor for safety. Running these at full power will probably yield low lifespan, as the LEDs are being run quite hot.
Visually, these lights are quite stylish and appealing, but will not be suitable for use as video lights. Their ideal location might be an outdoor barn or yard.
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15 thoughts on “Exploring an ebay mine light flicker alert”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wearsjorge55 says:

    I need some advice on capacitors for LED's. I've always put a capacitor on the active/hot side but you've put it on the neutral side Clive. Why is that?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Albright says:

    I don't know if you have dissected one yet, but I found an emergency lightbulb with a battery in the bulb so that the light stays on in the event of a power outage. I thought it would make a great topic for a 'take it to bits' episode.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Curtis Hoffmann says:

    "They're ok lights. I can fix that."

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars thewhizard says:

    2ma shouldn't s that Trip your rcd?

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars imark7777777 says:

    With them dimmed down and a multi channel controller that would make a cool stage back light affect wall panel.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Prax Zimmerman says:

    These look great for dirt cheap strobe lights for DJ events. Some kind of DMX controler and maybe an SCR for super quick pulses.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Bauer says:

    Is there any problem running something like that on a variac?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Tuttle says:

    hexagon lamps for a DIY james webb telescope display

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BIGBUD71 says:

    Bigclive…break down an Escooter..please👍🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Issac Cartwright says:

    Not sure what vidya software you're using, but if you can be bothered, copy the current layer of video onto a layer above, take the opacity of the top layer down by 50% ish, then nudge the half opacity layer right by one or two frames. Maybe 3, Flicker should at least be minimal, if your frame rate and all that lines up, it could be a thing of the past.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars suamme1 says:

    Now I need to see what the strobing in the room would look like with 3 fixtures on different legs of a 3-phase supply. Party time or smooth enough to be usable?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robin Browne says:

    Wow. It's amazing what they make. It would be nice if they made them fit with standard suspended ceiling tiles, which are 2' wide x 4' long. So, a 2' x 1' light with a 2' x 3' tile. This would probably be great for office lighting. PS – I am not sure who needs hexagonal panels. Maybe they are trying to sell them to bees.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars d. t. says:

    Cool. Good luck. 👍

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wdavem says:

    What would it take to 100% smooth out the light flicker?

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Snakez De Wiggle says:

    Very Dr Who – ish !
    Thanks Clive.

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