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I bought one of these bases on AliExpress a while ago to experiment with using it to illuminate 3D printed covers. It looks really good, and is a very easy way to make custom illuminated ornaments.
No woodturning or electronic skills are required to make this project, although it will require a 3D printer if you wish to make custom covers. It can also be used with other clear or translucent objects.
It's powered by a USB power supply, so would be safe for many applications, including as night lights, or as a convenient and stylish off-grid ornament.
The openscad script is down below, and is already sized for this base with its 33mm hole. (You may need to file off any flanging that occurs on the first layer. (I like to lay that first layer down hard for better adhesion.)
I printed this in clear PLA, which works well. You could also use coloured PLA if desired for a different effect with reduced light output.
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Here's the openscad script. When adjusting the variables at the top, make sure you don't accidentally delete the "=" or the ";" on either side of the variable, as they are part of the script.
Openscad is free software that lets you use scripts like this to create custom 3D printing STL files. Copy and paste the text below into openscad to create your own custom crystal.
//Lamp cap quartz crystal.
//You can adjust the five variables below
base=33; //Diameter of base for lamp
rim=4; //Length of rim at base
size=55; //Diameter of crystal
scaling=1.5; //Scale of crystal length (default 1.5)
facets=6; //number of faces (default 6)
//Don't change variables below here
//outer body
//Inner core.

Here's an easy project to make an illuminated quartz-like crystal on a wooden base that runs in a usb power supply. So it's really safe to start the project go on aliexpress or ebay and buy one of these bases. You can find them if you search for usb led wood, then click the three dots at the side of the screen go into the description and you will find an open, scad script for creating a 3d printed crystal customize it most, notably the diameter of the base. Here that goes into the led base and then print off your custom crystal and that's you got your ornament.

If you do have a 3d printer, then you can also use these bases with standard crystals for a good visual effect.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Phonotical says:

    BUY a base?! Oh nonono

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BangDroid ✪ says:

    You appear to have broken the description, at least on desktop. Too much text, and/or YouTube is stupid for not having it scroll

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars heatshield says:

    really safe
    something every YouTuber needs to say these days, before uploading or they get whacked

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