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Chinese laundry detergent, not just any detergent but solid sheet form detergent. You just throw the dry sheet into your washing machine and it actually dissolves and turns into this of detergents. The box itself has is covered in the normal sort of text. You'd normally find on these detergent boxes, extolling the virtues of how wonderful it is inside is a plastic tray.

Within this case, it's got three sections with 30 sheets in each of these and the sheet itself. Is this strange spongy slightly detergently smelling foam stuff and when you put it in water it dissolves very quickly and makes it very soapy. I guess that's all! That's really required of laundry detergent. If you want to know more, take a look in the description, which is the little three dots inside the screen here, follow the link to the longer video, where i explain the ingredients.

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